Razor E300s Seated Electric Scooter

Razor E300S is one of the amazing products launched by Razor. This electric scooter has a chain-driven motor of 250 watts with high torque. It is available in different amazing colors to choose from.

Since day one, Razor is striving to provide the best riding experience to the customers. It uses the latest technology and the best quality material. They have a team of design engineers who believe in innovating the user-friendly products that are suited to everyone’s lifestyle. Razor was founded in 2000, and it became a brand name in America in a very short time with the launch of A model kick scooter (Now legendary). I became a must-have for everyone and still is very famous. Today, Razor has evolved to a great extent and provides a wide range of products across the world. Riders from all over the world are excited about using the Razor products. Razor e300s is one of their best products.




Quick Summary

Features Razor E300S
WEIGHT 19.5 lb
MAX SPEED 15 mph
RUN TIME 40 mins

About Razor e300s

Razor e300s is one of the amazing products launched by Razor. It is an electric scooter that has a chain-driven motor of 250 watts having high torque. It is available in different amazing colors so that people have a choice. This scooter has a deck of adult size, and that is why it is suitable for everyone from the age of 12 years to adults and is available in up to 12 LBS.

It is designed in such a way that it meets the requirement of a fast ride and provides the benefit of good handling as well. It is very easy to control it while riding as it has a hand-operated brake for the rear wheel. It also consists of an extremely handy throttle with a twist grip. It has a very high-quality motor with a high torque chain system that can speed up to 15 km/hr. Its adapter can work even if there is no AC outlet as it has an acid battery.

Razor e300s is suitable for people of different height as it has adjustable handlebars. It is very easy to adjust these handlebars according to the height to have a comfortable ride. It has wide tires and pneumatic properties that are weather-resistant and move on the road fine in every weather. It has a battery unit that is sealed to keep the moisture out and to prevent the short circuits. This also helps to prevent power loss while you are riding.

Razor is based in the United States of America (USA) and is the hub of amazing electric scooters such as Ground Force, Pocket Mod, Pocket Rocket, and many more. Razor is a privately owned company and is well known for pro scooter athletes (Team Razor). These athletes are between the age of 9 to 20 years, and they take tours around the world and provide the demonstrations of these electric scooters. These athletes also participate in various competitions that are for athletes of the scooter.

There are many awards received by Razor, and one of them is “Toy of the Year”. This award is given by the toy industry association and Time magazine. This company started in 2000 and is known as the best brand among all for innovation and creativity. They are also famous for producing various recreational products for kids of different age groups.

While you are charging your scooter, even if the light turns green, you should still charge it for complete 12 hours. It provides a runtime of around 40 minutes, but it can vary depending upon the weight of the rider, climatic conditions, and the road type. Its runtime also largely depend upon the maintenance of the scooter. It is always advisable to keep a proper check on the battery and motor condition of your vehicle to keep it in a healthy situation.

There are different models of Razor e scooters in the market such as Razor e300, Razor e300s as well as Razor e325. You can find the specifications of the Razor e300s model, as mentioned below:




Specifications of Razor e300s

  1. Motor: It has a 250 Watt chain-driven motor with high torque.
  2. Throttle: It has twisted grip throttle that is extremely handy.
  3. Seat: It has a padded seat that can be easily adjusted according to height and can also be removed if you want to do stand-up riding.
  4. Handlebar: Its handlebar is easily adjustable: Height is 647 mm (25”), and Width is 420 mm (16”).
  5. Brake: It has a hand-operated rear brake that provides good control.
  6. Battery: Its acid battery is sealed in a container and is rechargeable. The power of the battery is 24 V (i.e., two 12 Volt batteries). It also consists of a battery charger.
  7. Speed: It can speed up to 19 Km/hr (i.e., 15 miles per hour).
  8. Run time: It has a run time of 40 minutes if used continuously.
  9. Frame: It has a fork (frame) made up of steel.
  10. Grip: The are grips are soft and made up of rubber.
  11. Deck: It has a full-size deck that has a length of 666 mm (26.2”) and a width of 204 mm (8”).
  12. Tires: It has pneumatic tires of 229 mm (9”) that help it to run smoothly on the road.
  13. Kickstand: It comes with a retractable kickstand.
  14. Age: It is suitable for the riders of the age of more than 13 years.
  15. Rider weight: It supports a maximum rider weight of 100 Kg (220 lb).
  16. Product Weight: The overall product weight is about 52 lbs, including the weight of the seat.
  17. Product dimensions: The dimensions of the assembled product are 41”x 17” x 42”.




