Discover The Fun Way To Ride With The Stunning Xiaomi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Electric Scooter leads amongst the top brands as it’s performance and quality is unmatchable. Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi Mijia M365 which is also known as Xiaomi M365. Here is all about Xiaomi Electric Scooter, that you should know.

In recent times Electric Scooters has been of great demand amongst the younger generation and adults. There is various brand that offers these electric scooters. But when we need to choose to buy, we need to get the best electric scooter to ensure safety and durability. Xiaomi Electric Scooter leads amongst the top brands as it’s performance and quality is unmatchable. Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi Mijia m365 which is also known as Xiaomi m365 which is an excellent product that comes in a sturdy design with high quality, top speed and incredible design which is available almost everywhere in the USA. This Electric Scooter is fun to ride, fast in performance and easy to learn and for these reasons you can find it everywhere.

So let’s find out some interesting facts and information about the Xiaomi Electric Scooter

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Quick Summary

Features Xioami Electric Scooter
WARRANTY 2 years
Weight Capacity 220 pounds
Motor 250W motor
Miles per charge 18.6 Miles
Maximum Speed 15.5 mph
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Charging Time 5 hrs
Wheels type All-weather pneumatic tubeless tires
Weight 26.9 pounds

Features of Xiaomi Electric Scooter

Foldable design

Doesn’t it sound amazing to know the Xiaomi m365 brings an amazing feature to old
the scooter, which makes it easy for transportation? Well, for those who board a local
bus or train, this can amaze you, just collapse the scooter easily as instructed and
carry it on-board with you. The lightweight of the product contribute additional
benefits and make its easy to be carried. Xiaomi m365 folding electric scooter
makes it convenient for all the sports enthusiasts who travels and explores to have

Strong Battery Life

The battery life is quite impressive as it last long. The batteries are built with the
capacity to push the bike on a speed up to 16 miles per hour. The MI electric scooter
is made with a 250-watt motor which is operated by this battery. It is closely connected
in regenerating braking and eco mode setting. On average it operates well and lasts
long, unlike other products.

Stunning design

Appearance and the first look of the product matters a lot. Most of us go with the best
looking product compared to other boring designs. Xiaomi MI electric scooter is
elegantly designed with sleek features that impress anyone. And for these reasons,
the electric scooter comes in an award-winning design to amaze all its buyer. The
product was awarded “The Good Design” and “The Design” award in the year 2017
So be the cynosure of all eyes as you ride on this incredible Xiaomi electric scooter.

Smart phone App

This is an addition yet an amazing feature for the Mi Electric Scooter. How great it is
to know that you can control your scooter from your mobile app. Enjoy more benefits
of paring your MI scooter with your phone to record your top speed, set statistics for
the range and much more. This incredible feature is mainly designed to enable you to
set up the cruise control and to plan your long-range distance travel.




Comfortable Riding Experience

Whether you ride on it for travel purpose like going to your work or using it during
your leisure for some fun-filled moments
, this can be used for every purpose. The
product is designed in such a way that it gives you a stylish look no matter what attire
you are in and where you’re about to go. Enjoy the evenings with a fun and thrilling
experience with this Xiaomi Electric Scooter and be the cynosure of all eyes. We
assured to get the most comfortable experience while you ride it. It is easy to learn
even for the first-timers, and it is extremely comfortable for everyone.

Specifications of Xiaomi Electric Scooter

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter is more redefined than any average or ordinary electric scooter.
This is much more than the ones you get for your children. The product stands height and is
not height-adjustable, it is also bulky, and a heavy and is suitable for adults. The electric
scooter comes in a simple yet award-winning design, which adds comfort to the riders. The
scooter brings an exciting riding experience as it is built with a solid and sturdy construction
which can be durable and reliable. Let’s find the specifications of this product in details.


The Xiaomi Mijia m365 weighs approximately 26.9lbs. The product is pretty heavy as
it is made up of aircraft-grade aluminium
. This makes the product sturdy and ensures
the safety of the riders. The product is lightweight; however, it can be difficult at times to
fold and carry the products it as the sturdy finish may require some extra efforts to
fold it.


