Razor E325 Electric Scooter

Are you looking for the best electric scooter for your kids? Razor E325 is the finest recommendation for you. No other model compares with it in terms of features. Safety features make this model outstanding in every aspect.

Are you looking for the best electric scooter for your kids, razor e325 is the finest recommendation for you? There is nothing as joyful as watching your kids ride the novelty scooter in town. Giving your younger ones the best is a good way of keeping them happy and healthy. It wins the heart of users as soon as it enters the market. No other model compares with it in terms of features. Safety features make the model outstanding.




Because of the sturdy construction, adult and teenagers use it. Razor e325 is much different from similar products from the same company. It is reliable and durable. Most importantly, the brand has multipurpose use. This model is colorful. Moreover, several other fantastic features make the e325 razor scooter the best. It certainly meets the expectations of most scooter lovers.

Quick Summary

Features Razor E325
WEIGHT 50 pounds
MAX SPEED 15 mph
RUN TIME 45 Mins

Razor e325 Specifications


It is sturdily and robustly constructed. Both the kid and young adults can use it comfortably. It is good for you once you are within the age range of 12. To use it, you must not be more than 220lbs.

The company is on this for a long time, and they know what suits kids most. Before coming up with this model, they carried out extensive research before introducing this award-winning scooter. Though it is lightweight, it is heavily constructed, and that is why it can take adults. Bear it in mind that it is meant for adults. Furthermore, it is not meant for rough surfaces. If you want to travel on smooth surfaces, this scooter can take you far.


One of the things you have to consider when you are looking for a good scooter is the design. The design makes it different from several other models out there. It is superior to related products in some respects. The scooter has the best board, which is wider than similar models. Because of the board size, it can take a 24V battery. Besides, it features a heavy-duty motor. This is wonderful, and it is one of the greatest attributes. It is bulky and robust, and it contains everything you need.






Another thing to consider when you buy this kind of product is the speed. Razor e325 is the fastest and can take you to your destination in no time. Compared to similar products out there, e325 is faster and more reliable. Within that price range, there is hardly any other product that compares with this model.

If you are traveling on a flat surface, you can hit that speed. The only hindrance is that it does not run quick uphill. You can, however, derive the best when it runs in fast surfaces.

The highest distance it can cover before the battery runs down is about 10 miles. However, it can be more or less depending on the speed, and smoothness of the road. It cannot run more than forty-five minutes. If your kids want to commute to school in the morning, you can rely on this scooter for that purpose.

Battery life

It takes about eight hours for Razor e325 battery to charge. For the first use, you have to charge the battery for 12 to 24 hours. Anything below that can be counterproductive, as it can shorten the battery lifespan. After that first charge, you can just charge for eight hours each time the battery drains. To some users, spending such length of time to charge the battery is not a big deal. Another helpful thing about the battery is the affordability. Many users can afford the cost of the scooter; this compensates for whatever deficiency you encounter with this product.

It does not cost you much to maintain or repair the scooter. When you add the affordable price, to the exceptionally durable feature, you see that it is simply the best. In the same way, it does not cost you much to replace the battery. As a popular brand, the battery is readily available in reputable stores. Razor had the batteries available, and you can contact them when you are finding it hard to get one.

Moreover, the scooter is not hard to use, and the same
thing applies to the battery. It is not difficult to install. You derive real
value for your money because of the usability.


One of the key features users consider in buying an electric scooter is the issue of portability. It determines how easy you can transport the scooter from one destination to another. Razor e325 is somehow portable. At the weight of 52lbs, it could be difficult to move it about, especially when the battery runs down, but you can easily roll it wheel it around until you reach your destination. Before it runs out of power, you should be close to your house.

The weight could be a setback. It makes it difficult to carry the scooter through the public transportation system. To avoid that difficulty, you should be careful with how you use it to ensure that the battery does not run down when you are far away from home. You must know this limitation. If you want an electric scooter you can carry like a toy; then you should know that razor e325 is not one of such.




On the positive side, the bulky design is helpful because it prolongs lifespan. It makes the scooter more stable when you ride it. When you buy one, it lasts for years. Electric scooters are not meant to be lightweight. They are designed heavy and strong, and that is why they can withstand tough and rough terrains.

