Review Of Nanrobot D4+ Scooters

Nanrobot D4+ electric scooter is a bit expensive, but it is loved by the users who are experienced in riding such fast scooters. It comes with a great combo of speed, efficiency, balancing, battery capacity, and safety. Here is all about what you are looking for.


Foldable e-scooters like Nanrobot D4+ are a bit on the pricey side, but these scooters are loved by users who are experienced in riding these kinds of scooters. This scooter comes in 3 variants one is Nanrobot D4+ (23.4 ah), the second is Nanrobot D4+ with seat, and the third one is Nanrobot D4+ (18 ah). These scooters are not for those people who are just getting into the world of electric scooters because the speed of these scooters will not be overwhelming but dangerous as well but if you are someone who is experienced and has enough money to buy these scooters, you will definitely love the features and different variants of Nanrobot D4+. Nanrobot D4+ pro fastest Electric Scooter is very powerful, it is sturdy, and it is really fast, which makes it a very attractive electric scooter for people who are thrill-chasers.    

If you want an honest Nanrobot D4+ review, you have come to the right place because today, we will analyze this mind-blowing electric scooter. We will discuss the features of Nanrobot D4+ scooters like the speed, its power, safety features, durability, and also the ratings of customer service. So, let us dive into the review of Nanrobot D4+ scooters. 

Nanrobot D4+ (23.4 AH)

The features are –

  • Range and speed – NANROBOT D+ High-End Portable Scooter’s range and speed are two things that will attract people who love speed. Nanrobot D4+ speed can reach up to 40 miles per hour, which means that this scooter will be highly dangerous for those people who have never been on an electric scooter before. However, the range of 40 miles gives people the benefit of going to distance without facing any speed obstacle. This scooter is able to reach such distance with high speed because of its super powerful motor of 2000w. The powerful motor is the reason why this scooter is able to carry weights up to 330 pounds, and this scooter can also go up hills at an inclination of 30 degrees.  

  • Construction The NANROBOT D+ High-End Portable Scooter has a structure that is incredibly sturdy so that it can support the high speed that this scooter achieves when someone is riding it. The weight of this scooter is 70 pounds and is constructed with aluminum, which is of high-quality, and this aluminum makes the scooter durable and lightweight.
    In spite of company’s best efforts to make this scooter light weighted, the scooter actually is quite heavy because it is twice the weight of an average commuter unit which results in slight difficulty in transport but to counterbalance it, the design of this scooter allows it to be folded in half which makes it a bit easier to transport.
    After folding the scooter in half, the dimension is around 11.8″*43.3″*22.5″. The Nanrobot D4+ Charger is very powerful because it charges a very powerful battery, which is made up of lithium, which helps the scooter to go for a distance of 45 miles. Nanrobot D4+ battery has a charging time of 10 hours.
    There is a total of 6 shock absorbers, and the combination of shock absorbers and pneumatic tires gives this tire the benefit of not slipping, which makes this scooter adaptable for any kind of roads.

  • Control This scooter comes with an LCD display on its handles, which are used for controlling the scooter. The person who is riding this scooter can change between the two modes, which are the single and the dual modes.
    The variation between these two modes depends on the speed that the user wants to achieve. This scooter comes with pull breaks which are located near the handles so that stooping the scooter can be done seamlessly whenever it is needed.  
Nanrobot D4+
  • Safety – For this scooter, safety is really important. Safety comes under the main focus because of the crazy speed that this scooter achieves, which is 40 miles per hour. The pull brakes which are situated near the handles are one of the best safety features you can find in this scooter. This is so because the back and front brakes are electric, and this helps in the quick stoppage of the scooter, which is very smooth.
    The six shock absorbers are also a great safety feature because it makes the rides at high-speed safe. This scooter has LED headlights and taillights, which makes this scooter visible to other vehicle drivers, especially at night.    
  • Customer Service – Nanrobot D4+ give their users a warranty which can be considered pretty decent. The company gives protection to the frame and wheels of the scooter meaning if the users face any kind of problem in the frame of wheels of the scooter resulting from the faults of manufacturers within the first 365 days after buying this scooter then the problem will be taken care of by the manufacturer without costing the user any money.
    When it comes to the electrical components which are fitted in the scooter, the user will have to pay for the problem if the problem occurs after six months of usage, which means the manufacturer will cover the cost for only six months.
    Apart from the warranty, the company provides its users with very efficient customer support, which will help the users if they encounter some problems in the scooter. All over the customer service is very good.  

Nanrobot D4+ with Seat

The features are-

For this variation that features are similar to the features of Nanrobot D4+ (23 ah), the additional features that people will get in this scooter are the seat on which you can sit and give your legs relaxation from standing. 

Nanrobot D4+ (18 AH)

Nanrobot D4+

The features are-

When it comes to the features of this variant, the only difference people will find the battery, which is 18ah, except the battery feature, all other features are similar to the Nanrobot D4+ (23 ah).

Downsides of the Nanrobot D4+

  • The biggest demerit of these variants of scooters is the price at which these scooters come. When compared with basic scooters, one can buy five scooters, which are basic with the amount which a person will pay for this single unit. The features that Nanrobot D4+ variants come with justifies the price, but if you are someone who has a small budget, then you won’t be able to buy these scooters.       
  • Another demerit of these scooters is the charging time that they require in order get fully charged, but the specifications of these scooters make the long charging duration justifiable.  

Who Should Buy The Nanrobot D4+?

  • People who enjoy long rides after they charge their scooters.
  • People who love speed. This scooter can satisfy your hunger for the thrill.
  • These scooters are great those people who are advanced in riding scooters and want something else other than the basic scooters.
  • People who have a high budget and they are looking for a high-end scooter.
  • These scooters will definitely be a good buy for those people who have prior experience in riding scooters because the high speed of these scooters is dangerous for beginners. 
  • Last but the least, this product is just a sporting product, which means this is not a commuter scooter and is best for people like off-roading and have a hunger for crazy speed.  So if you are someone who falls under these categories, go ahead and buy Nanrobot D4+ scooters. 

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My final thoughts about these scooters are that the price of these scooters is a little bit of a higher side, but given the features, I think the price is justified. It is clear that this is a high-end scooter, but many of the people may not be able to buy because of the price tag. 

Despite being a high-end scooter, Nanrobot D4+ scooters are actually classy and have great features that back up the heavy price. All the features like high speed, shock-absorbing feature, foldable, smooth ride, and more give these scooters a unique identification for its great user experience. 

If you are someone who does not mind the price of these scooters and is willing to ignore the heaviness of these scooters, then Nanrobot D4+ will be the perfect scooter you will ever come across. It will your dream come true scooter. Don’t let its price discourage you; the performance that it gives, which is 45 mph, is the best thing for people who love speed and want to cover the distance.

The powerful motors are the reason why these scooters achieve such high speed, and the battery is also made up of lithium, and they high powered. The fact that it is foldable makes these scooters much easier to carry around in the back of a car. The experience that you will derive by using these scooters will be worth the money that you will pay. This was the Nanrobot D4+ review; I really hope this article will help you in getting a clear idea of these electric scooters, and you will buy one accordingly. 

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