The MI Electric Scooter comes in a dimension of 42.5×16.9×44.9 inches
approximately when the product is upright and ready to ride. As we are aware, xiaomi
m365 folding electric scooter can be folded for any travel purpose, and so the
dimension of the product would be 42.5×16.9×19.3 inches when folded. So this will
help you to manage when planning to transport the product.

Motor and Speed

The Xiaomi MI Electric Scooter is built with a 250-watt motor. This enables the
scooter to go on a speed up to 15 miles per hour on an average and can push to 16
Miles sometimes. The battery also supports the speed of the motor and provides a
comfortable and smooth riding experience.
Though the speed is upto 15mph, the
electric scooter can travel up to 18 miles in a single charge.

Batteries and Charging time

Lithium-Ion batteries are used which performs incredibly well compared to other
batteries. The batteries are expected for long term usage and reliability. And it takes
a charging time of 5 hours for a complete single charge which can ride up to 18 miles.
This is an incredible distance for anyone who likes to ride these electric scooters.

Weight Capacity

The Xiaomi m365 is built with a sturdy design which has the capacity to hold 220
Pounds. So this is best suited for adults. Even if you are heavy don’t worry, the
Xiaomi Electric Scooter can easily accommodate you and can give you an assurance
for a safe and smooth ride.
Most teenagers would love to purchase this as it can
accommodate their weight and helps them with a smooth ride experience.

Construction and System

The Electric Scooter is constructed for sturdy and durable usage by the riders.
Aerospace-grade aluminium frames and metals are used to built this scooter. The
the scooter comes in a sleek and attractive design and comes with a regenerative braking
the system along with onboard battery meter, headlights and taillights, with an amazing
the braking system of both front and rear brakes, bell, the kickstand along with the amazing
Mobile app to control and monitor your scooter from your phone
. The foldable and
the adjustable feature of the Xiaomi Electric Scooter make it more convenient for its


The Xiaomi Electric Scooter comes with a throttle that does not need extra efforts to
increase the speed.
This feature reduces the pain and pressure on your thumb, wrist
and palm. The speed can be increased from the revolutionary control panel that is
available on the scooter. Though the scooter comes with a design to stand all through
the ride, there isn’t any difficulty felt by the users. The comfort of the ride makes you
forget that you stand and ensures you enjoy it.

First Impression

Unbox the Xiaomi Electric Scooter for some thrilling experience filled with fun. The design
of the product is what you would notice first. Well, the Xiaomi Electric Scooter comes in an
attractive design that is sure to impress you unbox the package. It is simple and elegant and
comes with clever locking systems. The braking system that comes in both front and rear
wheels makes it an incredible choice for every buyer
. The headlights and the taillight with
cool push up start buttons make you comfortable to have purchased this product to feel the
worth of it.
Take the Xiaomi Electric Scooter out and be assured of getting all the eyes on you. This product
adds more value to your time and money spent on it. The price is affordable and is worth the
product and the experience you gain from riding it. The xiaomi scooter reviews are positive
as many users enjoy riding on it.

Price of the Scooter

The MI Electric Scooter price is sure to beat all the alternatives in the same price range. The
product comes with extraordinary features and specifications for the price it offers. The
electric scooter can be a great alternative to your regular ways of transportation such as cars,
kick scooters, bus or anything. You can save a huge amount to choosing this as your personal
way to commute. As the price changes due to various reason, please check for the current MI
Electric Scooter Price online for more details on the price, discounts and offers.
Nevertheless, it comes in a very affordable and attractive package which makes it an easy
option to buy for many scooter lovers.





