Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter

Razor Ecosmart comes with a lot of exciting promises. This electric scooter comes with a number of loving features. The adjustable seat and handle make it easy to ride. Click to read the complete review.


Transportation remains a major part of our day. But means of transportations? Not so much. For college students and people ho have a minimalistic life, it is tough to afford a car. We all can agree that, although cars are fun and useful, they are also very expensive. The fact that cars don’t fit in many budgets, drives us towards a cheaper yet durable means of transportation. If you are looking for something that is inexpensive and yet suits all your other needs, then this Razor Ecosmart electric scooter might be the right choice.

Razor Ecosmart  Metro electric scooter

Electric Scooters are the best buddies of college students. They are a simple means to commute- economical and also do not depend on any external source of energy. Unlike cars and motorcycles, scooters are not heavy. In fact, there are many scooters that come with a handle. You can carry your electric scooter anywhere with the help of this handle.

One of the many additional factors which make electric scooters the right choice is the use of batteries. Cars and motorcycles run on gas. And you know how expensive they are. Buying a car is still within tolerable limits, but maintaining it, will turn you broke. And let’s not forget the negative impact that non-renewable fuel, such as gas, have on the environment.

Considering all these factors, if you are looking to buy an awesome electric scooter, Eco Smart has something good to offer. Razor Eco-Smart Metro electric scooter is not just a scooter. It is a step towards advancement. Razor Ecosmart comes with a lot of promises. And we are about to find out in this Razor Ecosmart review.

Razor Ecosmart Review

Razor Ecosmart electric scooter which comes with many loving features. The adjustable seats and handles make it easy to ride. And besides this, Razor Ecosmart scooter comes with a basket that will help you store things. Possessing a 36-volt electric system, and also supported by a 500w motor, Razor Ecosmart Motor is powerful.

It has a durable built and thus ret assured. Razor Ecosmart can definitely support your weight. The best part about this simple electric scooter is the comfortable seat. Razor Ecosmart has definitely focused their attention on the comfort of the customer.

Considering battery safety and endurance, this electric scooter comes with a bamboo deck. This bamboo deck acts as a protective shield against any trauma to the battery. Such a smart and cautious design ensures the longevity of the electric scooter. You can adjust the handle and the seat height according to your needs.

Introducing such flexibility in an electric scooter really increases the market appeal. In other words, adjustability being a property Razor makes it more available to people of varying height and weight.


Razor Ecosmart is a smart choice for college-going students. We all know how expensive colleges can be, and not everyone gets a scholarship. Most of us have to bare our own expenses. And in these conditions, a car will be nothing more than a burden.

Shift to Razor Ecosmart scooter and all you will ever need to worry about will be charging it. Razor Ecosmart will help you drive around the college campus. You can store your books in the rake provided. And extra space is always a good option. You can also drive up to your part-time job in this. Having a well built, protected battery ensures that you get long hours of traveling.

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Stunning Features of Razor Ecosmart Scooter

Razor Ecosmart is a power-packed device that comes with many distinctive features. And we will discuss some of these idiosyncratic properties here.

Powerful motor

As mentioned earlier, the Razor Ecosmart scooter comes with a 500w motor. This motor is supported by a magnificent 36volt electric system. Considering this incredible combination of battery and motor, it would to utterly stupid to misjudge the force that Razor Ecosmart can deliver. Despite being positioned just beneath the deck, the motor does not seem to hamper the functioning of the electric scooter in any way. In fact, the high torque enhances the performance of Razor Electric Scooter.

The main point to consider
here is that Razor electric scooter has a motor of the only 500w. Although
the scooter offers remarkable performance considering the battery. But yet, it
should be used only for short commutes. Most customers who have used this
product suggest that you should use Razor Ecosmart for going around the block,
making a grocery run or just wandering around your college campus.

Razor Ecosmart is destined
to perform better when used for shorter rides. The battery should not be put
under stress because this would severely hamper the functionality of the
electric scooter.

Another attractive feature of this metro scooter is eco-friendly behavior. You never need to use gas or any other non-renewable source of energy for your electric scooter. This makes Razor not only an economical choice but also a smart choice. You save a lot, and you also save a piece of the environment. Being electrically driven, their scooters don’t produce any harmful gases as well. They keep the air clean- fresh as ever!


Rear Disc Brake System

Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter only has rear breaks. There are no breaks on the front of the scooter. The absence of front rather acts as a drawback. Rear breaks are effective, but the absence of front brakes makes it difficult to stop in cases of emergency. It might happen that you are riding the scooter and something jumps in front of it. In situations like this, you might find it tough to stop. This increases the chances of your skidding. To avoid accidents like these, it is better to drive at a slow speed.

It is possible for the scooter to travel a little distance even after applying breaks. This is because of the absence of front breaks. Rear breaks are effective, but they take some time to show the effect. After a lot of research and implementation, Razor Ecosmart has managed to reduce the break distance and break duration. The company has tremendously improved the mechanics and this has resulted in decreased response time.

Now, the Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter brakes are as good as the rider’s reflexes. In the end, it is all about keeping your eyes and ears open. If something sudden happens, just be sure to react accordingly.

The Rear Disk brake is manually operated. They are provided close to the hands. You can easily access them through the handlebar. For additional safety, brakes are located on the seat, adjustable handle brakes, and the rake. This design was built keeping in mind the need of the younger generation. Such a model is prone to reduce the incidence of accidents by a significant percentage.

Excellent Tires

The tires of Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter are pneumatic tube tires. These pneumatic tubes air-filled, big and stable. This also increases the stability of your device. So, it becomes easier to ride this bike on a slightly rough terrain. The tires used in Razor Ecosmart scooter have a diameter of about 16 inches. And this size is perfect as it makes Razor Ecosmart scooter the most reliable electric scooter. Razor Ecosmart is the perfect device for carrying out daily jobs and making small trips.

