Segway Mini Pro Hoverboard Review

SEGWAY Mini Pro hoverboard is the form of a gadget that is characterized by the most progressive hands-free self-balancing scooters with innovation. Segway Mini Pro would be an outstanding choice for its high performance, durability, and its amazing design.

Hoverboards are much common amongst the younger generation these days, cool features, and exquisite specifications, along with the certification, increases the demand for this Hoverboard. When you plan to gift it to someone or want to buy for yourself, look for amazing features and excellent quality ones to ensure safety and durability. Segway mini pro would be an outstanding choice for its high performance, durability, and amazing design.

SEGWAY Mini pro Hoverboard


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The SEGWAY Scooter is unique in its own way with stunning features, hi-tech design and modern specifications make it’s an exemplary product unlike other Hoverboards in the market. The Hoverboard is built using strong metal for durability and has the power to go on a sturdy ride without any fear.
SEGWAY mini pro hoverboard is the form of gadget that is characterized by the most progressive hands-free self-balancing scooter with cutting-edge innovation. It has the weight of 28 pounds and is much lighter in weight to carry it all around. The Segway mini pro can often ride up to 220 pounds. The lower prescribed age for using it is approximately 16 years, while the rider should be about 85 pounds. By using this Hoverboard, you would be able to cover about 14 miles on a single charge, that is all the more keeping in pace with the comparative products.

SEGWAY Mini Pro Hoverboard

Feel unique and be the eye-catcher as you ride as you cruise off Road on the stunning SEGWAY mini pro hoverboard. Make some adventure and enjoy your travel time as it ensures a smooth travel experience. It is built in such a way that it is amazingly easy to handle for kids or adults. Anyone can master the art of balancing in just a few minutes; even beginners find it easy to start their ride and to travel like a pro with the help of the job-slip pedals that are uniquely designed.

Segway Minipro Vs Segway Drift W1

Every specification of the SEGWAY Minipro will amaze you as it is offered at an affordable price, yet without compromising on its quality. Let’s check out the amazing feature of the product.


SEGWAY Mini pro Hoverboard – A Complete Mobile App Control

This mini pro is useful enough in getting a complete control all through the advanced mobile phone which has either an Android or iOS operating system.

The operation does not mean about just pushing ahead and in reverse. By use of the application, the speed can be controlled. It has the control safety measures with the mini Segway remotely. You can also quickly adjust light settings, as well as colour settings and brightness.

The advantages of using the App come to picture when you gift it to a kid, as safety is more important when they use it. How nice it is to control the speed without the knowledge of the kid, or play the music controlled by the phone on the App. Most Hoverboards does not have the facility of mobile apps. So this is such an incredible feature that will amaze you every time you use it.

Be it to adjust lighting, increase the volume for the music, check the battery charge details, or to track the mileage and speed; you can do all of it in just a click away!

Mileage Capacity

On the full battery recharge, you can ride with up to 14 miles or 18 kilometres. Hence the mileage predominantly will be different as by the riding conditions like indoor or outside landscape.

Few tips and tricks to make the best use of the SEGWAY Scooter for better mileage experience. 

  1. Ensure your hoverboard is fully charged before you start your ride.
  2. The hoverboard can take upto 3-4 hours for a complete charge.
  3. Check for battery indications and remove the device from the charger to avoid over-charging.
  4. Remember a complete charge can ride upto 14 miles, so plan your ride appropriately to have the maximum fun with your friends or family.
  5. If you plan for a longer ride, carry the charger along with you as it’s portable and easy to take along.

Speed Range

It is to be mentioned that the maximum speed range of the product can be around 10 miles per hour (MPH). In favour of the individual transporting device to travel as all through close by spaces, 10 MPH velocity is enough to do.

Many Hoverboards gives a speed of 7-8 MPH, where SEGWAY Minipro can ride upto 10 miles per hour. This can be a marvellous speed comparatively.

So let’s find on how it could be of more fun to use this SEGWAY Minipro hoverboard

  • For those pet-walkers who loves to go for long walks with their cats or dogs can have their best time while their pet has theirs.
  • Feeling bored at home, take the hoverboard and cruise around the town or a nearby park as it can be ridden on any surface.
  • Make your evenings a better and fun-filled one, take the hoverboard for your next gathering and enjoy the thrilling ride experience, and be the eye-catcher as it comes with extraordinary features and lights.
  • Feeling monotonous to ride in limited space, climb uphill listening to high-quality music from the stereo speakers.


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Superb Design

Amazing choice of colours, carbon black for the swag look and white for the Royal look brings a great style to you. The Hoverboard comes with an extraordinary design you would fall in love with. The sturdy board is built with a handle for a firm grip. The SEGWAY Minipro handlebar is a unique design that ensures extra care and safety for the riders.

