The Razor Mx350 Dirt Rocket

The all-new, electric-powered, multiple award-winning dirt rocket bike razor mx350 is here. If you want to get your hands on this exciting ride, check out all the hot details we have gathered in the much-awaited Razor MX350 review!


Does your child love to go outside on adventurous rides? Are you looking for an electric motorcycle for kids? You’re lucky because we came up with just the right solution. The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Motocross Bike is a beautiful toy, and many kids want to experience the real joy of bike riding.

The Electric Bike is a fantastic choice for your young riders to fill life with fun and adventure. It is mainly because of its attractive look and with its appealing features, such as its ability to go at 14 mph, they would love to have this superb Razor MX350. Dirt bikes are a top-rated amusive vehicle ridden by people of all ages. When looking for an electric motorcycle for your kids, safety should be your number one concern. Hence, we provide you with a safe dirt bike!

It has large, ethereal coarse tires that can speed past in all kinds of regions and can lift to a weight limit of 140 lbs. (max weight capacity). The electric bike for kids also works very quietly, so you won’t have to worry about neighbors complaining about bike noises. The razor electric motorcycle is a scaled-down electric motor-cross dirt bike. This bike is battery-powered and is cool for kids and parents who want to have a go at off-road riding. This electric bike is best for beginners with an insatiable thirst for speed and power. 

This electric bike is called the MX350 because of its high torque, 350 watts electric motor. The motor doesn’t have low-end torque, so it starts slowly. Here is the razor mx350 review based on its features, pros, and cons, which you need to know before purchasing it.


  • Electric power battery: The Razor Dirt bike comes with a 24V battery that consists of two 12V batteries. This has a 12v sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system, which means that you will need to charge the bike regularly. It can work with other bikes too.
  • Charging: In the initial charge, after you first take it out of the box, it will take at least 12 hours since it will be the bike’s first introduction to electricity. The dirt bike can complete up to 30-60 minutes of continuous riding, but this heavily depends on the weight of the rider and has a max weight capacity. Razor mx350 battery life is good. If the rider is lighter, the faster the bike will go, and the faster it can run out of battery, Razor mx350 battery replacement is also available.
  • Distance: On a general basis, the bike can go up to 14 miles per hour, depending on the terrain. 
    If you are planning to gift the Razor MX350 dirt bike to your child, then it’s essential to know that the razor MX350 version doesn’t come pre-charged. If you wish that your child to be able to ride on it right after they take it out of the box, then you should charge it the night before so that they can immediately ride it when they open it.
  • Kickstand: The bike has a sturdy, steel frame construction that enables your child to have the most stable and perfect ride. The retractable kickstand is an ideal advantage when you need to take a break, but don’t have anywhere to put your bike.
  • Tires: This razor MX350 dirt bike includes large tires that are ideal for off-roading. The Razor MX350 tires are 12-inch, airy, and knobby for extreme traction and power transfer and are air-filled to help absorb shock. The large size allows them to run smoothly over any surfaces without making the rider feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
    They are thick and large enough to handle uneven surfaces such as mud, dirt trails, tiles floor, gravel, grass, or pavement. 
  • Handlebars: To make the Razor MX350 dirt bike even better for young riders, this electric dirt bike has adjustable handlebars. They are easily adjustable and can be raised or lowered according to the demand to fit the rider comfortably. It has soft, non-slip rubber grips, so hands stay comfortably in place. The electric bike rear brake is also operated by hand with a lever on the handlebars.
  • Colour: Well, the color of the bike is marvelous. Razor dirt rocket mx350 is a super glossy with blue color, and have thunderbolt road racing patterns across each side of the bike. This gives the bike a bold touch best fitted for the most stringent contents.
    On rare occasions, will you find the bike in another color! Yellow, pink, and black.
  • Construction: The Razor MX350 is made up of steel, and durable plastic detailing material. This provides comfortable, cushioned seat. The body of the bike is made to ensure stability and to withstand rough riding. This model is specifically designed to be used off-road on dirt trails, gravel, mud, or grass.
    It has fantastic racing style decals on it that will make your child feel like a pro. The razor mx350 also has comfortable footrests and bike-style handlebars to help them develop their balance and hand-eye coordination.
  • Razor MX350 charger: The razor dirt mx350 Scooter Battery Charger works with 24V batteries and supports a 1.5A three inline system. This battery works well as a DC connector. It supports up to 36W. The razor mx350 battery is easy to fix and highly compatible with other chargers. 
  • Size: The Razor mx350 size is comfortable for everyone. The electric bike for kids measures 44 inches X 24.5 inches X 31 inches and will be able to hold up to 140 pounds of weight at full capacity. That by our findings suit any kid between 9 – 13 years and above. However, it seems rather small if the kid is a little grown.
  • Speed: Razor MX350 speed hits up to 12 mph, which is easy for kids to control or get a grip. With this speed, there is no tension of getting injured in an accident. This is elevated for minimizing accidents. You can easily handover this razor electric motorcycle to your kids. 
  • It has smooth hand-operated handles and brakes. 
  • It provides a rechargeable battery with a charger.