It is absolutely safe, as pneumatic tube tires do not allow the scooter to go too fast. These tires keep the speed of the scooter within limits. And being air-filled they can also handle rough terrain and a little more than normal ups and downs.

Being so convenient to use, Razor Ecosmart is the device most commonly voted as the city-cruiser. Most customers feel that Razor ecosmart provides the best service any electric scooter can provide. It is strong. Reliable and a little faster than a simple electric scooter. The speed is the result of 500w motor and pneumatic tube tires.

Both the front and the rear wheels have spokes. Because of this spoke design, it is easier to change a tire in the time of need. So it does not matter, wherever you are stuck, you can change the tires with minimal hassle.

Razor Ecosmart  Metro electric scooter

Control the speed

The Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter is a dynamic design. It bothers powerful and quiet. Power comes from the unquestionably strong 500w motor, assisted by a 36v battery. But in spite of having such great strength, the commuting bike is designed to regulate noise levels. Both speed and peacefulness are the desire of any rider.

Speed allows him to travel
places without facing many obstacles. And lower noise levels make the journey
pleasant. And in addition to this, it also makes things comfortable for the
people around you. It thinks about you and our surroundings!

The maximum speed attained by this device is 10-15 miles per hour. And this speed is attained within minutes. The smooth execution by this device allows you to easily change speed according to your needs. So, in a way this device is suited for all sorts of transportation needs.

The Razor Ecosmart can reach a speed of 20 miles/hr as well. It all depends on the terrain of the course and the weight of the rider. The Razor Ecosmart electric scooter is designed to cope with rough terrain. But as that happens, the speed is compromised. The tougher the terrain, the more difficult it is to handle the electric scooter, and that takes a toll on the speed.

Since this electric bike only has rear brakes, while going downhill, it can accelerate too fast. The speed would be increased beyond the maximum level, and using brakes this time could result in a minor accident. It is best to wear a helmet at all times while cruising on this electric scooter.

Another thing that contributes to the increased speed is the fact that this electric scooter is very light. Razor ecosmart electric scooter is designed in a way that light yet durable. Decreased body weight makes sure that the speed is raised. It makes Razor Ecosmart electric scooter the best choice, in terms of speed. It can outrun all other electric scooters. Being light itself, it gives you an option to control speed. So, in other words, the speed of the bike is directly proportional to the weight of the rider.

Lighter the rider, faster is the speed.

Battery and Charging

When fully charged, Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter can give a run time of 40 minutes. And in some cases even one hour. The run time is highly dependent on the speed at which the scooter is run, and the weight of the rider.

The scooter operates on lithium-ion batteries. It is placed between the two wheels and covered on the top by a wooden deck. The wooden deck acts as a shield of protection. They keep the battery safe and increase their shelf life. Although it should be noted that the battery does not have any sort of protective covering on the sides. This exposes the battery to some levels of danger, but it all depends on the terrain on which you are using this electric scooter.

An average Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter takes about 6.5 to 8 hours minimum to charge. Here, it is important to note that the charger for this battery may not be available on the bike. It is possible that you might have to buy it separately. So before you make a purchase, consider the total price, including the scooter and the charger.

A feature unique to Razor Ecosmart is the kick push feature. If you are somewhere out and the battery dies before you reach home, just kick push your scooter. You will not find this feature in any other electric scooter.

Eco-Friendly design

Razor Ecosmart electric scooter uses Lithium-ion batteries. It does not use gasoline so it does not produce any harmful gases. With this scooter, you will also be helping the environment. Unnecessary energy consumption is avoided. Razor Ecosmart scooter is also noise friendly. Which means that the motor inside Razor Ecosmart does not produce high levels of noise which may be irritating to both the rider and the public. It is smooth like a breeze and quiet like a rat!


The Razor Ecosmart Metro Scooter comes with cozy seats to ensure that the rider has a comfortable journey. The basket provided towards the back of the vehicle acts as an additional storage unit. This allows you to carry stuff around your college campus, or get groceries from the market. Just put the load on the back seat and ride home. This reduces the need for backpacks. Razor ecosmart electric scooter comes with a kickstand. With the help of this, you can park it anywhere- for shorter durations or longer. Adjustable handle and the seat is the next most attractive feature of this incredible scooter. Adjust it according to your height and weight and you are good to go!


Razor Ecosmart Electric scooter weighs only 67lbs. It is extremely light and can be carried anywhere possible. The lightweight structure also improves the speed of this vehicle. Ideally, Razor ecosmart metro scooter can support an individual of the maximum weight of 220lbs.


  • Speed- Razor ecosmart can reach a maximum speed of 20mph.
  • Comfortable seats- The seats are padded so that the journey of the rider can be a little more comfortable.
  • The luggage basket provided on the rear part of the bike can be easily detached.
  • A strong motor of 500w, supported by 60v battery.
  • Stronger and bigger (16inch) pneumatic tires. This adds extra stability and allows you to explore rougher terrains.

  • No front breaks are available.
  • The charger for the battery of Razor Ecosmart needs to be purchased separately.

Razor Ecosmart


Razor Ecosmart Electric scooter has introduced some revolutions in the field of electric scooters. This device possesses many appealing features like strong battery and a powerful motor. The body of the scooter is designed in a way that it barely weighs anything. The lightweight of this scooter contributes to the extreme portability and amazing speed of the device. The comfort and needs of the customer are also considered deeply while building this electric scooter.

It lays the foundation behind such a user-friendly design of Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter. It comes with comfortable seats, adjustable handles and robust battery. Not to mention the rake on the back is detachable. The electric scooter modifies itself to suit your needs. And this makes Razor Ecosmart the best choice when it comes to electric scooters.

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