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Swagtron produces certified products and is one of the most trusted companies in the world which reaches the customer interest. Recently it has launched e-bikes swagcycle EB-5 pro, swagtron swagcycle SC-1, swagcycle pro. Each of the e-bike has its own unique features.


In a world full of advanced technology, development on automobiles and machinery, Swagtron is one of the best in using technology and expanding the ideas. Day by day with the technology being developed all around our life has become easier. Swagtron is the world’s no.1 company for electrical ridable. Swagtron produces certified products and is the most trusted company in the world which reaches the customer interest. Recently it has launched e-bikes swagcycle EB-5 pro, swagtron swagcycle SC-1, swagcycle pro. Each of the e bike has its own unique features. We’re all living in a world where technology has improved our lives making the lifeless difficult and easier. In our generation adopting green transportation has become the most efficient and most wanting thing. Ebikes are quite beneficial in this busy and polluted world they use rechargeable batteries and can travel faster than people cycling also they’re cost-effective, energy-efficient and emission less, etc. One of the most interesting and best parts of swagtron swagcycle is that it’s a bicycle with a motor.

Features of Swagtron swagcycle:

This folding property -brought a massive change and most surprising ideas on the bicycle with motors. SwagtronSC-1 swagcycle is modern, runs on gas with zero emissions and is ecofriendly, is easy to use and handle. Swagcycle is popular and most used by teens, youngsters as it gives us effortless rides and enjoyable to have fun. Folding mechanism is very easy in EB5, PRO, SC-1.

Swagtron swagcycles are very safe when you fold the bike there’s no chance for the wheels to start spinning even though if the power button is pressed. Even the pedals can be folded but by pressing inward and turning the pedal up or down. One can position their seat and neck of the bike depending on their size and comfort. Swagcycle pro has a unique feature from others that is it’s a pedal-free electric scooter bike. It’s very easy to set up and drives quickly and very well.

The foldable design of the swagtron makes easy to carry it anywhere. Swagcycle pro also has a hidden compartment for charging cables which help in charging anywhere in an emergency. There’s also a handy USB port near the battery that can be used to charge any gadgets. Swagtron swagcycles provide a safe and smooth and enjoyable ride and are the most satisfying e-bike of ever. The bikes of swagtron swagcycles are quite comfortable and easy to ride.

Swagtron EB-5 pro swagcycle

swagtron swagcycle

Swagtron EB-5 pro swagcycle is one of the most beneficial e-bikes in today’s life. It has amazing features one could least expect on any e-bike. It is light weighted, it’s small framed and air-filled tires are compact. Swagcycle has one of the best features one can expect that’s the folding property, the bicycle can be folded and it can fit in car trunks and can be carried easily when it becomes difficult at certain times.  

 Features of Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Pro

The bike swagtron swagcycle EB-5 is easy to ride and is one of the best e-bikes today. It has an Adjustable seat- depending on the person and his interest. It can be adjustable from quiet low to entire high. It is also affordable and cost-effective with the best features. The handlebars of swagtron swagcyle are adjustable as it can be rotated up or down depending on the situation the handles of swagtron EB 5 have a unique shape which doesn’t allow the person to stress on while riding. Swagcycle is better and is appropriate for colleges, schools etc.

Better speed travel, extendable grips-  Swagcycle is powerful enough to travel from place to place as it is small enough to remain harmless with speed. This bike uses a 400-watt motor that can drive the bike up to 7.5 miles per hour. Also, there’s nothing to worry about grips as they’re extendable i.e it has the extension. The Throttle is quiet comfy it spans the tendency to rotate or twist when you lean too much the palm.

Rotatable 360 degrees handle –The handlebars of swagcycle EB5 pro are adjustable depending on your comfort it can be rotated 360 degrees as the handles have a unique shape that allows less stress on the wrist and more rest while riding and also can be twisted either up or down. The grips of the swagcycle e-bike have an extension which makes rider comfortable while riding.

Pedal-to-go-mode– If the motor of the e-bike is activated, there are two ways to manage the e-bike i.e one could manage the motor with the throttle and the other is to engage pedal (like a non-electric bike), pedaling with this e-bike engages in pedal-to-go-mode. There’s a RED button on the bike which helps in turning the electric part of the bike on. The EB5 e-bike is power-assisted, it comes with shimano style v brakes and is a very smooth riding E-bike. Swagtron swagcycle EB-5 takes 90-100 mins for a full charge. This e-bike can handle the riders up to 44-220.

Specifications of  Swagtron swagcycle EB-5:

  • RATING                                             5 STAR
  • WARRANTY                                      1 YEAR
  • WHEEL SIZE                                      6.5”
  • CHARGE TIME                                   90-100 MINS
  • MAX SPEED                                       7.5 MPH
  • RANGE                                               8 MILES
  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT                          220 POUNDS
  • MOTOR POWER                                 400 W
  • WEIGHT                                              20lbs

  • Comfortable to ride long-distance depending on the battery life.
  • Speeds upto 8 Miles Per Hour.
  • The battery lasts upto 7 Miles P er charge.
  • Folds accordingly depending on the storage size.
  • Highly adjustable and resourceful.
  • One of the best folding Ebikes.

