Speedway 5 Electric Scooters

Speedway 5 electric scooter is a high-performance, powerful dual hub motor charged electric scooter which gives you comfortable rides with good speed. With its marvelous LED lighting system, be prepared to become the center of attraction when you ride this beauty.


Electric scooters are articulated voltaic vehicles having either two or three revolving wheels. They work on a rechargeable power unit. Electric scooters also have a variant known as electric kick scooters or e-scooters. These scooters are also a type of motorized scooters that run with the help of an electric motor. They have a broad deck in the middle where the rider stands. Speedway 5 electric scooter is one such astonishing e-scooter loaded with a plethora of features.

Speedway 5 electric scooter review

Manufacturers Around the World 

In the present scenario, many companies have taken an interest in manufacturing electric scooters. 
BMW launched its electric scooter in Germany in the year 2014. Yamaha has planned to launch its models of such electric scooters very soon. A company of Spain named Bultaco came into existence in the market with its electric scooters in 2015. A globally-renowned company called Harley-Davidson introduced its electric bike in June 2014. 
Honda came in contract with the Europeans for the tests and checks of their scooters in 2012 but due to some reasons, did not launch their product in the market for the use. 

A US-based company, Z Electric Vehicle, is a well-known supplier of electric scooters in the market worldwide. 
Terra Motors has planned to sell its scooters in India very soon. Piaggio launched an electric scooter named Vespa in 2019, which runs on a 2kW battery. 
Tacita Motorcycles announced its plan for opening a US operation in Florida. Bajaj Auto launched its very first electric scooter in October 2019 by the name-Bajaj Chetak. The company is planning to put a sale on the vehicle in January of this year. 

Speedway Scooters Series

Speedway scooters are a series of scooters manufactured by the company named Mini motors. These electric scooters are known for their enthralling and stunning performance. Their tiny models exhibit great power. These models usually have two drives, which help in aiming to conduct our best possible presentation. The series is also known for its tremendous speed and the ability to cover the distances quickly. Its most portable model is Speedway Mini 4 Pro. 
This model gives a pleasant ride covering all aspects of high speed, ultimate comfort, and safety.

Speedway 5 scooter

Speedway 5 Scooters

Speedway 5 e-scooter is known as a swift, and systematic binary motor charged scooter, which will help in making all your upcoming journeys convenient and comfortable. Speedway 5 scooter for sale is available in the market and other online platforms.


  • It weighs about 70lbs. The speedway 5 electric scooter can climb up the road with an inclination of up to 37%. This depends on the amount of power in the battery, the driver’s weight, which must be approximately 265lbs, the condition of the road, and the surrounding conditions.
  • The binate motor can work at a speed of 40mph (maximum speed) and provides a mileage of 75 miles. Thus, speedway 5 speed is an asset for this e-scooter.
  • These speedway 5 electric scooters have Li-Ion battery with 60V electrical capacity. The battery needs to be charged again within 13 hours with a standard fixed charger.
  • Speedway 5 scooter has a dashboard with Smart EY3 characteristic, which displays battery charging level, odograph which shows the speed one is running with, the amount of time that has been covered, and various other features.
  • Speedway 5 scooter shocks with the front as well as rear spring suspension give you smooth and bump-free rides.
  • The speedway 5 electric scooters have lights on the anterior and rear side, blended brake lights and indicators for turning purposes.
  • The tire is 10 inches in size with an air pressure of 45~50 psi.
  • Speedway 5 scooter brake rotors make its regenerative electric braking system quite powerful.


  • Weight: 70lbs
  • Battery: Li-Ion battery, 60 volt -1.4kW/h
  • Maximum serviceability: 75 miles (figure depends on the weight of the person riding and the condition of the road)
  • Dashboard: Smart EY3 characteristic.
  • Shockers: Front as well as rear air spring suspension
  • Motor: BLDC dual motor of 3600 Watt (Maximum)
  • Charging Time: 12-13 hours (standard quality charger), 4 hours (speedy charger)
  • Inclination: 37% (depending on the amount of power and driver’s weight)
  • Tire: 10 inches (45~50 psi air pressure).
  • Material: Stainless steel shaft, frame and handle of aluminum alloy and covering of plastic.

  • Have double turbine drive organization in the speedway sequence.
  • Finer acceleration because of 3600W power.
  • Motors are of great quality.
  • Controllers are good in terms of safety.
  • It is a well established, tried and tested, strong double motored scooter.

  • Hefty (heavy) due to the battery’s weight.
  • Batteries are less durable as compared to engine vehicles.

Comparison With The Last Launched Model

  • Mini motors are the prime manufacturers of ultimate performance e-scooters (electric scooters). They have manufactured a series of scooters. Two of those are Speedway IV and Speedway V electric scooters.
  • Speedway IV scooter has a single 600W motor but an improvised version of speedway series, the Speedway V has a dual motor of 3600W in it.
  • The maximum speed, Speed IV provides is 35MPH, whereas Speedway V provides 40 MPH speed.
  • Speedway IV provide maximum serviceability of 70 miles while Speedway V gives 75 miles of maximum serviceability.

Comparison with Zero 10x

There is a marketing competition of Speedway 5 vs Zero 10x electric scooters. While both offer a high-performance dual motor ride, Speedway 5 has some unique and enticing features.

  • The illumination of Speedway 5 makes it attractive and popular among the youth which is not present in Zero 10x
  • The dual hub motor of 3600W of speedway 5 provides better speed and exceptional performance in comparison to 1000W motor of Zero 10x
  • Speedway 5 is a better alternative for inclined plains, whereas Zero 10x is more suitable for off-roading.

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Minimotors Speedway 5 scooter reviews show that it is an excellent choice for beginners as well as experts. It is recommended for all those who are in search of the best-class power range scooter with stem stability and an ultimate and durable safe ride. Speedway 5, for sure, is an excellent e-scooter loaded with high-class specifications and features. This scooter can be used to move around your city for short distances with high-speed and in a stylish way with its sparkling LED lights. Apart from this, using electric scooters can serve as an eco-friendly way of transportation and help in the preservation of the environment. You can buy speedway 5 scooter @ amazon.com, and you will be in love with this product once you purchase it.


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