Razor Rx 200

Of all locomotives we have around, the Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter stands out. This stems from its tough stature, reliable construction, and uncanny ability to take on the most adverse riding environments and conditions.

Planning to enjoy your time outdoors? Looking to commute on a regular basis? Or just want to hang around with friends in the neighborhoods? Regardless of your unique desires and needs, you have a solution in the off-road electric scooters. These are special kinds of locomotives which can let you enjoy the benefits stated above. Of all such locomotives we have around, the Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter stands out.

This one starts functioning where the pavement ends. This means that it is appropriately suited for off-road conditions. This stems from its tough stature, reliable construction, and uncanny ability to take on the most adverse of riding environments and conditions.

Generally speaking, this appliance is recommended for those children who are aged 13 years or more. Not only is light and simple but also does it handle riding environments that are mostly plied by kids. This stems from the fact that it possesses many topnotch features and control apparatus.




Quick Summary

Features Details
WARRANTY 12 month battery replacement warranty
WHEELS TYPE 8 inch, knobby rubber, air-filled
MOTOR Chain driven
RANGE 40 min. run time
WEIGHT 46.4 pounds
MAXIMUM SPEED 12 miles per hour
DIMENSIONS 37.7 x 16.8 x 40 inches
MATERIAL Powder Coated Steel


Heavy Duty Alloy Wheels and Off-Road Tires

Standing tall among its most awesome features is the
heavy-duty allow wheels. These are optimized for off-road conditions. This is
due to the fact that they are resilient to the common agents of wear and tear.
The tires also remain resilient and are less likely to pierce or sustain
punctures unnecessarily.

Then, the tires are also capable of handling 60 pounds per square inch of pressure. In this way, they remain strong, resilient, and bears the heaviest impacts that may be leveled against them while in transit. As a matter of fact, the tires can jointly handle 154 pounds of load!

Hand-operated Rear Disc Brake System

At its rear is a hand-operated disc brake mechanism. This one plays the role of bringing the scooter to a complete halt within a pretty short duration of time. Unlike many other kinds of brakes, this one is operated purely by hand. Definitely, it is more convenient to engage than the feet variants.

Also coming along this brake is the anti-drifting capability. The brake lets your bike stay well on course regardless of the nature of the wind and the terrains which it plies. This way, you get to remain true to your course and highly unlikely to fall off or lose your sense of direction.

Higher maximum Speed

With this scooter, it is possible to hit a whopping top speed of 12 miles per hour! The new gear ratio and a chain-driven motor are responsible for this excellent top speed. They jointly deliver the torque required to power the scooter through to the stated speeds.

On account of this awesome maximum speed, the scooter
will take you farther much faster than others can. Moreover, it also cuts down
the time you would otherwise waste while commuting from one place to another.
The pleasure of reduced wastage of time is indeed yours to leverage.

Retractable Kickstand

If and when you no longer need to ride your scooter, you have the retractable kickstand for your choice and use. This one plays the role of propping the scooter whenever it is packed while not in use. When appropriately propped, the scooter does not fall off or get carried away with harsh winds.

The kickstands stand apart from the rest in that it retracts. This means it takes up limited space when it is not in use. The arrangement lets you negotiate tight corners and maneuver those tight spots with ease. Chances of you getting entangled as you move around are hence suppressed heavily.

Rear Sprocket Drive-train

Yet again at its rear is the sprocket drivetrain. This one is fixed specifically for use in the freewheel conditions. It basically powers the scooter independently of any effort on your part or torque from the built-in motor. Moreover, this rear sprocket also comes in handy while coasting.

It does have a run time of around 40 minutes. For this
reason, it spares you from the need to recharge the battery constantly. In this
way, you get to keep your operational expenses to an absolute minimum for an
extended duration of time too!

Lightweight Steel Frame and Fork

Its core features the steel frame and forks that are also light in weight. Steel is a very tough material. It does withstand the harshest impacts and other agents of damages like corrosion, cleavages, and dents. By virtue of this steel construction, the said parts are more likely to deliver unparalleled performance for longer.

Being lighter in weight, they also spare you from having to expend too much of your muscle power to operate the scooter. This results in uninterrupted periods of use which are less strenuous and more enjoyable. Also, the lightweight expedites the process of maneuvering the scooter when in use.

Twist-grip Throttle

Razor rx200 electric all terrain scooter’s handles come in the shape and form of the twist-grip throttle. This design lets you twist the handle easily in order to control and operate it as need be. In the course of the twisting, the handle regulates the amount of torque that the motor generates and releases for your use.

When handled carefully and appropriately, the throttle allows for smooth operations which makes it also tackle the various terrains with absolute ease. Simply put: This arrangement puts you in full control of the riding process. You get to determine the pace, power, and direction of your travel smoothly and comfortably.

Soft Rubber Grips

When you hold it with your hands, you will enjoy the rare benefit of tight grips. These are brought about the soft rubber materials that adorn the grips. Apart from making sure that your hands are comfortable and appropriately taken care of, this arrangement also yields much comfort.

Considering also that rubber is highly absorbent, you may count on it to spare you from the risks of over-sweating. The rubber absorbs all the sweat to leave your body dry, warm, and comfortable all throughout your whole duration of use. This also spares you from the risks of slipping off.

Triple Bolt Clamp

Fastening the moving parts of this machine is some triple bolt clamp. This form of the fastener is ordinarily known to be tight, great, and awesome. It is, therefore, better placed to offer un-compromised joints which do not fidget or predispose you to the risks of damages.

You may, therefore, count on this razor to accord you periods of safe and comfortable operations. Even when it happens to fall on the floor, worry not because it will hardly tear apart. By placing your bet on this machine, you may also rest easy knowing that yours will not impose too much maintenance costs.

Full-deck Grip Tape

Lastly comes the full-deck grip tape. This one basically plays the role of conferring added traction to the deck of the razor. With this added traction comes the ease of use and operations. This being the case, you will hardly tire or lose your controls.

On the contrary, you will be able to enjoy an awesome performance at all times of use. The tape also spans the entire deck to make you wholly covered and well taken care of. Those possibilities of you sliding off from the deck and falling off to the ground are hence wholly suppressed. Count on it for your maximum confidence.





  • Tackles the off-road conditions perfectly well
  • Gets to the 12 miles per hour speed threshold
  • The razor rx200 battery has a pretty longer lifespan
  • Withstands the harsh impacts and terrains reliably
  • Endures the test of time

  • Costly to come by
  • Requires some expertise to handle and engage
  • Its tires last a shorter duration of time

Comparison Table: Razor RX 200 vs Razor e300

Parameter Of Comparison RX 200 Razor e300
Suitability Suitable for children aged 13 years and above. Suitable for children aged 12 years
and above.
Top Speed Attains the 12 miles per hour speed limit. Attains the 15 miles per hour speed limit.
Weight Capacity Bears a maximum of 154 pounds of weight Bears a maximum weight of 220 pounds
Tire Sizes Runs in tires that measure 10 inches in diameter. Runs in tires that measure 10 inches in diameter.
Battery Life The battery lasts 40 minutes and requires 12 hours to charge fully Lasts for 45 minutes and requires 10-12 hours to recharge after use


Well, you now know just what the Razor rx200 electric scooter potentially has to offer. Having done our part, we now leave it to you to carry on from where we have left. That can only mean making appropriate arrangements to acquire and utilize the scooter for your everyday use.

We advise against dragging your feet because the benefits that the scooter brings along are too great to forfeit. Simply take up a savings plan and then go ahead to acquire it. Do you need any further clarification? Do talk to us. We will all the more be glad to come to your rescue!



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