Best Scooter Suitcase To Buy In 2023

Scooter luggage or scooter suitcase is a great option to move quickly and carry the luggage along with it. They take the inspired design from a kid's scooter. They design it like a normal kids scooter, with two wheels in the front and one at the back for balancing.


Everyone has once faced the problem of moving a heavy suitcase while traveling or at the airport. Heavy bags seem to be a large difficulty, especially when you are running late for your flight and have to hurry to the check-in counter. However, introducing scooter suitcase or scooter luggage, this problem seems to have become much more comfortable to tackle.

Scooter luggage or luggage scooter is great as the transport to move quickly and carry the luggage along with it. They take the inspired design from a kid’s scooter. They design it like a normal kids scooter, with two-wheel in the form and one at the back for balancing. Along with it, it attaches the bag to the front.

The scooter folded easily and turned just into a normal handbag that can fit in the flight’s storage cabinet. Not only for adults, but one can also find kids scooter suitcase, specially designed for kids. Apart from these, there are multiple designs and make for scooter suitcase that one can easily purchase.

Let’s have a look at some scooter suitcase that has been popular among people.

Lubest Scooter Luggage for Adult

Scooter Suitcase

They have designed the bag for adult travelers who regularly fly because of business or leisure. The built quality of the scooter and the bag is of premium and provides a lot of storage space. The bag is 18 inches long and has a storage capacity of 50 ltr.

The storage capacity makes it perfect for any small trip one has to take. The scooter can hold up to a weight of 331 lbs of the rider, which shows the durability and strength of the metal used to make the scooter luggage. This is a perfect ride on luggage for adults and can save a lot of time while traveling.

The bag can also organize things as it has five different compartments. They make the scooter of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy, which makes the product durable and gives it a long life. The best part about this is the one-touch fold up and down function, which turns it into a normal suitcase or scooter anytime.

They make the bag from polyester and will easily handle any impact, keeping the things inside safe. If you are a regular traveler and want something that can easily be carried while making you reach faster, then this should be the one for you.


  • The high-quality aluminum alloy used for construction.
  • The high storage capacity of 50 liters.
  • Push-button control for easily changing the scooter to cabin luggage and vice versa.

  • The material used for making the bag is just satisfactory.

20 inch Scooter Suitcase Ride-on Travel Trolley Luggage for Travel

luggage scooter

This attractive looking scooter luggage comes in a bright orange color. The 20-inch suitcase is great for airport terminals while traveling and helps save time by using the skateboard to travel within the terminal. The material used to make the suitcase is environment-friendly, safe and anti-extrusion, anti-scratch, and waterproof.

The design of the scooter luggage is built to provide the maximum storage space and effective utilization of space. The inner fabric is made from Dacron with a nonslip textured handle. The full aluminum frame makes the suitcase much more durable, which can easily absorb impacts and keep the inner things safe.

The telescopic handle provides maximum control over the scooter and its handling. Also, the scooter can be easily folded to a proper hand or cabin luggage. For people who are looking for a trendy and attractive looking luggage scooter for adults, it is a preferred option.


  • The high-grade aluminum frame provides durability.
  • Great quality material for a bag that can absorb impacts.

  • Less storage space.

ZincFlyte Kid’s Luggage Scooter

kids scooter suitcase

With a scooter bag, even kids are not left far behind. There are a lot of colorful options for kids’ scooter suitcase; they can use it while traveling or at school. Kids love riding scooters, and for their choices, ZincFlyte has it covered. This design of the scooter is especially for kids and comes in a variety of different color combinations.

The kid’s scooter luggage comes with 25 liters of storage capacity, enough to store kid essentials and clothes. They can use them at the school to carry their books and other necessary objects. The luggage scooter has a rock-and-roll steering for stability and safety.

