Swagtron T580 Hoverboard

SwagTron is turning out to be huge in demand and popularity in the hoverboard market. Check out the latest in-depth SwagTron T580 review! Get all the insights about the Swagtron's latest edition here.


Hoverboards are a dream turned into reality for people of all ages. Hoverboarding makes even a simple commute an exhilarating adventure so it comes as no surprise that their demand in the markets is on the rise. SwagTron is turning out to be huge in popularity and demand in the hoverboard industry.

Swagtron T580 Hoverboard

This brand has come up with the introduction of so many amazing and worth mentioning hoverboard designs and models until now. Out of all such models, we will be reviewing SwagTron T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard! It performs really well in terms of speed and distance as compared to its competitor

SwagTron is one of the companies that always prioritize customer safety which is why it is one of the first brands to have legitimate UL 2272 certification after undergoing rigorous safety tests. This brand is one of the forefront brands in the fastest growing hoverboard market and has launched a number of hoverboards in the market. You can see the complete list of Swagtron hoverboards here.

Quick Summary

Features Swagtron T580
CHARGING TIME 90-100 minutes
MAX SPEED 7.5 miles per hour
RANGE 8 miles
MAX RIDER WEIGHT 44-220 pounds
WEIGHT 20 lbs

It distinguishes itself from the rest of the numerous brands in the global market through futuristic design, patented tech, incorporating smart tech, sturdiness, and reliability. They have done everything right with SwagTron T580.

Features of SwagTron T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard

The SwagTron T580 hoverboard is now available with several stunning features that you have always dreamt of having in a high-quality hoverboard. With the motto – ‘one step above the rest’ SwagTron company has gone a step further with T580. It is a welcome upgrade preferred over other competitive hoverboards. It comes with the incombustible outer casing, non-slip footpads, smart battery management system, and their patented SentryShield Technology.  So let’s view its latest features –

Premium UL2272 Certified

SwagTron has always given topmost priority to the safety and security of the customers. This is the main reason that they get UL2272 certification for each one of their products. It is a specific safety certification that validates that the consulting company has passed rigorous testing and guarantees its electric product satisfies standards for consumers’ safety.

Earlier versions of hoverboards were prone to catch fires but with the advancement of technology, hoverboards being manufactured now are safe and appropriate to be used even by 8-year-old kids. It is a wise decision of the company to put safety first and foremost as the product is aimed at kids and teenagers. And such precautions and safety assurance make people comfortable with the idea of their kids riding this hoverboard.

Suitable for Riders between 44 – 220 Pounds

It is sturdy and has a durable stroke of the materials in manufacturing. It is best suited for riders above 8 years of age. It is modeled to easily carry weights between 44 to 220 pounds. SwagTron T580 is the best hoverboard for your kid.

It offers riding-modes namely standard and advance modes to make it further easier for users. Get on the non-slip foot pedals to activate sensors and enjoy your commute. You can control speed and direction just by a slight shift in your weight.

It is easy to balance due to dynamic equilibrium, even kids figure it out in no time and ride like pros. Not that gliding with swag is any less fun for adults. In fact, we recommend a good dose of hoverboarding to burst that stress bubble and enjoy a fun-filled life.

Excellent Performance

This hoverboard will offer you the desirable enjoyment with all the powerful features and smooth ride. Through the right use of this device, you would be able to climb an incline of up to 30 degrees quickly. It does offer a slick ride even on bumpy terrains.

swagtron t580 reviews

It is packed with powerful dual motors which take just about an hour and a half to charge and last up to 8 miles per charge. It can accelerate to the speed of 12 km/hour which is almost equal to its rival lamborghini hoverboard. To instantly check the battery and internal systems all you have to do is glance down at the two integrated LED lights. LED lights also enhance visibility by lighting the way.

To manufacture a hoverboard which is both lightweight and sturdy is a great feat to accomplish in itself. T580 also features a durable casing, zero-emissions motors, and a splash-proof design.

Durable Wheels

It puts together the 6.5″ hard rubber tires with aluminium rims. What this does is that it increases the stability and provides sufficient traction in the hoverboard wheels. A single and the full charge of the battery will make it easy for you to travel as about 8 miles with a maximum attainable speed of 7.5 mph

This hoverboard has a ‘smart self-balancing’ feature to improve stability and balance. Having wide tires also supports the case. Paired with built-in sensors this transporting vehicle is sensitive to your weight shift and accommodates you to stay above board.

