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Tomoloo hoverboard is super strong and features the latest design. It is an extremely strong balancing car. The company also provides a one-year warranty for all the parts of the hoverboard, including the hub motor, battery, and controller.
Tomoloo is one of the best Chinese brands which produces hoverboards. It has been producing distinguished and cheap hoverboards since 2013. They have manufactured loads of hoverboard models that have unique and stylish features. Did you ever think that while riding on your hoverboard you will get to listen to your favorite music playing? This has come true through music rhythmed Tomoloo 8 hoverboard.

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Features Tomoloo Hoverboard
WEIGHT 24 lbs
RANGE 12 miles
MOTOR POWER 350 watts

This hoverboard is specifically attractive for kids because the wheels have RGB LED design. This can be the perfect gift for your kids. The colorful lights and their favorite music playing are going to give them unmatched happiness. It is one of those sweet fantasy things that kids are going to adore. At the same time, the hoverboard is going to be useful as well. It is going to be the kids riding partner.

It has some cool features like unique design and retro lights, which makes it lovable for both kids and adults alike. The other amazing attraction of this hoverboard is the reasonable Tomoloo hoverboard price. The Tomoloo 8-inch hoverboard has performed satisfactorily well in all sorts of review tests performed on it. It involves great

Tomoloo hoverboard




It soars with an average speed of 8 mph. The battery used to run this hoverboard is Samsung 36V/4.3 Ah. The battery is lithium core-based. For complete protection against any kind of fire or electrical hazards, it has been completely UL certified. The battery takes 2 hours to get charged completely. After a complete charging session, the hoverboard can run up to 12 miles.

The distance covered depends upon the terrain in which it is running and also the rider’s weight. 19 km on a single charge for a cheap hoverboard is really awesome. You can get along as far as you want. It is not only suitable for just small distances but also for long-distance commutations.

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The weight of the hoverboard is 24 lbs, and it can carry the rider’s weight up to 264 lbs. This model of Tomoloo is completely power-packed as it is geared with dual 350 watts motor. Due to greater motor strength, the adjustments can be made accurately. The steering control of the hoverboard is lovely.

So, with greater power and accurate control, Tomoloo hoverboard review says that is definitely a favorite of its users. The motors operate silently, and this makes the Tomoloo hoverboard perfect for night time use.

The tires have performed notably well in terms of both traction and stability. The diameter of the tires is 8 inches. The quality of the tires is appropriate for all kinds of road conditions. The grip is also superior. The large tires give sustainable height to the hoverboard. This type of wheels makes riding on uneven terrain far easier. The tires are solid rubber in nature.

Best Hoverboard Under 200$

The RGB lighting that distinguishes this from any other hoverboard is also featured in the Tomoloo 8 inches hoverboard. The colors of the light can be easily changed through a mobile app. The collars are fascinating and bright. These color shades of the lights add a new edge to the look of the hoverboard. There are lighting modes to choose from, and hence, it can automatically switch between a vivid range of colors. These LED lights synchronize with the changing rhythms of music and changes in a twinkling fashion with every beat.




This hoverboard has two 5-watt speakers with inbuilt Bluetooth. The speakers are really of excellent quality. You can integrate the hoverboard with an easy to operate the mobile app and change all the settings from there. The sound quality is extremely good with the stereotype of sound quality. The Tomoloo boards come with Bluetooth 4.0, which is the most popular variant of Bluetooth speakers.

Tomoloo hoverboard is super strong and features the latest design. This is an extremely strong balancing car. This model of Tomoloo hoverboard is a typical off-road sports version. This two-wheel self-balancing scooter uses one of the best quality motherboards in the world of hoverboards, and therefore, it is highly durable with a long life.

The company provides a one-year warranty for all the parts of the hoverboard, including the hub motor, battery, and controller. The exterior design and appearance of the Tomoloo hoverboard are company patented.

The external body of the hoverboard is highly temperature resistant and has been tested to feature fire retardance. Highly tensile and tough exterior built would simply make you love it. Tomoloo hoverboard reviews clearly say that it is highly safe even for the use of children.

With the intelligent smartphone app, you can change the speed, the sensitivity of the steering, and set automatic shut down timer. So basically, all the features are customizable remotely with this app.

Hence, overall if you compare the features, it is clear that Tomoloo 8 hoverboard is one of the best hoverboards under 200$ 

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