Swagger Pro 3 Electric Scooter

Swagger Pro 3 from the Swagtron is that foldable version of the electric scooter which offers you that much needed extra mile commuting solution. The swagger pro offers you all the exciting features that you need in an electric scooter.


Covering your last extra mile when you commute can become tricky while reaching the location by a bus or train. Sometimes it might take only a few miles to reach your actual destination. To cover those extra few miles after a long ride, you might even have to hire a cab.

Even zipping around your university campus in-between your classes is tough with regular bikes. You can’t carry them around or even find a place to park and lock them. All these efforts are time-consuming and can really take a toll on you when you are really in a hurry.

This is where a foldable electric scooter can come to the rescue. When you look for the fold-able versions in the market with pro features, it will always be on the expensive side. But won’t it be great if you can get an electric scooter that is affordable and has all the advanced features?

Swagger Pro 3 from the brand ‘Swagtron’ is that foldable version of an electric scooter that offers you that much needed extra mile commuting solution.

Swagger Pro 3

This brand ‘Swagtron’ offers every possible solution in terms of mobility. Swagtron has been selling pro electric commuters for a while with smart self-balancing technology. Apart from electric scooters it also offers a wide range of short commuting solutions for the customers to make informed decisions.

Mobility with pro features that can make you move faster with greater stability is truly remarkable and you can find it all in the newer version of swagtron swagger pro 3 scooters.

foldable electric scooter

To move faster in the downtown areas of your favorite cities require expertise. When you are not equipped with a commuter that has pro features, you will fail eventually or get stuck in the busy streets. If you are looking for a pro scooter that can make things simple for you, swagger Pro 3 is one of the best electric scooters in the market that can serve the purpose with ease. Here we are about to see the features, pros and cons of the swagger pro in this article.

Swagger 3 Pro Electric Scooter Review

This version, Swagger SG-3, offers more enhanced features compared to the previous version Swagger SG-2. The swagger 3 pro electric version uses a powerful 250w motor compared to its predecessor which only uses 200w motor. This high torque motor ensures you will enjoy better pulling power when it comes to inclined roads.

The handlebar has been completely modified in this evolved version of swagtron electric scooter to suit the speeding needs. The speed in which you can ride matters but what matters the most is the ability to control and manage speeds. This has been achieved in the latest swagtron swagger version where you can find 3 modes to adjust speeds.

The long-range battery used in this newer model of electric scooter enables you to travel for around 14 miles in a single charging. This also implies, the charging capacity is high and the charging time has been reduced to nearly half compared to the previous version. In addition, Swagger SG-2 can only cover a range of 9 miles per charge.

This way swagtron swagger pro 3 definitely enhances personal transportation to a greater extent. If you are still not convinced, we are about to present the features and comparisons in next part of the swagtron swagger pro review in detail.

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Below is the quick summary of swagtron swagger pro

Swagtron Swagger Pro Specifications

  • Rating – 3 Star
  • Speed – 15. 5 mph
  • Range – 14. 2 miles
  • Max Load – 220 lbs
  • Open Size – 38.1 x 17 x 44.5 in
  • Folding Size – 44.5 x 17 x 10.6 in
  • Unit Weight – 22 lbs
  • Motor – 250 Watt
  • Suspension – Rear
  • Riding modes – 3 modes
  • Charging Time – 3 hours

Key Features

1. Move faster and farther
This might sound simple in other commuting options but it is the key factor when it comes to electric self-balancing scooters. As swagger pro 3 features a powerful motor, you do not have to worry about steep angles that are limited to 25 degrees.

The 250-watt motor can comfortably handle a person who weighs around 220 lbs or 100 kilograms. The best part is that with all those steep angles and weight capacity, it can take you around 14.2 miles at a speed of 15.5 miles. This is truly remarkable considering the price factor in this foldable electric scooter segment.

2. Foldable means portable

swagtron swagger pro review

The foldable version of this pro scooter ensures greater commuting possibilities. It is light and you can easily fold and carry around in a bus or train or inside your car without creating a fuss. Folding your swagtron swagger pro 3 can be done in no time with two basic simple steps:
Pulling the folding latch down and bend the step to lock. Apart from that, these scooters come with a neat and cool design and are available for sale in white and black with attractive red stripes. This lightweight scooter is perfectly designed to carry around in all possible ways.

3. Three riding modes with cruise control

swagtron swagger pro adult electric scooter

The control panel featured in the handlebar has four basic functions including cruise control. Imagine riding your foldable electric scooter inside your university campus at a greater speed and crash on a wall while stopping it. That can be embarrassing in front of everyone right?

This is why you need to activate cruise control that comes with swagtron swagger pro adult electric scooter. It basically has 3 riding modes and you can switch between two different modes in just a single click. When you find the right speed for your personal commute, you can lock it by activating the cruise control button. Three modes can come handy when you want to experience personal transportation with more fun.

4. Quick charging and better battery life
If you compare this version of swagtron scooter to the predecessor, the swagger 2 classic, it takes around 5 to 6 hours to get completely charged. Even in the enhanced version, the swagger 5, it takes around 3.5 hours.