  • Model: Razor MX350
  • Colour: Blue and red
  • Charging time: 10-12 hours
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Wheel size: 12 inch
  • Max speed: 12mph
  • Max rider weight: 140 pounds
  • Motor power: 350 watt
  • Razor mx350 weight: 70 pounds
  • 30-40 min. of continuous riding
  • Battery: 12v sealed lead-acid battery.
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Razor mx350 parts

  • Razor mx350 battery upgrade: The Masione Scooter Battery Charger supports a 1.5A three inline, and works with 24V batteries. That works pretty well as a DC connector, which supports up to 36W. Razor mx350 battery is easy to fix and highly compatible with other chargers.
  • Razor dirt rocket mx350: Another top accessory is the Razor E350 (V25+), controller. This controller works with various bikes and will easily support a variety of bikes, including the MX400 V33+, E200 V24+, E300 V20+, MX350 V33+, Pocket Mod V45+, and the Pocket Rocket (PR200) V27+. It brilliantly works well with the razor mx350 speed control system.
  • Razor mx350 battery replacement: After a while, your bike’s battery will wear out due to wear and tear. The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket 2 Set 12 Volt Replacement Batteries will step in so well. They are calm and also work with the razor mx500. The battery is maintenance-free and also spill-proof in design.
  • Tube tires: Finally, among the best accessories, we have the MX350 / MX400 Inner Tube Tires for Genuine Razor. They are super ideal, superior in quality, and will also work well with the razor mx350 training wheels. The best part of these wheels is that they are highly affordable.

  • Razor MX350 is reasonable and durable.
  • Easy to assemble and handle.
  • Handlebars are comfortable.
  • Potent motor
  • Adjustable handle size.
  • Perfect speed controller.
  • Stylish look.
  • Comfortable seat with double stitching.
  • Fourteen miles per hour maximum speed.
  • Large tires
  • Perfect razor mx350 seat height.

  • Short run time.
  • Too small for 15-year-old children.
  • Chains require regular oiling.

Where to buy razor mx350 dirt rocket?

The fabulous razor dirt bike mx350 bike was built for kids and every parent wants to buy it. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket is almost available at all the leading retailers like They are providing electric bikes for kids at a reasonable price. Also, you can even get the Razor mx350 bike straight from the manufacturer’s website. The rates are, of course, dissimilar from one dealer to another dealer. However, We recommend parents to buy from the leading online marketplace:, since this is where, parents can get similar quality products but with less money to devote. 

The Razor mx350 how to fix

Razor MX350 requires minimal assembly. Razor MX350 parts can be put together by any DIYer in time. You have to assemble the handlebars and fender, and your child is ready to ride. The bike comes with step-by-step assembly instructions that are easy to follow so that anyone can put this dirt bike together in no time.

Does it make a noise?

The electric bike flies amazingly. The suspension is operative, and it rides over the uneven ground like mud, floor with ease. The electric motor of a motorcycle is so quiet, and it is so fast. Razor MX350 training wheels are so knobby, which provides you a safe journey. So, it doesn’t make noise.

