Tesla Hoverboard Outbreak! Mind Blowing Invention Is Here!

The recent search engines have shown that the new tesla hoverboard is the hottest talk of the town. The social media went viral n ba-boom, with multiple shares and speculations creating the buzz all over the internet. Click here to know more about this latest invention.


A Blast from the past!! Hoverboards – one of the holy knights of Sci-fi as we know it. The ultimate dream of every sci-fi lover. Hoverboard – it’s one of those dreams, a fictional board that levitates you. Somewhat like a levitating skateboard. How cool is that?

First brought on by author M.K.Joseph in 1967 and its popularity skyrocketed ever since it’s the appearance in the movie – “Back to the Future II and the sequence- part III.”  Though how good it sounds. It’s just another dream. Though the 1990s witnessed a lot of rumors about the actual existence of it. Further fuelled by director Robert Zemeckis.

Rumors claiming to the actual existence of these hoverboards and that it wasn’t brought to light because they were deemed too dangerous by the parents’ group. Although these rumors have been continuously debunked, it has never lost its flames, with the hoverboard review concept being widely acknowledged and used by various authors.

Tesla Hoverboard

It’s a pinnacle pillar of the sci-fi as we know it.

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The hoverboards have been widely recognized, and tech giants have always tried to make this dream a reality. And lead to the creation of hovercrafts (air-cushioned vehicle) and many other attempts to crate hoverboard-like products.  All are trying to depict and achieve the experiences of the kinds shown in the movies and as portrayed by the writers.

These have to lead to the recognition of not one but rather two Guinness world records, although they recognize the term hoverboards as autonomously powered personal levitators. And the first record set in this category belongs to the Romania-born Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru in May 2015. And the next one belongs to Franky Zapata, who used a get engine propulsion to achieve his triumph.

Catalin Alexandru Duru

Some others include the inventor Dean
Kamen’s and his invention codenamed Ginger though it was, in reality, a
self-balancing two-wheeled electric transportation device.

Many many more prototypes and attempts and
depictions have surfaced in almost every year furthermore.

HOT TOPIC – Tesla Smart Hoverboard

Now moving on to the star of the show, the
reason you all read this, much. Without stretching ado

The tesla hoverboard,

The social media was bombed with the introduction of the fine class tesla motors’ astonishing creations. And they do have a reputation for making the impossible possible.

The recent search engines have shown a boost in the search related to the new tesla hoverboard.

Tesla Hoverboard

The social media went viral n ba-boom, with multiple shares and speculations and the latest talk of the town, the buzz. When the pixel master and the account holder of bat.not.bad label posted a short clip featuring the tesla hoverboard.

The clip that managed to woo away the dreams that many have already had. When he posted the clip, which appeared to be like somewhat of a commercial ad, it featured a levitated board bright red in color, with the TESLA words embellished atop.

Its levitated guys, the board n it’s easily controlled via smartphone and goes with every detail and specification that are expected from a hoverboard.

This is a dream come true, was hoping it not to be yet another hoax.

But sorry to say, this is the uber-elaborative job of the pixel master n creation though the work of master has made it be as convincing as possible.

The clip rather appears like a commercial,
although this was to expected when it came first from the pixel master.

But never stop dreaming guys because who knows when one of these catch the eye of the TESLA motors engineer’s n they make it a reality, although they are quite busy right now with further developing and upgrading the electric vehicle to its maximum potential. Dream Big!

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