What Is The Ul 2272 Certification?

UL 2272 standard takes into account the safety of the electrical drive train system, battery, and charging system combinations of hoverboards and other 1-wheel, 2-wheel, x-wheel (which includes hoverboards).


Considering the amount of turnover and growing number of user base and fan following of hoverboards,   numerous cases of self-balancing scooters, hoverboards catching fire and exploding due to a reason as petty as overload on motor, problem with lithium-ion battery or due to increased friction with road, manufacturers, distributors and consumers realized they badly need a solution to this problem. The safety concerns are something that can’t be ignored and needed immediate attention.

UL 2272

History is evident, human-created technology to be its slave and make convenience a benefit, every time Technology tries to overtake humankind, we come up with a shield to save our tribe! This time technology being hoverboards and shield being safety certifications and standards.

UL, a global safety science organization in 2016, came up with safety standards, in simple terms, it came up with a label, which when placed on a hoverboard, can easily be differentiated as a “safe” to have. UL 2272 standard takes into account the safety of the electrical drive train system and battery and charger system combinations of hoverboards and other 1-wheel, 2-wheel, x-wheel (which includes hoverboards).

1. What this UL2272 CERTIFICATION is all about.

UL is a global safety science organization, acting as a linking pin between consumers and producers of electric equipment. UL in May 2016 formerly released notifications stating safety certification (UL 2272) as the basic safety requirements for electrical systems of self-balancing scooters or hoverboards.

UL protects the best interest of consumers, and with the same goal, UL carries out various experiments, and test on the design of products and if those are produced meeting its standards.

 As shown on the UL website, “the UL 2272 standard is intended for the safety of the electrical drive system, battery and charger combination for energy and electrical shock hazards but does not evaluate the performance or reliability of the product or the physical hazards that may be associated with the product”.

Once a hoverboard model completes an evaluation about how it is made, passes through all the safety-related exams and agrees to comply with UL 2272’s certification, they are awarded a mark of authentication and safe to ride ticket in the form of an holographic product label with a clearly visible UL mark, which act as an official certificate of compliance.

So, with this, it’s not only easy for distributors but also for consumers to identify genuine e vehicles, scooters which are UL 2272 certified.

2. Now the ambit of UL 2272 not only covers hoverboards but all kind of personal e-Mobile devices too.

So Basically, UL 2272 certification is nothing but a label and a method to curb production and sale of low cost – cheap hoverboards with cheap motors and batteries, those are the ones to be blamed for accidents and explosions.

3. Now the question is, who all are meeting the UL 2272 Certification standards?

Some of the best UL 2272 Certified Hoverboards includes Swagtron Swagboard, which tops the list and have top of mind recall too when it comes to hoverboards. XtremepowerUS is another big name and power-packed hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. The GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO hoverboard is next in the line meet UL certifications and well blending well with youths and people of all ages.

While buying a hoverboard, consider the distance you will use it to cover along with speed. The material with which that board is made up also is important. However, doesn’t matter what variations or designs you are going for, UL certification is a must, because then, you have peace of mind because, you, your kid or whoever is riding, are safe from fire hazard, overheating or explosion.

Even when a hoverboard complies with UL 2272 Certification, a rider is still expected to remain vigilant all the time and consider these points:

  • First and foremost is when you go out to buy or even when you start considering to buy a hoverboard, please ensure that you are looking out for a UL 2272 certified hoverboard, with a holographic label.
  • Always take extra care and keep your hoverboard away from anything that might cause or catch fire.
  • A rider is expected to take proper care and know product properly before they start using it. Read all safety instructions and user manual carefully.
  • Do not leave your hoverboard in the rain or to change throughout the night. Overcharging leads to overheating of the device, causing fire or explosion.
  • In case of fire of other explosion related to a hoverboard, immediately get away from the place while informing others and call emergency number 911.
  • Last but not the least you can always check if the hoverboard you are looking for complying with UL 2272 certification at www.ul.com/database

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