How much electricity is consumed while charging it?

This Razor MX350 bike take 12 hours for charging. So, it is the main thing which you need take into consideration. The electricity bills depends on how often your child will be using the bike.

Razor MX350 - The Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross

Comparing the razor mx350 vs mx400

Design: The Razor MX400 has been released with different color choices, with green and red. While Razor MX350 has blue and black color choices. So, both models have been introduced in different colors.

Material: Both models MX350 and MX400 use similar stainless steel for the frames and, plastic is used for the bodies. Practically, plastic is not the most durable material, but these models are already sufficiently sustainable. Each of them can hold up to 140 lbs of weight. Both models are suitable for children aged 13 and above. 

Weight: Each of the two models weighs just 65 lbs. So, even children can pretty easily handle these bikes. Each bike has an adjustable riser handlebar on the front, a twist-grip throttle, and a hand-operated brake system.

Tires: To keep the transmission power best, this bike has two inches of knobby tires. Also, it has high riser handlebars that will make the little bike much comfy to ride as it is stress-free for the kids to handle. The toddlers can trip the Razor in the field, in the filth, or on the sidewalk.

Features and Performance: Both Razor MX350 and Razor MX400 run with 12V rechargeable batteries. These two bikes can run for up to 30 minutes per charge, providing 14 mph maximum speed. Despite the new model, it has the same features as razor mx350. So you can choose anyone which is affordable.

How to Replace the Battery on the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket?

What motor is in the razor mx350 dirt rocket?

The dirt bike features a 350 watt motor. With a chain-driven motor, it provides the ride a quieter feel yet doesn’t remove its power. This is one of the most excellent mini electric dirt bikes you can get. This mini bike is made up of a very tough frame and can carry up to 150 lbs. Weight. It also is speedy enough so that the bike could go about fourteen miles per hour for almost ten miles with no charge lost.

How to Replace the Throttle on the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

The Razor MX350 vs MX650!

Both models are different in many features and construction.

The Razor MX350 and MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bikes are high-performing bikes for off-road riding for teens and younger riders.

The Razor MX350 and MX650 are scaled-down motocross bikes with an electric motor and authentic dirt bike frame geometry with supercross-inspired styling.

Features Razor MX350 Razor MX650
Weight limit Can carry riders up to 140 lbs Carry riders up to 220 lbs
Battery 24V (2x12V/7Ah w/Fuse) sealed lead acid battery 36V (3x12V/12Ah w/Fuse) sealed lead acid battery
Charger 24V/1.2A 1500mA 36V/1.5A 1500mA
Speed 14 mph 17 mph
Motor 24V / 350W 36V / 650W
Brake Hand-operated rear brake Hand-operated dual disc brakes
Ride time up to 30 minutes of continuous use up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time
Wheel type and sizes 12″ Pneumatic Front/Rear wheels 16″ Pneumatic Front-wheel, 14″ Pneumatic Rear wheel
Suspension NA Front/Rear Dual Suspension
Amount of speed        weight Single                                  65 lbs Variable                                 98 lbs


Razor MX350 dirt rocket electric motocross bike is one of Razor’s best dirt bikes suited for kids. This is simply because it’s so versatile, comfortable, and can be ridden on both rough and smooth terrain and has quite a long efficient battery life. This can go up to 14 mph, which is perfect for any child that is 9 years old or younger.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is the ultimate speed toy that any loving parent can buy for their kid. Thanks to its fresh design and surprisingly excellent features. We understand that choosing a toy for a kid can be tough. However, if you have to choose between hundreds of electronically powered motor machines, the Razor MX350 would be the real deal any day.Once your child has developed the skills needed to ride this bike independently, and without help, you could start looking into larger, more advanced dirt bikes.

This bike is just a great place to start. Your child’s safety is the most important thing. However, you want them to have fun and enjoy their toys while also working on their coordination and motor skills. So, this will be an excellent choice for your kid. At last, we can say this is a great sturdy pocket bike through which your child will make many memories as they grow. We hope that our razor mx350 review has helped you, and you can now give your kid the best electric motorbike of the century.


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