What Makes And Model Electric Scooter Does Lime And Bird Use?

Lime and Bird Scooters - Lime has its own competitor Bird. Bird also has a wide range of modern electric scooters for its rental services. Bird uses scooters from both Segway and Xiaomi companies.

We all must have used the bird scooter at least once as they are everywhere. These scooters can be rented in many cities across the world, and people over there use it for the best. The service of renting Lime scooters are also easily accessible. They have a cost of nearly 15 cents per minute and around 1 dollar for starting. Using Lime and Bird scooters is wonderful and pleasant, but when renting these scooters creates a pocket crunch for the piling up of the sum. In such situations, we usually think about having our scooter that can be the best means for commuting to the workplace every day or just hanging around your town. These scooters are intially manufactured by the Chinese company Xiaomi.



Price of the Bird Scooter

The Xiaomi models are hard to find nowadays, with only ebay being the only online store to have them. The other models, like segway ES2 electric scooter, can cost around $600. These prices can fluctuate because of the high demand for scooters in the market.

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Comparing Segway and Xiaomi

Comparing the Segway ES2 and Xiaomi M365 electric scooters, the retail products of these models are brought to check the amount of functionality present in them than the rental ones. Buying for self the electric scooter comes with various advantages where one can extensively use the features of the gadget. Having yourself, an electric scooter will connect to the app where one can easily customize the top speed, cruise control, the braking resistance, and even can customize the under-glow lights.

On the other hand, the Segway ES2 electric scooter model has a digital screen for showing the configurations and the current speed of the vehicle and the charge of the battery remaining. Apart from these, both the electric scooter have from headlamps and rear tail lights. The cruise control of both the bird scooters is impressive. Switching on cruise control of the Xiaomi, it holds the acceleration of the scooter steady for 5 minutes. It has two modes, eco and regular. Segway has three modes, eco, sport, and supersport. Both these electric scooters have smart energy management systems and can change the energy recovery level from weak, regular, and reliable. This helps the motor to slow down as soon as one let’s go of the brake. It helps in less costing while recharging the battery.

Braking system

The primary difference between the two models of bird electric scooters is the braking system. The segway company uses frontal brakes that provide resistance to slow down the motor. It also has a rear brake to which can be activated with the foot. The M365 has disc brakes both front and back that allows the scooter to stop much faster. The cons of the disc brakes are that they are squeaky and are prone to get rubbed, which therefore requires high maintenance. Overall the braking system of M365 is much stronger than the Segway model.


Discussing the battery, the lime scooter model has the extended battery pack to extend the range to 28 miles. It also increases the speed to 19 miles per hour from 15 miles per hour without battery.


The M365 has air-filled tires that are bigger and provide a cushion-like effect when going over bumps and cracks. The negative side of this tire is that it can get flat and would need to replace the tube at that time. The company also provided front and rear suspensions to handle the bumps and cracks on the streets. The M365 has a better casing of the battery and is located inside the bottom case where one can keep the feet easily. However, in Segway ES2, the battery pack is stored in the front stem. This creates an improper distribution of weight, all along with the scooter. While the M365 of Xiaomi has a better balance of weight, the Segway has a front weighted body.

The folding systems again are better in Segway than Xiaomi. One can easily fold the Segway and can carry to farther distances, but it is difficult to fold the Xiaomi scooters. However, these scooters have a weight of their own, and it can be heavy, so it is not recommended to carry them over a flight of stairs.

Which scooters does lime use?

There might be a question in our minds “Which scooter does lime use?” Lime partner with Segway to build electric scooters. LimeBike, better known as Lime, is the transportation company that will provide the next generation of electric scooters. It is effortless to ride a lime scooter for any person. For riding the scooter, one needs to download the app Lime. After opening the app, one can either manually scan the QR code or manually enter the six-digit code located under the QR Code. Turning this scooter is also quite easy where the rider has to pay 1 dollar and the next 15cents per minute for commuting.

We might sometimes have a question in mind about what scooter does lime use? Lime currently uses four different electric scooters. They are: i) Lime–S ii) Lime-E iii) Lime-B and iv) LimePod. These scooters are present in the service line of the Lime company as a commuting scooter.






How to use Bird Scooter?

Lime has its competitor, Bird. Bird also has a wide range of modern electric scooters for its rental services for commuters. Bird uses scooters from both Segway and Xiaomi companies. Some of its scooters are i)Bird Xiaomi M365 manufactured by Xiaomi ii) Bird Ninebot ES2 manufactured by Segway iii) Bird Ninebot ES4 by Segway. The renting charges are the same as that of Lime, and it also allows a monthly rental charge of $25. However, this monthly rental differs from country to country, and also, the charges are not constant as of the currency and local laws.

Using the Bird scooter is just the same as using the Lime scooters. The company provides a barcode with the app for users to enter the code and pay the amount to unlock the scooters. So, one can rent from both lime and bird scooters as they both have a very trustable reputation.



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