Having durable and sizeable wheels is a must for a hoverboard. It is after all an electric skateboard on wheels. Thus wheels play an important part. Good quality wheels like in SwagTron T580 ensure sufficient life of the product, protection against wear and tear and consistency in performance in the long run.

Bluetooth Speakers and Mobile App

In support of the music lovers, it has been fitted with Bluetooth speakers that let you listen to your favorite songs from your smartphones.

swagtron t580 bluetooth hoverboard

With smartphones becoming a necessity our interaction with a lot of things is now mobile app-based. Hence it is gratifying to see that SwagTron T580 has its own mobile app. It enables you to select playlists from your phone and play them out loud using good quality speakers embedded in T580.

It is a complete app-enabled device as for where you will make the use of the mobile app to control various features of the board. Not only can you check the battery life you can also do switching between riding modes. You can plan your routes via the mobile app and even control your speed.


  • It is a very light and portable model device. It is important for the device to be lightweight in order to be portable.
  • It is one of the best hoverboards for kids.
  • It is stylish and sleek with respect to design. It’s not completely scratch-proof but hard ABS outer body casing is an attempt to make it scratch proof.
  • It is eco-friendly with zero carbon emissions. Our environment is deteriorating at a constant rate buying and supporting eco-friendly products is a positive step towards saving our planet.
  • It is legitimately UL2272 certified. Obviously, safety is our foremost concern while buying devices such as hoverboards. All SwagTron products are thoroughly tested and manufactured as per the safety regulations for electronic and transporting items.
  • It has been equipped with the Patented SentryShield® technology and Smart Battery Management system which ensures long battery life. The Sentry Shield system comprises a specially built aluminium case for the battery that will contain any kind of fire or explosion in the unlikely event of a battery failure, and it will also completely protect the battery from external damage.
  • It has the Bluetooth speaker arrangement in it. Groove to the beats of your favorite tracks while maneuvering in style.
  • Indicator lights make it easy to keep an eye on battery life and diagnostics so you know when it’s time to rest and recharge your board.
  • It is perfect for the riders weighing in the range of 44 lbs to 220 lbs. Although there are no strict age restrictions but it is advisable to be used by children above 8 years of age.
  • The company offers a 12-month warranty on all its products.
  • It comes with a mobile app of its own that lets you change modes, control speed, access map function, play music and check batteries.
Swagtron T580 review


  • It is available in a limited color range as you can get it in blue, red, and black color only.
  • It is a bit costly.
  • It has low motor power.
  • It has a limited range of 8 miles per charge.

If you are a little skeptical because this is new unknown territory for you if you have seen people swoosh past you and you have always wanted a hoverboard but you have never ridden one before, then you need not worry just keep the following things in mind:

Learning to ride a hoverboard is just like learning to ride a bicycle, you struggle initially to maintain balance but once you get the hang of it then there is no stopping you.

Be careful while stepping on and off the board, steady the hoverboard with one foot and put the other foot on the board. Similarly, when you get off, make sure that your hoverboard has completely stopped. Non-slip foot pads in SwagTron T580 make it easier by providing riders a good grip.

When you are on the hoverboard, make sure that both your feet are laid flat on the hoverboard footpads to give you maximum control over the hoverboard.

SwagTron hoverboards use a lean-to-move method, so turning is even easier. Want to turn left? Then lean slightly to the left and slightly shift your weight off the right pedal. And voila! left you turn.

The question of fire hazard is out of the window with SentryShield technology.

And you can always check the user manual that comes with the product.

A few tips

  • Wear protective equipment like knee pads and elbow pads to prevent injuries. Especially if you are a beginner.
  • Make sure both feet are properly placed on the footpads so that they can be detected by the sensors without any problem.
  • Since the sensors in the hoverboard are of high quality they pick up the slightest weight shift. You need not tilt backward or forward beyond 10 degrees so as not to fall.
  • Don’t keep other objects on the hoverboard.
  • Avoid slopes whose incline is more than 30 degrees as mentioned in the product description.

Final Verdict

This product gathers all the features you would want in one kickass board. Fire resistant – check, water resistant – check, anti-slip foot pads – check, big never go flat tyres – check, metal alloy body – check, light weight – check, safety and security – check, long lasting battery – check.

Well, at the end of this review, we would recommend that if you desire to take yourself on a smooth and efficient hoverboard ride, then choosing SwagTron T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard is the best option for sure. But be sure it lies within your budget! It is sure to be a hit with beginner and advanced riders alike. Hop on and cruise down winding paths, go on limitless adventures with your friends or ride to the local store to buy stuff without breaking a sweat.


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