Spectra X Skateboard Review

Though there are several kinds of electric skateboards in the market today, Spectra X is unique, because it remains the first and the only one that features a learning 3D posture control system. The other most innovative feature includes the ABS braking system for your control.

The recent introduction of Spectra X skateboard has changed the transportation system. This device, launched by Walnut is the most innovative electronic personal vehicle that anybody can lay hands-on in the market today. The model is great because of the inclusion of innovative features such as the 3D posture control system.




Furthermore, it features the smallest ever electromagnetic braking system. Also, it features supercar carbon fiber, as well as a magnesium body. This vehicle is easier and faster to control as compared to any other similar products before it. It is now possible to control your spectra with the eBoard. Go application, and you can do that right on your smartphone. The device uses the best, the most portable and compact eBoard.

Though there are several kinds of electric skateboards on the market today, spectra X is unique, because it remains the first, and the only one that features learning 3D posture control system. The other most innovative feature includes the ABS braking system. The interactive app makes control more accessible. It features an inbuilt pressure and a gyro sensor. It can learn your body posture, movement and style your ride according to your body movement.

Quick Summary

Features Spectra X
WEIGHT 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)
MATERIAL Magnesium
CHARGING TIME 30~60 mins
MAX SPEED 18.6 mph (30 km/h)
RANGE (2 Battery Packs)* 12.4 miles (20 km)
MAX RIDER WEIGHT 220 lb (100 kg)

Spectra X Skateboard Review

Spectra X Skateboard specifications

The most exciting thing about this new electronic skateboard
is that it incorporates the functional aspects of the editions before it. It
has its unique features, which set it apart from several others before it. Here
are some of the features that distinguish this product.

  • It comes with two battery packs, and because of that, it can achieve a speed of 20km or 12.4 miles. It can run at the top speed of 30 km/h or 18.6 mph.
  • To make the product more efficient, it comes with two motors. Because of that, it can run at a compelling speed. The rated power of the motor is 250 W by 2.
  • Water resistance: Most importantly, the skateboard can be used in any weather. You can ride it with confidence in wet conditions because it is water-resistant up to IP66.
  • Furthermore, the operating temperature is 10~60°C (14~140°F).
  • The electronic motor is powerful, but the highest load it can take at a time is 100 KG or 220lbs.
  • This is large enough. The size of Spectra X is put at 698 by 312 by 158 mm. The overall weight is 16.5 lbs. The body, as stated before, is composed of magnesium.
  • Battery: As mentioned before is has two batteries, and the worth of a pack is 25.2V. It does not take much time to charge. It can be charged with 30 minutes to one hour. Its charging input is 100 to 240 Vac, and the charger output is 29.4 Vdc.

What is new in Spectra X skateboard?

The makers of the product are ready to start shipping, and this would commence from August 2019. Pre-order sales had been going on for a very long time, and this would come to an end on August 27th, 2019. The product would be released in August 2019.

Spectra X skateboard

Why is Spectra X better?

Spectra X skateboard review




If you want to understand the differences between Spectra X and other models before it, you should check its features, design as well as capability. There is no doubt that this is a great technology. If you are used to the previous editions from the same company, you will surely love some of its great features. Spectra X incorporates the great features of the previous edition and has new features. In fact, its new features set it apart from several other models out there.

Spectra X skateboard Features Review

3D Posture Control

The key feature that sets the model apart from others is the 3D posture control. This is a sensitive technology, and it helps users explore the best way to use the system. 3D posture control is one of the two major ways anybody can use this product. There is an improvement in technology. This is for the benefit of users; they can now ride with greater precision and accuracy.

Remote control

Another outstanding feature of this model is the remote control. It is now easier to control the system. Your mobile app can serve three distinctive features at a time. It can serve as a location. Geolocation tracking shall be discussed in detail later. Furthermore, you can get information about firmware and battery life.

The most important aspect of the mobile app is that it can act as a remote control. This app is the most important component of this product. It makes use and controls easier compared to the other models on the market. Walnut has taken electric skateboarding to a higher level with these innovative inclusions.

