Three Best Lucky Crew Scooters

Lucky crew scooters are the most affordable and high-quality scooters specially designed to provide you comfortable and safe riding experience to beginners as well as experienced riders.


Pro scooters are basically more long-lasting versions of basic kick scooters. If compared to a normal scooter, these scooters weigh a little more but have a better compression system and are durable.

Lucky company has manufactured the Crew scooters that provide the young riders’ best Razor scooters at the most affordable prices. They are designed to deliver excellent quality performance and comfortable ride to the customers. This product is carefully designed and manufactured by the inputs of the entire team in terms of weight, performance, and other features.

The lucky crew scooters show aluminum lucky kink bar and have working IHC compression with a steel fork. The dimensions are set according to riders who are keen to learn new stunts and tricks.

Best Lucky Crew Scooters

Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter

Crew Scooters

These scooters are manufactured and made to the utmost quality. They have freestyle scooter parts. This type of crew scooter is trusted worldwide by professional riders as well as sidewalk riders.

It is a great scooter type for those who are beginning to learn how to ride as well as for those with intermediate-level riding skills. It is manufactured with great accuracy.

With a good quality deck and wheels, it has various other freestyle parts included in it. It stands high on all the manufacturing levels- right from hardware to the bearings, breaks, and bars. All these precise points in the scooter make it rigid and cheaper than its counterparts.

The scooter is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum and the choice of material in the other parts is also very precise making it highly durable and robust.

The details and features have been planned in a great and descriptive manner. It is available in a number of colors- white/blue, white/green, black/neo chrome, black/pink and black/blue.


  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Deck: 19”x4.5” with a reinforced deck
  • Bar: Oversized kink bar, dimensions- 23″ x 22″ 
  • Wheels: 110mm wheel of 6061 aluminum component 
  • Compression: IHC
  • Headset: 82.5o, fully unified
  • Fork: Welded steel TIG, nature-hard
  • Break and Grip: Steely brake and Vice grips

  • Versatile
  • Cost friendly
  • Tricking stunt scooter

  • Wheel tires might wear off.

Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Crew Scooters

As the name suggests, it is a Best scooter for stunting purposes. If compared to other products of the company, it is the most lightweight product from the pro scooter section. It has really very attractive design and has stunning looks and graphics, making it very stylish and trendy.

It is outstanding in terms of performances. It has flat sides and concave top. The product takes riding to a whole new pace. More spacious deck and is lighter than the old versions of this series.

It is available in colors like- purple and purple/neon pink. The scooter holds the parts of best quality and thus results in a smooth, rigid and safe product. The product is also trusted by many champions to normal riders.


  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Deck: 19.5” x 4.5” 
  • Bar: Lucky air bar with dimensions- 24” x 23”
  • Compression: IHC
  • Headset: angle- 82.5o, Lucky REVO and fully unified
  • Wheels: 110mm, Lunar with Hollow core
  • Fork: TIG-welded, of aluminum aircraft-grade

  • Short, narrow deck
  • Rigid fork
  • Durable
  • Light Weighted

  • Grip quality is average.

Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Stunt Scooter 

Crew Scooters

This product of the lucky company was manufactured to showcase an ultimate design in the range of pro scooters. It is one of the most successful products of the company for 2 years. It is really light in weight and is a big go for all the riders-from beginners to intermediate ones.

Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Stunt Scooter is examined and tested repeatedly and it has successfully passed all the tests. If we look at the latest features of this scooter, it has toaster wheels, SILO bars, and INDY fork. 

To fulfill all the requirements of a rider, this scooter is a perfect choice. It is available in multiple trendy and vibrant colors. 


  • Weight: 8.65 lbs
  • Headset: Angle-82.5o, Lucky and fully unified
  • Deck: Aluminum, air crafted type, dimensions- 20.5” x 4.8”
  • Fork: INDY fork of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Wheels: 110mm, Toaster wheels 
  • Bars: Oversized SILO lucky bars, dimensions- 25” x 24”
  • Grips and Breaks: Vice Grips and Steely brakes
  • Compression: HIC of aluminum type 

  • Helpful in handling tricks
  • Durable
  • Great quality tires

  • Bit off road scooter

Why Choose Lucky Crew Scooters

The latest lucky scooters now feature different decks that range in distance, duration, shape, and concave. In spite of this, you will still need to choose the ideal size of the deck that will give you the best comfort. 

Since the deck is one of the most important parts of the scooter, you need to find one that is ergonomic.

You’ll even need to find out what kinds of wheels will be most suitable according to your riding conditions. The Lucky crew scooters are known to comprise of the most long-lasting and sturdy wheels

There are a number of new features that are introduced in these crew scooters like the length of the deck which shortened but has been made more rigid and better. The compression system made to the HIC type is also modified in the models.

In these models, one can just tighten the compression without the allen wrench usage.

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Lucky crew scooters are of great quality and are highly durable. These are available in a multitude of trendy colors. Their modern design and innovative graphics are highly appreciable and make them very stylish.  You can also use these scooters as a perfect gifting item for your adventure savvy near and dear ones. Lucky crew scooters are available on all the renowned online platforms like Amazon and a few others. If you’re crazy and passionate about stunting and riding, these scooters are the perfect product to buy.  


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