It is folded easily by kids, which turns it into a normal bag. Since the design is for kids, it is lightweight and made up of durable material. Many kids nowadays prefer and enjoy carrying their things is a separate suitcase. This seems to be the perfect option for them while traveling. Using it for school will not only help them not to carry around the heavyweight of their bags, but they also get to enjoy the ride every day.


  • High storage capacity
  • The stable and steady steering mechanism

  • The material used to make the bag does not seem to be strong enough

Spider-Man Scootin Suitcase

kids scooter luggage

A luggage scooter with their favorite superhero is a dream suitcase for kids. We all know how popular spiderman is between kids, so why not give them scooter luggage based on the same theme. This spider man luggage scooter is a 3-in-1 carry case, trolley, and a scooter.

Kids in the school can easily use the bag, or they can use it while traveling. The long ergonomic handle can stretch up to 82 cm, providing great handling for kids of any height. PVC wheels provide great grip and traction on the floor. If your kid loves superheroes, then this is the perfect gift for him or her.


  • The spiderman design theme is great for kids.
  • Provides good storage space

  • Built quality seems to be satisfactory and could improve a little

Sondre Scooter Luggage

luggage for adults

This scooter bag from Sondre is perfect for a small travel plan through airlines as we can easily use it as a cabin bag. They have designed it for adults as a combination of scooters and suitcase to save time while at the airport terminal. The outer fabric material of the suitcase is environment-friendly, safe, and anti-extrusion. The material is also anti-scratch and waterproof, which makes it more durable.

The aluminum frame of the bag gives more strength to the overall design, which helps in easily managing and carrying the weight of an ndividual on the scooter. The bag comprises three inter-layers, which makes organizing different things easier. It comes in six different colors and looks very attractive.

The scooter can manage up to a weight of 265lb. If you are looking for something that looks great and provides enough storage space with durability, then this is the most certain choice.


  • Ergonomic handle design for controlled movements of the bag.
  • Anti-scratch and a waterproof bag.

  • The weight of the bag is heavy.

NOPTEG 20 inch Scooter Suitcase

ride on luggage for adults

The 20-inch scooter bag from Nopteg provides maximum durability and comes in attractive colors. They make the design to save efforts and time for an individual at the airport terminal. The scooter bag has a very eye-catching design and comprises environment-friendly material. It is also waterproof and scratch proof.

The inner fabric of the suitcase is Dacron and has a long life. The handle of the scooter is nonslip and textured for maximum grip. They have designed the bag in such a way that they can use it for traveling, school, or office. The telescopic handle gives great control over movement.

One-touch button control has been given to fold the scooter easily. They make the entire metal frame out of aluminum and provide good strength to the overall design. If you are looking for a sophisticated design in a scooter bag, then it will be a great option.


  • Great built quality and design.
  • Tough, anti-scratch, and waterproof material used.

  • The inner fabric quality is not up to the mark.


They have designed scooter luggage mentioned above for adults and kids to make sure that carrying luggage does not take any effort and becomes fun at the same time. Kids love riding scooters, and mixing it with their school bag leads to having fun on the scooter every day.

For adults carrying a bag and walking to a check-in counter at the airport could be tiresome, But moving on scooter luggage with no need to carry the bag makes things a lot easier. Carrying bag is primarily used as a cabin bag on the airplane or by kids as a school bag. Whatever the use may be, it is still great for both kids and adults.

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Q & A

Q. What types of scooter suitcase are best for kids?

A. Small scooter bags
with a storage capacity of 20 liters would be great for kids. The bag could
easily carry their things, and the scooter could keep them engaged while having
fun. Kids scooter luggage would be the best choice for kids

Q. What to look for when buying scooter luggage?

A. The main features
should include good storage space, Strong aluminum frame of the scooter for
build and safety, and the material from which they have made the bag, to keep
the things inside safe.

Q. Do airlines allow scooter luggage?

A. Many airlines allow scooter luggage as cabin luggage inside the airplane. However, one should contact the airlines and confirm they allow scooter luggage.


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