The Razor E-xr Electric Scooter Review

The Razor E-XR electric scooter the most powerful of Razor's all the electronic scooters, with added quality and safety service facilities that grab the attention of the youth because of its exclusive style.


In 2018 Razor launched the razor E-Prime and Power A, e-scooters which people loved. Then in 2019, after taking their customers’ feedback, Razor began one of the most powerful electric scooters of all time, which is Razor E-XR. The Razor E-XR was launched in 2019, and yet it’s in demand. It is the most powerful one from Razor’s all the electronic scooters.

It supports up to 220 lbs for maximum performance, although you can add more weight at the expense of the battery, which is, of course, rechargeable. Razor E-XR consists of the added throttle, brake lights, headlights, and the powerful handbrake.

The Razor E-XR is designed especially for local commutes to comfort the riders with its best body balancing technology and wider boot space. If someone searches Razor E-XR reviews online, one will find that Razor E-XR is one of the most advanced electronic scooters of the razor brand.

Razor E-XR top speed goes up to 27 km/h, which is quite good for the people who are commuting themselves towards their work, school, college, or just hitting the town. This excellent and top-notched Razor E-XR price is also quite affordable.

The Razor E-XR is available at all the resellers in the market at affordable price ranges, it is always good to buy it from amazon website if you are buying it online.

Personally Best – Razor Electric Scooter

Nowadays, everything is at your fingertips, so does Razor E-XR speed. Overall, the latest electric scooter of Razor E-XR is not only the most advanced electric scooter but also very stylish.

The Razor E-XR electric scooter is one of the best recreational purposes of satisfying products, with added quality and safety service facilities, that grabs the attention of the youth because its style is exclusive too. Urban transportation gets a boost with Razor’s most progressive individual electric bike, offering industry-driving pace, range, solace, and control perfect for day by day driving needs. Razor E-XR solves the last mile problem!

Detailed Features:

Finger touch technology

  • You can control the speed of your Razor E-XR electric scooter at your fingertips through its advanced thumb-activated technology.

The Tires

  • The tires of the Razor E-XR Scooter are air-filled, i.e., pneumatic, and it provides comfort along with the ability to control speed.

The Body

  • The Razor E-XR is made of a heavy-duty steel frame and tubular steel fork, which not only supports your weight but makes it a more durable and heavy-duty electric scooter.
  • The scooter receives its toughness quality check from the frame made up of steel and the tubular. Besides, it has a tire of 9″ with shock-absorbing property, giving it a smooth-riding ability.

Not Only Just Another Right Looking Electric Scooter

  • The Razor E-XR is not just an excellent looking electric scooter but more than that, surprisingly very strong among the entire electric scooter around in the market. The rear wheel hub motor is more powerful than 350W. It helps it with its speed acceleration and makes it powerful to climb up the decent hill or slopes which are upwards.
  • The deck behind the Razor E-XR scooter is also quite wide and also follows Razor’s standard deck design, which usually is of a big surface that covers the back wheel in the classic rubber grip material.

Better Brakes

  • Although the Razor E-XR does not have the rear brake, but rather a handlebar-mounted disc brake lever, which is quite handy for riders in general. Its bike, like hand brakes, makes it more convenient and more preferable than foot brakes for many people.
  • Plus, a disc brake gives an excellent grip to brakes and full control to the rider, which most of the electronic scooters failed to live up to the expectations. Still, Razor E-XR beautifully conquered the problem and made it more advanced.

Other Helpful Accessories

  • Going further to its front light, which is also very bright since people want bright lights on any fleet-level vehicle. An engine at the back center point is placed under the raised deck.
  • The engine also makes use of a tire which is airless and has a length of 8-inch, whereas, on the other, the wheel in front is air-filled and has a size of 9-inch.
  • The mix of air-filled and airless tires appears to be somewhat odd to people. However, it is done to build comfort. To avoid irritation and stress while changing the back tire, it is made airless. 

Not Foldable Stem, Yet It’s One Of The Best

  • Talking about the stem, it does not fold, which is quite uncommon nowadays in electric scooters, almost every electric scooter folds. The explanation that the Razor E-XR does not fold is that it permits the bike to be progressively tough.
  • A collapsing stem is intrinsically more fragile, so the Razor E-XR’s absence of a collapsing instrument makes the bike more grounded. While on the ride, the rider can take a leap, jump, but still, the scooter won’t show any clumsy inclination, or it got released upon them.
  • Moreover, most of the people don’t fold their electric scooter; it is just a fancy thing to the add-in. Razor E-XR does not follow that rule, and it is still a lavish ride with powerful performance.

The Razor E-XR features wider tires and a larger deck, making it feel more like a vehicle and less like a toy.

Key Specifications:

  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Wheel size: 6.5″.
  • Battery life: Up to 60 min
  • Top speed: 17 mph (27 km/h)
  • Age: 18 and up
  • Frame: Steel
  • Load capacity: Max 220 lb (100 kg)
  • Brakes: Rear disc and motor braking
  • Extras: Super-bright LED headlight and rear tail/brake light, side kickstand rigid rear fender


  • Firm grip and acceleration.
  • Extremely quiet.
  • A Durable motor that resists high forces. 
  • Kickstand with easy access.
  • Large and smooth tires.
  • Spacious deck for the rider.
  • Smooth 9-inch front-tire that absorbs shocks.
  • Eco-friendly scooter
  • The battery can be refueled at rest.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It has Disc brakes.


  • The scooter doesn’t come with a speedometer.
  • It doesn’t allow adjusting speed modes.
  • The rear wheels are solid and are not filled with air.
razor e-xr


With extending urban areas, driving has become a test. The Razor E-XR can be very well utilized broadly and routinely for going to work, school, and so on as it’s light and smaller.

The electric scooter had turned out truly outstanding and made things very simple and charming. It runs on battery-powered batteries and is normally acknowledged as environment friendly. The scooter is easily chargeable and indicates that it does not require any fuel (petrol/diesel). This makes it cost-friendly and raises its demand.

All things considered, the Razor E-XR electric bike is an expedient machine that is a good time for both amusement and neighborhood transportation. The powerful electric scooter is reliable and ground-breaking enough for anyone to fall in love with!


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