It features a kickstand, which provides the needed support to take it when the battery runs down. You can push it until you reach your destination. There is no need to carry it with your hands when the battery runs down; rather, you can push it with the kickstand until you take it home.


Another great feature is the frame. It is designed with the best frame materials. The frame has to be durable and stable. It should not wobble when you are on the topmost speed. It can act as powerful support when you use this great product. It can take heavy loads of 220lbs because of the powerful frame.


The motor is the engine room of razor e325. It is designed with the most powerful motor, and the capacity is 300w. The motor can accelerate to 15mph. When it is fully charged, it can take you to your destination within 40 to 45 minutes. These are about 10 miles. Furthermore, you are going to like it when it is in operation as it makes the least noise and the motor runs smoothly.


One of the features to look out for when you are buying an electric scooter is the tire. The tire is very strong, and that is why you can cruise difficult terrains with confidence. It does not disappoint, and it does not burst. This product uses a 10-inch pneumatic tire, which is extra-large by all standards. This offers some benefits. First, it guarantees your safety as the tire would not disappoint when you are in the topmost speed.

Secondly, it makes for a smooth and wonderful riding experience. The twist grip throttle system is another thing that facilitates the use of razor e325. It is possible to reach that speed of 15mph, and it is great fun to be using this scooter.

The tire does not puncture, and it is a great addition. Moreover, it can run at a variable speed, which you can control. In short, the scooter offers you everything you want, and you would have the most wonderful riding experience when you use it.


It is an incredible product. Razor e325 is not for maneuvering and tricky riding. The scooter can work well when it runs on a smooth and flat surface. As an electric scooter, it is not meant for such a bizarre riding. It is bulky. However, despite the bulkiness, it is one hundred percent responsive. You can control the operation using the handlebar control features. The speed, as you already know, is wonderful, and it is controllable.

Pros Cons
Comfortable and wonderful sized deck Bulky
Noise-free motor Poor battery life
15 mph maximum speed ride
Great tire and unique braking system
Extended frame for support

Is razor e325 recommendable?

Before we talk of recommendation, it is good to have a
brief look at the great features and some of the flaws.

Summary of the great features

Here are some of the best features that stand this
model out from several others in the market today. When we say that it is the
best razor scooter product, it is because of the wonderful features.

  • For instance, you have just seen that e325 uses the most powerful motor. Apart from the fact that the motor is reliable, it makes the least noise. It makes no noise at all when you use it. It is the best environmentally.
  • Furthermore, the battery can take you for 40 to 45 minutes of a continuous ride. This is great and given the fact that ,it runs up to 15 mph. It can take you to your destination within the time it runs.
  • Furthermore, this is a product you can use with confidence; it does not disappoint. It has the safest tire, and provides you with the best riding supports you need. The tires are thick, and they are wide as well. It is the most durable.
  • Another outstanding feature is the large deck. You do not slide off when you cruise around your neighborhood. Your safety is well guaranteed when you use this wonderful product.


  • When it comes to portability, e325 razor scooter has a kickstand, which makes it portable. It can weigh up to 52 lbs. This means that you can easily drag it around with you when it runs out of battery. You should know that it is bulky.
  • All the tools for repairs and maintenance are provided. It contains the charging tool, and the charging can be done under eight hours.

Negative aspects of the electric scooter

You have seen the summary of the positive features of this product, it also has its downsides, and it is equally important to point them out here as a guide to new buyers. It appears that the worst downside is battery life. The battery can charge for as much as eight to 12 hours which is long enough. After spending that length of time to charge the battery, you can use it for just 40 to 45 minutes. This is a serious setback that requires an immediate solution.

Furthermore, it does not come with a retractable handlebar. This is a serious omission remembering that it was available in the previous editions. Comparing razor e300 vs. e325, e300 has a retractable handlebar. The problem with this is that it is no longer easy to park it along the road.

It is already stated that it is great news that this scooter has a load capacity of 220lbs. However, you discover that you only enjoy it on a flat surface. When it comes to climbing even a small hill, it disappoints.

Having seen the great features and the flaws, it
answers the question of whether the product is recommendable. The answer is in
the affirmative. After going through razor e325 electric scooter reviews, it is
obvious that it is one hundred percent recommendable.

Razor e325 electric scooter is the best product you can lay your hands in the market today. It has the best features. The product is very durable and reliable.



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