  • The extraordinary feature of the mobile app helps you to track your speed, mileage and
  • control them as well. It helps you to gain access over everything such as to check the
  • battery used and remaining battery life, distance travelled, control over acceleration,
  • cruise control and braking system. Isn’t it amazing to know that you can control this
  • Xiaomi Electric Scooter can be controlled two ways, one using the push-up buttons on
  • the board of the scooter and secondly using the mobile app. This feature is not much
  • available in other competitive scooters.
  • The scooter comes with an 8.5 inches inflatable tires which are compatible for the surface.
  • Be it on the roads of your town or a new way which is off-Road to your workplace,
  • the Xiaomi Electric Scooter can take you there.
  • The stability of the scooter is what you will admire the most. Everyone who has tried
  • riding this scooter would definitely love to take it with them as it gives a comfortable
  • and smooth riding experience. The sturdy aerospace aluminium metal gives you the
  • grip and comfort on the go.
  • The handlebar comes with a brake and a bell that ensures some additional safety
  • measures for both the rider and others. Just like how you use the honk on your car,
  • you can use the bell and brake to alert people when you go off-road and use the
  • brakes when required.
  • Comes at a great price for all the features it offers, the product out beats all the other
  • products in the market that falls under this price range.
  • The Xiaomi Electric Scooter is a fast loving product and is easily available online
  • and in many details stores. The Xiaomi m365 USA is available at many stores.
  • The throttle in the scooter offers resistance. Hence, it does not strain your thumb or
  • pressure on your palm when you take long-distance rides.


  • The locking system for the Xiaomi Electric Scooter is not upto the mark. You can
  • use a loop to lock it, but it could have been better if you were able to lock the scooter
  • using the mobile app or any other advanced ways.
  • Though the complete scooter is built with lightweight aluminium, the motor and the
  • battery makes the scooter look hefty and heavy to carry. This is a disadvantage when
  • you want to transport to take it up-hill for riding off-Road.
  • Though the scooter comes with the extraordinary mobile application facility, it
  • works only of the mobile is within the Bluetooth range with the scooter. You may find
  • difficulties in controlling the MI Electric scooter if it is out of range from your
  • Bluetooth connection. This can be a major constraint when parents try to control or
  • monitor the scooter when their kids use it.
  • The scooter is pretty height and is not height-adjustable, hence it is not compatible for kids or adults who are quite short. This product is exclusively designed for adults for average height.
  • The mobile app, at times is difficult to handle. Hence, it is not user-friendly for many riders. Most of them find it difficult to control the scooter from the app.
  • Xiaomi m365 USA is only available in the USA, and it might be disappointing for many to purchase it outside the USA.
  • The Electric Scooter comes with a facility to fold and adjust. However, it is not that easy to fold it. You need to check for the instruction and do it right for folding and adjusting it. You may even feel it is heavy to make the adjustments.
  • There are no shock absorbers built in this electric scooter, this might not be a problem as long as you ride on roads, city streets or sidewalks but when you take it off-road, you might feel bumpy.
  • Since there is no mobile mount, you will not be able to place your mobile and control the app while riding. It is either ride the scooter or use the app; it would be difficult to use both simultaneously. Good quality mobile mounts can help to solve this problem.
  • A single complete charge may take upto 5 hours, which can be time consuming. So make sure you have charged your scooter fully before going on long-distance rides. A single complete charge can take you upto 18 miles.

How to start the fun with Xiaomi Electric Scooter.

Discover the fun way to ride with your Xiaomi Electric Scooter and get the enthralling
Experience. The Xiaomi Electric Scooter comes in a package with the following.
1. 1x Xiaomi Electric Scooter
2. 1x Chinese Manual
3. 1x Charging adapter
4. 2x Screws
The Xiaomi Electric Scooter is enabled with a multi-functional Control Panel which performs
amazingly and shows the current speed, battery charge display, Bluetooth and much more.
This control panel helps and supports the safety of the rider. The 8.5-inch inflatable rubber
wheels are built with an anti-slip texture which makes the scooter durable to ride on any
It’s time to transform your boring evening to a fun-filled and enthralling part of the day when
you plan with your friends or family for a ride on this electric scooter. Change the way you
travel to your workplace or office. Take this scooter for any personal commutation. You can
save much more compared to other ways of transportation.





Buying the Best electric scooter for your needs can involve a lot of decision making. It might
be difficult to make the right choice. Hence we have thoroughly analysed the details of this
product and have come up with the Xiaomi Scooter Review.
This complete article can help
you to know every detail of this product and help you to choose better. We have sorted the
advantages along with the disadvantages as you can understand more about the benefits of
this product and can decide to buy.
The Xiaomi Electric Scooter has received highly positive reviews across many online
websites. The Xiaomi Scooter Review will help you to choose the right product for you.

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