Features of Razor e300s

  1. Razor e300s is having a high-torque motor of 250 watts. This motor is chain driven and delivers a high speed of around 24 Km/hr (15 miles per hour).
  2. Razor e300s battery is rechargeable 24V (two 12 Volt batteries), and its sealed lead acid system provided security from humidity and short circuits. It can be used for 40 minutes continuously.
  3. It can be used ruggedly as it has a frame made up of steel.
  4. Razor e300s electric scooter has a pneumatic front and gives a smooth ride.
  5. Razor e300s electric scooter with seat has seats with padding, and they can also be removed for stand up riding.
  6. Razor electric scooter e300s battery is rechargeable, and thus it comes with a charger.
  7. Additionally, there are some more features like the rear brake, hand-operated, retractable handle, and so on.


  1. It has a huge deck because of which it can carry kids from 13+ age group as well as adults.
  2. It has big tires that can handle a weight of up to 220 pounds.
  3. This product has a long life.
  4. Razor e300s is very quiet and does not make any noise while driving.
  5. You will be impressed with this scooter as it can attain a speed of up to 15 miles per hour.
  6. Razor e300s review shows that this scooter can maintain the top speed if the rider is less than 200 pounds in weight.
  7. e300s razor scooter gives the best performance if its tires are appropriately inflated.
  8. Razor e300s electric scooter is made from high-quality material, and that is why it is extremely reliable.


  1. This scooter can take up
    to 8 hours to get fully charged, which could have been lesser. It takes 8 hours
    to charge and give a riding time of just 40 minutes or less.
  2. Another disadvantage of
    this electric scooter is its weight. It seems to be quite heavy for some riders
    as it has a weight of around 40 to 45 pounds. It creates a problem for the
    users when they have to carry it somewhere else in another big vehicle.
  3. It has been found that
    the motor of this scooter heats up quickly and starts to lose the charge in
    about 30 minutes. This happens more often when the rider is around 100 kg in
  4. If you are thinking to
    buy this scooter, you should definitely take a test drive before you buy it.

Comparison between Razor e300 and Razor e300s

Parameters Razor E300 Razor E300s
Seated Design Razor e300 does not have any seat Razor e300s have a padded seat which can even be removed if required.
Weight The weight difference is almost negligible and does not make a large difference As we have a seat in Razor e300s, it is slightly heavier than the Razor e300.
Battery Life They both take 8-12 hours to get charged and once charged, can be used for about 40 minutes. They both take 8-12 hours to get charged and once charged, can be used for about 40 minutes.
Colors They both are available in different colors so that buyers have a choice. They both are available in different colors so that buyers have a choice.
Brakes Both Razor e300 and Razor e300s have hand-operated brakes, so it is easy to control them. Both Razor e300 and Razor e300s have hand-operated brakes, so it is easy to control them.

Additional Features

Razor e300s Sweet Pea edition

Razor e300s electric scooter is also available in the Sweet Pea edition that looks cute pink in color. Besides its color, it has all the features of Razor e300s like a comfortable seat, larger deck, high speed, and so on. This edition is very suitable for girls as it gives a nice look to them while riding. This model is selling high as it is highly suitable for the girls.




Comfortable riding at high speed

The manufacturer of Razor e300s says that it is very comfortable even at high speeds. It is very thrilling when at high speed because it has a larger deck. Its tires as well frames are well suited for thrilling speeds. Its chain-driven motor can give you a speed of up to 15 miles per hour. You might find that other scooters become shaky while you start driving them at high speeds. This is the scooter that gives a very smooth and comfortable ride even if you ride it at its maximum speed. 

Speediest Razor Scooter till date

It has been designed in an amazing and innovated way that it has proven to be the speediest Razor scooter till now. It has a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour with a twisted throttle and actually gives the thrill of riding an electric vehicle. It has extra-wide tires, and that is why it runs smoothly and gives a comfortable effect.


Razor e300 and Razor e300s are both well- rated scooters of Razor and are highly recommended by the users that are using them. They are extremely suitable for adults as well as older teenagers. There is a track of good records observed from the market about their quality and reliability.

These are highly recommended products for people who want energy-efficient transportation modes. Razor e300s is simple and convenient to use, a fast and highly reliable product of Razor. If you have a problem in choosing Razor e300 vs e300s then just look if you want seating provision compulsorily or you can manage either way because the rest of the features are almost the same. If you want a seat, then you should buy Razor e300s, but if you do not need a seat at all, you can definitely buy Razor e300.

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