But with the introduction of quick charging battery in swagtron swagger pro adult electric scooter, you can get it fully charged in about 3 hours. This can save you a lot of time when you are in a mood to make a move. The Auto guard’s technology instantly shuts off the power while braking and thereby increases reliability and stability.

5. An LED headlight and USB port

swagtron electric scooter

Finishing your extra mile after a long journey from office in the evening can become possible with the bright LED feature in your swagtron electric scooter. You can not quit your ride on the go just because the daylight is down. This LED headlight in the front of the handlebar is positioned well to keep you visible throughout the ride. By pressing the button in the front panel of the swagger pro 3, you can activate it with ease. It even offers a USB port for you to charge your smart phone while you commute to your desired destination.

6. Tough frame and rear suspension

Even when you are on the heavier side, this swagger pro 3 can handle you effortlessly with the same intensity. Thanks to the extremely durable aluminum body used in this model. It has been designed to withstand stands that are close to 100 kilograms i.e. 220 lbs.

The best part is that even with that load it can take you closer to the max speed of around 15 miles per hour. Uneven surfaces are everywhere and can take a toll on you. This is why in this swagtron swagger pro review, we are keenly focusing on scooters that offer smooth rides no matter what.

The rear suspension that you can see at the bottom of the frame is perfectly placed to absorb shocks on the go. Rear suspension along with tough tires ensures smooth rides even on rugged surfaces and roads. Dual braking option in the scooter offers crucial support while riding at the maximum throttle speed.

7. Powerful brakes you can trust

pro scooter

When your swagger pro 3 can cruise through the busiest of the streets at a speed of 15 miles per hour, you need powerful brakes to stop it when required. This is where the brand makes the right move by introducing the hand brake with Autoguard technology.

The Autoguard technology in your swagtron scooter completely stops the 250-watt motor as soon as you apply the brake. This way you can stop this electric scooter with no jerking motions. The footbrake combined with the handbrake make this foldable scooter completely reliable on top speeds.

Swagger Pro 3 vs. Swagger 5 Elite vs. Swagger 2 classic

Below is the comparison among three swagtron electric scooter models:

  Swagger Pro 3 Swagger 5 Elite Swagger 2 classic
Max Speed 15.5mph* – Better speed than swagger 2 18mph* – Stays on top compared to
swagger 2
Range per charge 14. 2 miles – Long range scooter 6 to 11 miles – Covers distance than
swagger 2 
9 miles – short range scooter
Load – Max 220 lbs – Built Tough 320 lbs – Toughest of all 200 lbs – Basic build
Open Size 38.1 x 17 x 44.5 in 41.5 x 17 x 45.3 in 43.3 x 17 x 37.8 in
Folding Size 44.5 x 17 x 10.6 in 41.5 x 17 x 19 in 43.3 x 17 x 1.8 in
Unit Weight 22 lbs – Lightest of all 26.5 lbs – On the heavier side 22.5 lbs – Average weight
Motor 250W Electric hub motor 250W -Powerful motor 200W-Least powerful
Suspension Features rear suspensions It has Honeycomb tech Features only front suspensions
Riding modes It offers 3 riding modes It offers 3 riding modes Switching between modes not available
Cruise control It has a cruise control. It has a cruise control. It doesn’t have a cruise control.
Charging Time Takes only 3 hours 3.5hours-Way better than swagger 2 5 to 6

* Depends on riding style and terrain


  • The price is considered fair and affordable considering its pro features.
  • The swagger pro 3 is foldable that means it easy to carry around.
  • The USB port acts as an add-on feature and can help you to charge on the go.
  • The battery shuts off instantly after full charging.
  • Auto-guard technology protects the scooter from overheating and other hazards.
  • The LED headlight is bright enough to assist you after the daylight.
  • The brand offers better customer support 7 days a week.
  • The tires in swagtron swagger pro are solid enough to handle wear and tear.
  • Fast charging in a matter of 3 hours can save a lot of time.

  • The rear safety light is not bright enough to serve its purpose.
  • Smart options like Bluetooth and app connectivity are missing in this scooter.
  • Swagger pro 3 may not be suitable for kids as it can reach 15 mph.
  • Switching between the riding modes on the go needs some practice.
  • At inclined surfaces closer to 25 degrees, the scooter struggles a bit.

Final Thoughts

The swagger pro 3 offers you all the pro features that you will expect in an electric scooter. If you consider the price factor and look at some of the advanced features like Auto guard technology, 3 riding modes, cruise control, and fast-charging battery, it can truly be considered a remarkable purchase.

Cruise control in the swagger pro can help you achieve the max throttle speed and be comfortable at the same time. The tough aluminum alloy frame body of the swagger pro 3 can handle riders who weigh up to 220
lbs or 100 kilograms and it is considered a long-range scooter as it can cover up to 14 miles with a single charging capacity.

This brand also offers good customer and tech support seven days a week and it matters. Apart from the technical aspects, this scooter looks amazing in both white and black variants and offers a fun-filled riding experience.

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