Segway Ninebot S Pod

Segway Ninebot S pod is a unique innovation in itself. This scooter from Segway will make you look technologically cool. Read more to know about its impressive features.


Segway has always discovered such vehicles which makes Rider looks technologically cool. Segway has found another vehicle through which a rider can show off his/her comfort. People could not remove their eyes off from you when they will find you sitting in the Segway Ninebot S pod.

Segway Ninebot S pod

Segway Ninebot S pod was uncovered at a show, CES 2020, which is a biggest consumer tech show of the Year. There, for the first time, the company debuted the prototype of the vehicle, which enables the people to take the test drive of the vehicle.

Basically it is very easy to learn how to drive the Segway S Pod. We can say that anyone can enjoy the ride of the Segway Ninebot S pod. Segway Ninebot S pod, the two-wheeled vehicles is the new discovery, in which you can sit and relax on your way to work. This vehicle can balance itself when you are using it. This two-wheeler vehicle can travel up to a maximum speed of 24 miles per hour. The weight of the vehicle is around 330 lbs and it can cover the distance of 43.5 miles on a single charge.


  • The funny egg shape!

There is something funny about this vehicle that is egg-shaped. There are 3 more small wheels that are used to transport this vehicle when you are not using it. The egg-shaped wheelchair seems to be weird.  But it will be actually a lot of fun. When we hear of a wheelchair with just two wheels, the very first thought that comes to our mind is- Will it be possible to balance that chair or not? The answer is Yes! Because this Segway S-Pod is a self-balancing wheelchair.

  • Much better than the previous version!

This Segway is much better than the standup Segway because there is no need to find your balance all the controls can be handled by using the joystick which is present on the right side of the seat. There were lots of reasons that people do not like the original segway, because of its many disadvantages. For example, it was very expensive, moreover overhyped and the most important disadvantage was there was extensive standing. The segway Ninebot S-Pod has overcome those disadvantages. 

  • No more extensive-standing!

Few people may have backbone problems and they can’t period bear that extensive-standing while using the original stand up segway. So this egg-shaped wheelchair has given a great contribution towards increasing the comfort and relaxation level for such people who can’t stand up for a long time during traveling. So the people will not get tired before they went to work because of standing for a long time.

  • What’s extra?

It has more impressive features such as there is a strip on the left shoulder which tells about the battery level and at the back of the vehicle, there are lights that are used as turn signals. One can customize the colours of the light as per his or her choice. A horn button is also available.

  • Self Balancing!

The center of your Gravity is automatically shifted by the Segway Ninebot S pod. There is no need for Leaning forward or backward. To move forward, you will have to simply push the joystick in a forward direction. And to move in reverse direction you have to move the joystick in the backward direction. The joystick can be removed which is used for the control of the Ninebot S Pod, so those people can remove the control pad who doesn’t like to use a joystick.

  • Wow! A zero radius turn!!!

Getting in or out of the S Pod will not be easier as compared to accommodating the wheelchair. But The hoverboards or the wheelchairs take a lot of space to make a turn which makes such vehicles accident-prone. So this two-wheeler vehicle by Segway makes your journey accident free while making a turn. But it’s the ability to spin on two wheels within zero-radius makes it less annoying while using at places like shopping malls, airports or theme parks. Thus the Ninebot S Pod will be arriving with lots of comfort and relaxation.

  • The new braking system

This vehicle has a new Braking System which is used to charge the battery of the vehicle whenever the vehicle is not in the use or slow down. So you don’t have to worry about the battery because whenever you feel that the battery is turning low you can Slow Down The speed and then cover up your journey. There is a 300 what motor which can be posted forward at the speed of 12.4 miles per hour and it can raise the battery level up to 15 percent without slowing down so one can never be late to reach once destination if they are using the egg-shaped wheel to by Segway and Ninebot.

  •  Will it help on rainy days?

A question that arises in our mind is what if its rainy day? Is it safe to ride on the Segway Sport on a rainy day will the rainwater damage this wheelchair so Ninebot says the frame of the vehicle as ipx5 certified water-resistant which means that you can enjoy the occasional showers while riding on the S Pod enjoying the ride only it seems to be very cool thus making it a lot of fun?

  • Lots of space!!!

This is quite spacious and thus anyone can make themselves comfortable while sitting in the chair. Those who had taken the test drive of the wheelchair say that they have felt this much space when they were traveling in a plane. And some of them reported that they felt they were sitting on a train with a private seat. Thus they felt this ride provide them a royal feeling.

  • What inspires this S Pod?

This S-Pod is also said wall E chair by the people because it is drawing a lot of comparisons with the Disney Pixar animated movie name Wall E. In this movie the hoverchairs were used to travel around, thus it is attracting the youth towards it quite easily. However, the company says that the vehicle is inspired by the gyrosphere of the Jurassic world but it looks more like the hoverchair in the wall E.

Everything comes with pros and cons. So now let’s discuss the disadvantages of the Segway s pod.


  • Controls were not under control!

The first thing that the company should have looked after the controls of the speed of the Ninebot S Pod which must be under control. The drivers who get a test drive at the CES reported that they found it difficult to control the speed of most of the points. They were afraid of having the collision the joystick was not that intuitive.

  • It can turn you into lazier.

The company says that this segway s pod is limited to the close campus like airports or malls that means that you can enjoy your rides on in the airports or malls or in theme parks, which means you can cover a walking distance with the help of these S pods. But we all know that walking is good for health and thus the egg-shaped s pod will make the people lazier and that would put a bad impact on the health of the people. so this segway ninebot s pod is not good for the health of the people.

  • Increase in traffic!

Nowadays when people started using pooling to reduce the traffic giving the contribution to have a safe environment. Is it a valid option to have worked private transport, like this Segway S pod? So the question arises is it eco friendly or not?

  • Affordable or not?

The Segway S Pod will be useful for physically disabled people. Yet the price of the wheelchair is not announced but I think it would be of no use if physically disabled people will not be able to afford this spod and we all know such gadgets have a high cost as always.

There are lots of question which needs to be answered by the company and a few of the question will be answered when the product will be launched in the market and will be available to the public. So let’s wait for the Segway Ninebot S Pod!!

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