Swagtron T6 Terrain Hoverboard Review

SWAGTRON T6 Terrain is an all-terrain board that makes it completely different from others. It has a unique design and features to excite you. Never miss reading its specifications before buying it. At this reasonable price, nothing else will give you a better experience than this.


A self balancing scooter always at your service is nothing short of a miracle actually. Technologies have made this possible for all of us. A pair of motorized wheels and articulated pads for the rider to place feet upon is the basic layout of a hoverboard.  Now the question is that in a market dominated by loads of other models of hoverboards why would you invest in swagtron t6.

SWAGTRON T6 Terrain Hoverboard Review

It is the specialization of technology employed in swagtron t6 that would make you fall in love with it and choose it over any other concurrent hoverboard. If you are someone who loves adventures and is not willing to miss one then swagtron t6 is the best option for you because it is suited for a ride in all terrains.

Many designs of hover boards have come but this is something way different from them. It is actually an amazing device for off road riding. We all want some kind of relaxing refreshments for ourselves.

And if you want something really techsavvy as well as user friendly then swagtron t6 off road hoverboard is just not an option but it is the best choice.

Quick Summary

Features SWAGTRON T6 Terrain
WEIGHT 32 pounds
CHARGING TIME 2 to 3 hours
RANGE 12 miles

You can connect your Bluetooth with it to make your riding experience better. The board is self-balancing. At this reasonable price, nothing will give you a better experience than this.

A hoverboard is a necessity and a cherished tech gear for adventure lovers. But not many of us want to invest a lump sum amount in such products that reside in our wishlist. In such a condition we try to look for best quality with adequate necessary features and most importantly in an affordable price, and the tag line of swagtron t6 hoverboard is that in itself.

Quality at it’s best at an affordable price.

Now suppose you are all set with your fiery plans to discover the monstrous roads with your hoverboard, I assume it will not be an amazing experience to run short of battery in the middle of the road that is going to spoil your mood for the journey.

But from trusted testimonials about swagtron t6 across the globe speaks that it has amazing battery life that makes it so very adaptable to the users and hustles free. Swagtron t6 is a top-level performing hoverboard which is unbelievably stable, can adapt to any type of terrain. The extent to which you can push its working level is mind-blowing.

SWAGTRON T6 OFF-ROAD 10" Hoverboard with Auto Balancing and Bluetooth

If you are a frequent hoverboard user who keeps on trying out a lot of different hoverboard models, even then I can assure you that swagtron t6 is a perfect blend of technology with comfort. It is such a product that can cater to rough terrain and rider’s flexibility.

This newly launched hoverboard did not gain so much of fame and grandeur just like that. It had to face tough competition from pre-existing hoverboards that already existed in the market. But swagtron t6 stood out with pride in every aspect ranging from price, user’s comfort, battery life to being the most entertaining hoverboard.

Hence it got a renowned establishment for itself. Swagtron t6 has been crowned with a various number of people’s choice awards proving clearly that how specific and fine swagtron t6 is in its area of performance. It keeps up its name high up in terms of functionality coupled with unique technologies.

SWAGTRON T6 OFF-ROAD 10" Hoverboard with Auto Balancing and Bluetooth

Like the balance that it offers to its riders is astonishing. When I used it for the first time like every other rider, I was also palpitating a bit, that whether it will be capable enough to provide a good balance for an amateur like me. But to my utmost surprise, I had to do nothing much because swagtron t6 is smart enough to carry the rider with such unique balance that you need not worry much and can enjoy your ride without being terrified for any caution. Any untrained person can also have amazing access to it.

Now let us come to the technical specification that makes swagtron t6 unique in its performance and outstanding among all the other models of hoverboards available in the market.

SWAGTRON T6 OFF-ROAD 10" Hoverboard with Auto Balancing and Bluetooth

Right into this blog post, we will be having a complete set of discussion about the SWAGTRONT6 terrain hoverboard.

This is named to be the product having the superior, cutting-edge self-balancing board. It has been put together with the high range of the features all along with the functionalities, and killer-tech under the hood.

It is an all-terrain board that makes it completely different from others, yes! It’s unique! If you are searching for the best hoverboard for your personal use, then never miss reading the specifications of SWAGTRON T6 TERRAIN because it is perhaps what you need.

You can see the complete list of swagtron hoverboard here.

Features of the Swagtron T6 terrain Hoverboard


  • One of the major and biggest features of this product has been its massive 10-inch all-terrain tires.
  • The pair of 10-inch inflatable tires makes it adaptable to all types of terrain. They are also inflatable, that makes it give with the greater versatility than comparable solid tires. Solid tires confer much of distress upon the functionality of hoverboards because of difficulty in the grip to run over all sorts of geographic atrocities.
  • This problem is solved beautifully by the inflatable tires. Support and flexibility in terms of tires are fully satisfied when it comes to tires of swagtron t6.

Under the hood

  • This highly specialized self-balancing scooter has been altogether set with the two 35-Watt motors under the hood. It would be excellent to be used on the rough ground and inclines.
  • With a 35 watt battery, the riding experience is going to be swift and smooth with no worries at all. In the market, very few or perhaps none of the hoverboards come with such type of heavy-duty and high tech battery.
  • This feature distinguishes swagtron t6 offroad hoverboard from all its existing competitors in the market.