  • Weight limit upto 220 pounds.
  • Difficulty to run without motor.
  • Only one level of power assistance.
  • Not recommended for big jumps.

Swagtron swagcycles are made in black with white accents and in white with black accents. The EB5 is a very smooth riding E-Bike. Predictable, easy to operate, good speed and range with moderate recharge times. Swagtron provides the e-bikes and swag cycles near fully assembled with everything you need to plug it in, charge it up and go including reflectors and even a pedestrian bell it also has pedals so you can still ride it like a normal bike. The e-bike Wouldn’t be comfortable with anyone under the age of 18 in control of this bike. Most teens and adults will be this perfect fit as you can adjust the saddle height and handlebar height. The soft saddle and fat tires help you deal with potholes without any significant pain on your bottom. The EB5 has 1 speed only and the gearing ratio is so low that you won’t have any problem climbing hills.


swagtron swagcycle

The swagcycle pro is one of the exceptional e-bike that it pairs with the companion app for controlling and monitoring also it’s a foldable e-bike, if not it’d be a pure scooter. Swagcycle pro directly comes pre-assembled and the footpegs, seat of this e-bike are the exceptions. Handlebars of the swagcycle pro are easy to operate. Comparatively swagcycle pro is small, but the footpegs are positioned accordingly and they can be adjusted and manageable depending on the rider’s height and comfortability. It is suitable and convenient for long rides. Swagtron swagcycle pro blends the electric motor with sharp steering. It gives us a smooth ride as it has air filling tires. Depending on the weight the battery is consumed. It is highly recommendable for the people who use public transport and also is good for short-range. It’s lightweight with a better range and speed. This electric bike can break down quite easily and is able to travel with it.   


  •  RATING                                             5 STAR
  • WARRANTY                                       1 YEAR
  • WHEEL SIZE                                       6.5”
  • CHARGE TIME                                   90-100 MINS
  • MAX SPEED                                       7.5 MPH
  • RANGE                                               8 MILES
  •  MAX RIDER WEIGHT                        220 POUNDS
  • MOTOR POWER                                400 W
  • WEIGHT                                             20lbs 

  • Pedal free-powered by the motor.
  • Emission Less, user-friendly.
  • Blends with an app.
  • Strong and light to handle.
  • It also can charge your phone.

  • The seat is fixed and is not adjustable.
  • Charge time.

This bike swagtron swagcycle came with a US-based wall charger or power converter that plugs into the bottom of the body of the bike. This bike swagtron swagcycle is absolutely not for tiny children. One cannot or shouldn’t use the bike without proper gear. There have been lots of development and upgrade in the means of transportation in today’s life, E- bikes have become most wanting, flexible, attainable vehicles. One of the most interesting things about Swagtron swagcycle e bike is that it has the ability to combine pedal power with motor power, and providing a safe, comfortable, enjoyable ride for the riders. Swagtron provides affordable, quick, easy, and convenient ways to get around. In today’s world as batteries and motors have become more efficient, durable, and lightweight, etc. 


swagtron swagcycle

Swagtron swagcycle SC-1 is an affordable, modern, compact,zero-emission e-bike that looks like a bicycle but rides like a motorcycle. Swagcycle SC-1 has a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery one of the best in today’s technology. The battery lasts for up to 10 miles depending on the rider and weather conditions and it takes 150-180 minutes for a full charge. This e-bike is made up of aerospace-grade aluminum frame for traveling back and forth and adventures. The grade aluminum frame folds conveniently depending on the storage space. The swagcycle is perfectly equipped with an onboard USB charging port that you can even charge the electrical devices. Swagtron SC-1 has a builtin Headlamp for better safety. It can carry a maximum weight of up to 264 lbs. 


  •  RATING                              5 STAR
  • WARRANTY                        1 YEAR  
  •  WHEEL SIZE                       6.5”
  • CHARGE TIME                    150-180 MINS
  • MAX SPEED                        10 MPH
  • RANGE                                10 MILES
  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT           264 POUNDS
  •  MOTOR POWER                 400 W
  •  WEIGHT                              29lbs 

  • Shorter charging time.
  • Foldable, adjustable.
  • Solid strong Frame.
  • Time saviour.

  • The battery isn’t easily removable.
  • Not suitable for long distances.

The commuting bike is simple, but if you’re searching for a compact and powerful e-bike packed with useful features then you should go for Swagtron. It has an amazingly wide range of quality products with better choices and unique features. Having a bicycle is crucial especially if you’re looking for a bicycle to use daily to go to school or work. when you’re looking for an e-bike it is important that you research and know very well into all of the specifications and features and choose the bike based on your requirements and preferences. But if you are a traveler, and need a folding e-bike to use daily, then you must consider the Swagtron SwagCycle e-bike. It’s one of the best in today’s life. The EB5 e-Bike is power-assisted so if you start to pedal even a little the electric motor kicks in. The bike features many helpful things that could make biking more convenient and enjoyable. If you want a stronger motor and battery, you may want to check out the EB-5, which also has a pedal assist, and comes in a more conventional e-bike package.

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