The handlebar is sleek and elegant for the rider to hold it conveniently without any difficulties. This feature not only gives you an impressive look, but over-and-above ensures safety.
You will be able to get it in the colour variations of either black or white. It has been added to the second engine motor that hence conveys 1600 watts of force. The unit has been enclosed with the lithium-particle battery and can go up to 14 miles on a full charge. It would take around 4 hours for the complete recharge.


  • It has a Padded knee control bar that empowers exact controlling with solace.
  • The advancement in technology and the innovation created by cutting-edge innovation is just astonishing. The control is not just on the articulated pad but also through the padded knee control bar. This enables convenient access to control the speed and directions on the go hassle-free.
  • It has been installed with the 800-watt second engine.
  • Innovation at its best, with a second engine with 800-watt power, enables a smooth and speedy ride which can go up to 10 miles per hour. Along with the two motorized wheels with hard rubber gives you a sturdy balance with anti-slip pedals.
  • It has the maximum scope of 14 miles.
  • As discussed earlier, compared to other Hoverboards on stores, SEGWAY Minipro with a single full charge can go up to 14 miles per hours, whereas most Hoverboard can only go up to 10 miles per hour. This is an incredible distance for those who want to extend their fun time.
  • 5″ vacuum tires are also part of it.
  • Strong rubber vaccine tires each being at the size of 5” is strong enough to bear 220lbs. So this can be an amazing product for kids as well as adults who love to explore and make every trip adventurous. The off-road Hoverboard can be ridden, or any surface and hence these wheels have the power of the vacuum to hold a strong grip to the surface without letting you down. Be it climbing uphill or cruising around the grass on the garden and any other surface, be assured of getting the best experience.
  • You can connect the Segway mini pro with your smartphone to the application all through using Bluetooth.


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  • This unique feature is a special feature in this device. Control the entire settings, be it speed, light, sound, or music you have every control on your mobile phone app at the tip of your finger. Control and know the mileage the Hoverboard has travelled to ensure perfect utilization of the product.
  • The Aircraft evaluation of magnesium composite edge manufactures it.
  • Isn’t it great to know that one the great manufactures “The Aircraft evaluation magnesium composite edge manufactures it,” so the product is sure to go through technical test and certifications before it reaches you? UL2272 certificate ensures no explosion of batteries or fire accidents. So you can be assured of a safe ride and just focus on the fun and adventure. The certification is a mandatory aspect due to yeh recent fire accidents, and Segway Minipro Scooter is no exception, proper and thorough test has been done to ensure the safety of the customers and their loved ones.
  • It has been added with customizable LED Lights.
  • Eye-catching design with elegant and flashy LED lights gives a classic yet modern style to the Hoverboard. These lights not only bring amazing looks but also ensures safety during your night rides.


  • It is overall designed in an elegant impression.
  • The first look at the product is sure to impress you. As you take it down the streets be assured for all the eyes on fall on you. Be the eye-Cather and enjoy the fun.
  • It is much simpler to ride and control.
  • Enjoy the sophisticated way of riding the self-balancing scooter with the perfect handlebar to hold while you ride. Enjoy more safety and make your ride comfortable like never before. Unlike over Hoverboard SEGWAY Minipro provides the most convenient way to ride. You can just hop on your self-balancing scooter and start your ride. Adjust the speed on the go and move directions of the motorized wheels using the sorry articulated pads. This can be ridden on any surface in the stand-in position, and for more grip and safety, you can hold the sleek handlebar.
  • It makes your offer with the cross-versatile application coordination.
  • Control the Hoverboard with your legs and from your phone and experience the innovation


SEGWAY Minipro Price may look expensive; however, the amazing specifications make it worth the buy! Stunning facilities, additional safety, and impressive design with unmatched quality wouldn’t make it more for the price. A perfect product that is sold at a competitive price for all the benefits it offers.

It does not have any drawback apart that it is a bit higher in rates. Be it the design, performance, or speed you can never find faults with this device. The mobile app is another most exquisite feature which completes the overall SEGWAY Minipro Reviews appropriately.


To wrap up the discussion, we would say that Segway mini pro is the gadget-come-vehicle which you should own right now. It is a hands-free set and is self-balanced too. For its control, it makes the use of bleeding-edge innovation. It has superb designing variations in it.

This amazing product is available on Amazon and other leading stores, so why to wait, purchase your SEGWAY Minipro today and enjoy amazing discounts and offers and feel thrilling and fun-filled off-road Hoverboard ride experience. The product will never fail to amaze you every time you take it out for a ride.

Gift your loved one, kids or just buy it for yourself to experience the fun. Many buyers have highly recommended this product various reasons such as style, colour, design, price, and performance. Check out the outstanding SEGWAY Minipro reviews from customers to analyze the complete product information.

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