  • Adventure without speed is spice less. To feel the fire that you have within yourself, gearing up your journey with speed is necessary. Swagtron t6 is essentially based on your love for speed. It has been installed with the coverage of the 12mph speed limit that makes it come about to be the faster boards on the market.
  • Isn’t it amazing? A 12 mph speed limit in your hoverboard is going to make you euphoric about your exploration of road.
  • The balance of the hoverboard is so scrutinized that even at this high speed, you can ride absolutely risk-free without any fear of toppling. Hoverboards are mostly used by adventure lovers.
  • The thrill they derive out of riding is going to be half as worth if a desirable high speed cannot be reached. And that is exactly why you should choose swagtron t6 as your ultimate ride partner.

Battery protection

  • To optimise the journey in swagtron t6 the battery which provides you with the beautiful experience must be secured and kept in a working condition for a long time.
  • This can be achieved by securing the battery with a sentry shield multi-layered battery protection. Sentry-shield multi-layered battery protection is also part of it that builds amazing standard in it.
  • It also grants you safe and secure protection features. This keeps your battery and hoverboard working for a long time without much worry.

Weight carrying capacity

  • In the wide range of other functions, it offers you an impressive weight capacity.  Swagtron t6 is sturdy enough to carry a load up to 420 lbs. If you think that you have a heavy physique and cannot be comfortable on a hoverboard, then your concept is not correct instead swagtron t6 is a correct choice for you.



  • Swagtron t6 definitely comes with provision for attachment of common accessories like Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers have given the product with the massive sum of popularity.
  • It is gadget-friendly and highly adaptable to all kinds of electronic media. When you are exploring the roads, you definitely want the experience to be quite enjoyable, and swagtron t6 hoverboard offers you with the best opportunities.
  • A perfect track to match your journey and resonate with your adventurous mood is something that all travellers love. On testing the sound quality of the speaker of swagtron t6 hoverboard, it was found to be amazingly good and good enough to go along with your journey mood.
  • So you do not have to carry any extra gadget with you to suffice the purpose of entertainment. Swagtron t6 is a one-stop solution to all your needs.

App association

  • It would make your offer with the app control too. You just have to download the app and turn your phone into a fully-functional trip computer that would make the whole riding experience worthy for you.
  • You can connect you swagtron t6 hoverboard with any of the downloaded apps, and your hoverboard will run as a fully functional computer to help you out with your work, and your trip will in no way come between you and your work.
  • So gone are the days when trips used to be boring. Now everything is so much at hand with the new swagtron t6

Controlling functions

  • It has been adjusted with the controlling functions that are much easy and simple to use it all around. It would not be too much heavy as its overall weight is 200lbs.
  • On top of the smooth surfaces, it would merely be giving out the impression of riding a mini monster truck. You will be the master when you ride this swagtron t6.
  • All around movement, with versatility in the degree of movement, are additional perks that you get when using this mini monster. You will be able to control movements as per your own choice and control all functions.
  • The swagtron t6 hoverboard reviews from users have properly defined that how easily you can get along with it in all kinds of terrains.

  • It has been favourably added with the comfortable ride that fills you with confidence in its capabilities.
  • It has the ability of the load capacity of up to 400lbs.
  • It would be perfect for riding on the rough terrain and inclines.
  • It has the top speed of 12mph.
  • It is affordable in price rates.

  • It is not fully waterproof.
  • On top of the off-road, its range is not much excellent.

Key Points To Remember:

Swagtron t6 has every kind of feature that is supposed to fill up your journey with fun and adventure. In a nutshell, if I have to define the advantages of choosing swagtron t6 over any other random hoverboard, then I would highlight the following features.

  • It has absolutely overwhelming speakers that support audio files which will make you fall in love with the journey. A perfect track as per your current mood with the best quality sound is a gift from swagtron t6.
  • All the apps which you use in your smartphones and gadgets all the time and that keeps you in track and touch with all sorts of activities every time are easily attainable with the swagtron. It only awaits you to connect appropriately, and that’s all. You are all set to rock the road.
  • Bluetooth attachment also comes easy and at hand for you to feel on the top of the world while you are riding with swagtron t6.
  • If I have to say about the mechanical features of swagtron t6 that is probably emphasize on how good it’s performance is as a fully functional hoverboard then I highlight about its inbuilt attributes like it’s tiring that are completely inflatable and soars high in terms of advantage over solid tires.
  • It exerts a fine grip on all types of geographical terrains and is bound to satisfy your thirst. The hoverboard platform over which the rider will stand while the journey is also beautifully crafted in terms of dimensions as well as material that gives the rider safety and security and comfortable experience with no tension to fall off as he or she rides.
  • The battery under the hood comes with good capacity and coverage with provision for a long time journey and does not take much time to get charged which will not lead to much of pauses in between your journey.
  • The supporting led lights will reduce every risk of accident even in the darkest of roads and will cheer up your nighttime exploration.
  • The self-balancing control system with perfect and versatile rotatory features across the radian is going to make your ride a lot safer and easy for even amateurs.
  • Now comes the most important criteria of price. The swagtron t6 price varies from $ 399 to $449 as per the discounts or perks you get while buying.

These are not under the FMCG section of the economy, so the greater majority of the section will buy such commodities such as swagtron off-road hoverboard once in a while and hence the price does matter.

The buyer wants to get the best possible product at the most affordable price. And the swagtron t6 price seems to have been customized to suffice the purpose. Well after reading out the features and amazing pros of Swagtron T6 terrain Hoverboard, I would surely be suggesting you buy this product right now. Very few discredits like low agility and not being 100 per cent waterproof has been reported. It has been much durable, sturdy, long-lasting and reasonable with its price rates. So I would definitely recommend you to get value for money by investing in Swagtron T6 Hoverboard which is hard and strong to last long.


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