Segway Ninebot Es1 Gen2 Electric Scooter Review

The nice shiny new Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2 has a high capacity battery and can speed up to 15.5 MPH. You can drive it to school, function or anywhere else you intend to go with the flexible cruise control, airless wheels that are reliable and free of maintenance.


Segway Inc. is a U.S.-based company that delivers its goods mainly to numerous niche markets, which include industrial sites and factories etc. But when Ninebot has purchased Segway Inc, so later they focused on growing a stronger presence throughout the consumer market. Therefore, now they are famous for the manufacturing of Electric Kick Scooters, and Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2 is their innovative masterpiece that buyers cherish.

Previous to it, Segway Ninbot also introduced us to the Segway ES1 Scooter was fitted with wide 8 “tires, a chain-free battery, stylish front LED lights, and a digital display was all enough details that have engrossed a lot of buyers.

The scooter
was also fitted with the front suspension of heavy-coil which helps to
absorb the front shock. But the most noteworthy point about Segway scooters
that makes this company one of the best is its lightweight and easy to carry
techniques that make their e-scooters special.

Why Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2 is essential for you & us?

Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2

After the Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2 step into the market, now, you no longer need to cover all those long-distance and Tiresome paths on foot. After buying this scooter you can easily ride it anywhere and reach everywhere on time.

Then now, we are going to add a smile on your face with Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2 Folding Electric Kick Scooter. As it is one of the surpassed scooters that is helping lives without much investment. You no longer have to hire a taxi and you can easily make your body healthy and side by side reaching on time. Besides, this problem isn’t only usual with students, but each person who daily covers a long distance after waking up in the morning faces the same.

At the same, to come out of this situation, people also opt for their bicycle as an alternative, but wait can you carry your bike all the time with you? Whereas in big cities, parking of the bicycle is also an issue, it can also come up with expenses in terms of taxes.
Therefore, ninebot es1 Gen2 is like a boon to all those tired people that helped them to forget their tiredness and keep the focus on their work.

Spotlight on keynote for Ninebot Es2 Gen 2

The nice shiny new Segway ES1 Gen2 has a battery with high capacity and speeds ranging up to 15.5 MPH. This means you just ride it and go anywhere. On the other hand, you have the flexible cruise control, airless wheels that are reliable and free of maintenance, and a mix of the mechanical and electronic locking brake system.

 Until leaving the factory, each scooter needs to undergo extensive testing to ensure the top quality. The ES1 has been one of the lightweight e-scooters on the market, coming in at lesser than 25 pounds. On the contrary, the Segway ES1 Gen2 e-scooter is the perfect blend of accuracy, convenience, and pace on the sidewalk or on the lane.

A much lightweight scooter Ninebot ES1 Gen2, is a very flexible scooter that can easily make every ride comfortable and enjoyable. The lithium powered battery of Glion Dolly is what scooter demands, that takes around 3.5 hours of charging time, but when fully charged, you won’t have any problem riding around.

You will also get to know that the best you travel with this trendy scooter of which there is no competition with some of the other products available in the market. The maintenance-free anti-lock brake at the back of the scooter will always allow you to ensure safety.

Quick Summary

Let us take a look at Quick Summary

RATING 5 star
WHEEL SIZE 6 to 8″ in diameter
CHARGING Output Voltage  42 VDC
LIGHT LED headlight and LED rear brake light
RANGE 8 miles
MAX RIDER WEIGHT 44-220 pounds
WEIGHT 20 lbs

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Now, let’s have a look into the features of Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen 2 so that all your doubts will get clear and you can easily buy this scooter: –

Ready to take you anywhere

The Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2 adopts a supreme-quality, high-powered cell that ensures safety and lifespan. The Ninebot ES1 Gen2 is intended to help you keep aside from heavy traffic and give you a way to ride at a pace of 15.5 mph up to 15.5 miles with a 700W engine.

A Fully Examined Model

A CAE modeling the program thoroughly examined the layout of the structure of the vehicle and completed testing of 6,214 miles of a road ride. The Advanced Battery Management Program (Smart-BMS) continuously tracks the health of the battery.

Manage Your Every Trip

Just try your single trip with segway es1 Gen2 ninebot kickscooter that has its own mobile APP to handle your trips at your fingertips, whenever and wherever to tailor your journey.

Folding System with One-step

The segway es1 Gen2 ninebot kickscooter is elegant, portable and has one-step folding that brings this product into limelight. Finally, our travelers can bring it on transport between the public, put it in the car and drive it to any desired destination.

A big change in the era

If you want to go anywhere quickly, it may not seem like the most practical opting an electric scooter–but you would be shocked at what you can do with a battery and two small wheels. Ninebot ES1 Gen2 is the best electric scooter that fits into an easy-to-pack carry. There’s actually nothing greater than a’ last-mile approach.’

With the passing of years, things have changed a lot in the electric scooter industry too. A large number of new businesses have plunged their feet into the sea, which indicates that many more other industries ‘ scooters are now on the road experimenting with consumer’s choice.

Such as, you will get to see scooters sizes comparison between adults and children. If you are deciding a long journey within your city or you want to commute which is only possible either by public transport or personal transport, but both the option seems either costly or time-consuming.