Compact size

The makers of the product were more interested in a user-friendly and lightweight electronic skateboard. It is apparent that the makers paid attention to user’s feedback, and that is why they came forward with a product far above the standard. It might be wider and longer than previous models, but it is more compact and lightweight.

This is a great product which can handle a load capacity of up to 220 pounds. It can handle people of different sizes at a time. This makes it a favorable transportation skateboard. Portability is one of the factors people consider when they buy this kind of product.

Spectra X

4. Magnesium material

The body of the skateboard is manufactured from the finest quality magnesium materials available in the market. The results in making more beautiful, slimmer, and stronger than any other model you can think of today. It is the smallest as well as the toughest model available.

Water-resistant capabilities

There is no way anybody can make a meaningful review of this product without remembering the water-resistant capabilities. This is good news for the user; you can use it in rainfall without worrying about anything. However, it is safer if you avoid using it in heavy rainfall.


Another great feature is the power pack. When you order this product, it comes with two batteries. These batteries are rechargeable. Swapping the batteries is as easy as anything. It can be done in a short time. It is advisable to look for one with the two batteries. This can help you to cover a longer distance. One battery covers less distance. The batteries can give up to 250 watts and can drive at the speed of 18.6. This should be the maximum speed.

GPS tracker

Spectra X skateboard

Another great feature worth mentioning is the GPS tracking ability. You can use this with the mobile app. This makes it easy to understand your current location, as well as where you are heading towards.


  • The electric skateboard is designed with the finest quality magnesium components.
  • The product is IP66 waterproof. It can resist rainfall and puddles.
  • The product works at a maximum speed of 6mph.
  • It is portable because it is lightweight
  • The batteries are interchangeable and rechargeable.
  • It has GPS tracking ability.
  • The model works with the 3D posture control mechanism.
  • Most importantly, it features a dynamic AI to enhance overall performance.
  • It looks very beautiful and attractive.

  • The model is available in a single design.
  • It is better to avoid it in cold temperatures.
  • It is expensive

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about Spectra X skateboard? The
following questions and answers section would help you understand the product

Question: Can I use spectra skateboard in the rain?

Answer: Spectra X is water and weatherproof. This means that you can use it in any weather. However, like other waterproofed electronics, you do not have to immerse it in deep water. It is waterproof up to IP66. This feature is one of the selling points.

Question: What would be the solution when the system suddenly runs out of battery?

Answer: The device uses a smartphone or other smart devices. This helps you to monitor and control the electric skateboard. For instance, it would tell you when the system is running out of battery as well as the remaining battery life. As you know, it uses two batteries, and these can take you to a distant ride.

The design is such that the regenerative braking technology will charge the battery as you run. It does not disturb the motor, and you are going to continue with your smooth ride. Transferring from one battery to another is not going to be difficult. You do not even know when it takes place.

Question: Is it safe to bring Spectra X skateboard on an aeroplane, would they allow me to board?

Answer: There should not be any problem bringing the product along when you board the aeroplane. It is safe to use because the battery capacity is within the 100wh, which is the standard allowed for international travelers. Since it is within that range, you can travel with it.

To be on the safe side, it is better to check with the aviation regulation whether this product is allowed to the aeroplane and know whether the local authorities would allow you to board the plane. If you are a local traveler, it should not be a problem at all, but for foreign travelers check with authorities before you bring spectra X with you.

Question: Can I ride this product wearing a helmet?

Answer: There is nothing wrong in wearing a helmet when you are riding any skateboard. It is one of the safety measures always recommended. Even if it is not compulsory in your locality, we strongly recommend that you put this on because it is going to help you. Safety should be your first policy when you use skateboards. It is very important.

Important highlights

  • Runs at very high speed 1 second to cover 6.2 miles
  • Ride 5 seconds and cover 18.6 mph
  • Weather and waterproof up to IP66
  • Three ways to control your ride
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Remote control through a smartphone or smart devices
  • 3D posture control
  • The firmware update feature is available.
  • App control


Spectra X skateboard is the most innovative electronic motor in the market today. It has the most interactive and innovative features. Moreover, it is lightweight and compact. This makes it highly portable. Most importantly, it is designed with the finest quality magnesium materials. It does not break and does not damage easily. The skateboard is designed to last for a very long time.

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