Thus, the’ electric scooters come up as a safe option. Because the problems always rely on your decision, how you will manage with them, it is completely up to you.

Electric scooters are already increasing in popularity, therefore we’ve also found the perfect electric scooter ninebot segway es1 Gen2, you should buy right though if you’re interested in trying one. They’re nippy, friendly, and maybe a mode you’ve been searching for personal transportation.

Some noteworthy pros and cons of buying Ninebot ES1 Gen2


  • It comes along with an extra battery pack from outside
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Fantastic 15.5 miles (25 km) miles max coverage
  • 15.5 mph quick top speed. (25Km/H)
  • Mobile app connectivity for additional security & firmware updates
  • Elegant and beautiful finish
  • Customizable ambient light colors
  • The handlebar is very convenient
  • Comes with a feature of cruise control
  • With LED display

  • Available Only in two colors
  • Most like other Segway products
  • Non-adjustable kickstand
  • Limited terrain usage
  • The scooters lights- much lighter

An analyze of comparison between ninebot by segway models

In my view, there are only 4 popular Segway / Ninebot electric scooter versions that are ES2, ES Max and their newest addition Ninebot ES1 Gen2.

The first 4 models of Segway electric scooter look almost the same, besides a few minor things that also differentiate the ES1/3 from the ES2/4 and the ES Max. After which we got the latest version, Ninebot ES1 Gen2.

We went ahead and
built this table of analysis so that you can simply compare each pattern with
each other.

Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES1 Gen2

  • The ES1 Gen2 big, lightweight and shock-absorbing solid tires can hit 15.5 mph (25Km / H),
  • Anti-breaking mechanism & cruise control guarantees protection in braking.
  • Upgraded for 2020 Accommodate a maximum weight of 220 lbs with a more powerful 300W engine and max 700W capacity.
  • In one paw, you will hold the Segway ES1 Gen2 kick scooter, making it the perfect lightweight travel partner.
  • Traveling up to 15 years.
  • Ninebot ES1 Gen2 price low in price as compared to max.
  • The ES1 Gen2 provides a perfect interface with LED panel, Bluetooth features, cruise control, customized ambient light colors and mobile app access for additional security and firmware updates.

Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES2

  • The Segway ES2 kickscooter will hit 15 mph (25km / H) with a more robust 300W motor relative to ES1, going up to 15 miles (25 km) to handle a maximum load of 220 lbs. (100 kilograms).
  • The overall weight of 27.6 lbs (12.5 kg) and just-click folding mechanism, it can be held in one hand, makes it an ideal lightweight travel partner.
  • The electrical and mechanical anti-lock brake system provides a braking distance of just 13.1 ft, powerful and receptive.
  • RGB interface apps, Bluetooth compatibility, cruise control, customized ambient light shades, mobile app access for additional security and firmware updates, and more.

Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES4

  • ES4 packs up to 800W of capacity with an additional Lithium-Ion battery and an improved engine, with a top speed of about 19 mph and a range of up to 28 miles.
  • Even when driving at high speeds, front and rear wheel shock absorbers fitted with large solid tires offer maximum comfort.
  • Braking protection is maintained by the mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system.
  • Weighing 30.9 lbs in total. (14 kg) and one-touch folding innovation is superior.
  • The quality of the ES4 blend with an LED monitor, Bluetooth features, cruise control, adjustable ambient light colors, and mobile application access for additional security and firmware updates.

Ninebot by Segway KickScooter MAX

  • The 551Wh battery capacity of the Ninebot Kick Scooter MAX is almost tripling the range on the KickScooter ES2. It has a maximum speed of 15.5 mph and can hold up to 40 miles.
  • The anti-lock braking system, mechanical and electrical, increases protection. Front and the rear shock absorbers fitted with 10-inch durable self-healing tires offer maximum comfort for the driver, even on the rugged
  • Certain apps include LED monitor, Bluetooth compatibility, cruise control, pick riding modes, and device access for additional updates to protection and firmware.
  • The MAX is the right pick for your day-to-day or short distance travel.
  • The MAX is more efficient than ever, with massive improvements in every area. Discover the world in a new way!
  • Quite a little expensive.


In addition, the Ninebot ES1 Gen2 is a good one. It has some characteristics that are really distinct from anything else, namely its accessibility and air repair tires. It’s one of the popular folding electric scooters to everyone who needs to travel from work or school.

If I have to give Ninebot ES1 Gen2 review, then it is the best scooter. In addition, it is a worthy investment for anyone who wants an electric scooter. In my view, the investment is worth it for all the features of it that you receive. I will strongly recommend this Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2 to you if you want a motorized folding electric scooter, particularly if you are a student. When I used it, I totally loved it.

In my view, there will be nothing wrong with it to say that it should be a choice students considering. If you need to travel longer distances, I wouldn’t consider buying this for any kids. If you only want to use the scooter during the period you’re at training, this must be bought, but I wouldn’t get it for longer-term use.

This is a great all-rounder that will satisfy both beginners and more experienced scooter users. It has an excellent build quality that makes the riding both fun and quite safe. Plus the impressive maximum speed and range are nothing to scoff at.

The scooter to get if
you’re interested in buying a mid-range vehicle. It has some elegance and pace,
but in its price range, it is one of the most energy-efficient and compact


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