Razor A5 Dlx Kick Scooter

Presenting the Razor A5 DLX kick Scooter, which features an anti-rattle design and smooth folding mechanism, making it the most comfortable kick scooter to ride on. It provides quick folding between your rides. The kick scooter is an extremely strong unit engineered with an aluminum T-tube.

Who doesn’t love the sensation of gliding? Traveling from one point to the other with just a kick, developing and showing off a bunch of neat tricks and stunts at the skatepark. As manufacturing technology has improved, Kick scooters have taken off from the past few years, making it everyone’s favorite. Be it an adult or a kid, people of all ages can get their hands on a kick scooter and develop balance and tight control over quick transportation.

Whether you want to learn jumping curbs, backflips, wheelies, or spins, or get hands-on, a commuting kick scooter that has larger wheels to bear the weight of an adult or just practice off dirt races, everyone must get hands on a Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter.

Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter for Kids Ages 8+ - 8" Urethane Wheels, Foldable, Anti-Rattle Handlebars, For Riders up to 220 lbs

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  • Patent-pending, anti-rattle, easy-folding mechanism makes transporting and storing the A5 DLX between rides a breeze
  • Super-strong, adjustable, aluminum T-tube and larger deck supports taller riders
  • Easily adjusted handlebars include soft, foam grips for enhanced comfort
  • Extra-large, 8” (200 mm) urethane wheels provide a smooth ride
  • Lightweight, easy-to-carry and an ideal companion as a commuter scooter

Stay tuned as we go through the detailed description of the Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter. Breaking down through its features, specifications, pros, and cons, along with customer ratings to get you gliding with the Kick Scooter. Below is the Scooter review




Why We Love The Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter

Razor has been the world’s leader in scooters since the year 2000. They are the mastermind behind the revolutionary scooters that shaped the world of quick and easy transport. It has sold 34 million scooters in total since 2000. Razor is trusted by many for providing the best kick scooters out there.

Presenting the Razor A5 DLX kick Scooter, which features an anti-rattle design and smooth folding mechanism, making it the most comfortable kick scooter to use, and promotes quick folding between rides. The kick scooter is an extremely strong unit engineered with an aluminum T-tube. Moreover, the Scooter provides enough space by its large deck to easily let the tall or heavier people ride it with comfort.

There is no safety if there are no grips, right? Fear not because the kick scooter comes with soft foam grips that will allow you to have a firm grip on the handles no matter how bumpy the road is. Safety is a prominent aspect of the Razor A5 DLX kick Scooter. The fantastic folding scooter is designed to be able to withstand up to 220 pounds, assuring that it can handle heavy riders with ease. We believe this is a very beneficial feature of the product.

Features of the Razor A5 DLX kick Scooter

Urethane wheels 

  • Razor A5 DLX scooter comes with urethane wheels for improved service life and durability. These wheels provide better surface contact and, at the same time, increase speed. The wheels rotate smoothly with seamless friction and promise less wear and tear.

Larger wheels

  • The bigger they are, the better they are! The wheels in the Razor kick scooter measure 200 mm i.e., 8 inches. The idea is that bigger wheels promote speed, smooth-riding, and reduce shock.

Rear fender foot brake

  • The rider knows when to apply the brakes! The rear fender foot brake allows you to master your control over the Scooter and handle it during turns.

Foldable kickstand

  • Don’t like your Scooter lying on the ground? Well the Razor A5 DLX kick Scooter provides a convenient yet essential foldable kickstand to the kick scooter. Park your Scooter with ease and in style!

Design and Structure

  •  The Razor A5 DLX kick Scooter comes with a silver classic and simple design. It is a ready-to-use Scooter and needs no assembling. A lot of attention has been given to the design. It features an aluminium T-tube which is super strong and light-weighted. The frame is durable and adjustable, making it the perfect rattle free-kick scooter.


  • The kick Scooter is durable and can withstand weight up to 220 pounds i.e., 100 kgs. The materials used are of high quality that ensures little wear and tears. This makes it eligible for people of any age and weight.

Easy to Store

  • When you are done riding, easily kick in the stand, adjust the handlebars, twist the knob and fold the T tube just like that! Easy to store and transport.

Reasonably Priced

  • For all the goodies packed in a single product; The Razor A5 DLX kick Scooter costs around $150-$200. Now that’s a worthy investment to make.




Quick Summary of the Razor A5 DLX kick Scooter

  • RATING                                                            4.5 OUT OF 5.0
  • WARRANTY                                                    6 MONTHS
  • WHEEL SIZE                                                  200 MM / 8 INCHES
  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT                                   220 LBS. / 100 KG
  • WEIGHT                                                           8.8 LBS. / 4.0 KG
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS                             34.6 X 16.8 X 38.6 INCHES
  • ITEM MODEL NUMBER                              13013211
  • T-TUBE / DECK                                               ANODIZED ALUMINUM
  • HANDLEBARS WIDTH                                16.75 INCHES / 425 MM
  • GRIPS                                                                FOAM
  • BRAKE                                                               REAR FENDER
  • KICKSTAND                                                     RETRACTABLE
  • AGE                                                                    8+
  • DECK SIZE                                                        6 inches

  • Features an Anti-Rattle Design.
  • Enjoy a noise-free smooth ride.
  • Large urethane wheels promote speed and reduce wear and tear.
  • Excellent mode of transport to avoid a walk.
  • Excellent weight-bearing capacity.
  • The kick scooter weighs only 8.8 pounds.
  • A Scooter for adults and kids.

  • It’s challenging to retract the side stand.
  • Take care of the handlebars while riding on a rough surface.

How To fold RAZOR A5 DLX

  • To fold the Scooter, you must loosen the anti-rattle feature knob. You can do this by twisting the knob to the left. One full twist is enough to loosen it.
  • After successfully turning the knob, gently pull the knob upwards.
  •  Now you should feel no resistance and the T tube can be pulled down with ease.
  • It is advisable to follow the manual provided with the purchase for accurate information to know how to fold RAZOR A5 DLX.


Both the Razor A5 DLX kick scooter and the Razor A5 LUX kick scooter belong to the A5 series. Surprisingly, both the scooters offer almost the same features, for example, the big urethane wheels, the 220 pounds rider capacity, the retractable handlebars, the steel T-tube frame, side kickstand, and rear fender brake.

But what makes the A5 DLX different from the A5 LUX? We can find out differences between the razor a5 Dlx vs Lux in the table below:

The RAZOR A5 DLX kick scooter has a larger deck of about 6 inches, which is ideal for taller and heavier riders. The RAZOR A5 LUX kick scooter has a comparatively smaller deck of around 5 inches.
The RAZOR A5 DLX kick scooter measures39 x 17 x 35 inches. The RAZOR A5 LUX kick scooter measures35 x 21 x 41 inches.
The RAZOR A5 DLX kick scooter weighs only 8.8 pounds. The RAZOR A5 LUX kick scooter weighs only 5.5 pounds.
The RAZOR A5 DLX kick scooter has an anti-rattle retractable handlebar. The RAZOR A5 LUX kick scooter does not have an anti-rattle retractable handlebar.
The RAZOR A5 DLX kick scooter is available only in silver color. The RAZOR A5 LUX kick scooter is available in blue, pink, and red color.
The RAZOR A5 DLX kick scooter is a razor scooter for adults. The RAZOR A5 LUX kick scooter is more suitable for children.

Both the RAZOR A5 DLX and the RAZOR A5 LUX kick scooters offer top quality to its riders. This is expected from the renowned RAZOR brand. Both of them excel at durability, power, reliability, high-grade performance, and affordability. You will be happy with both of them.

Why we need a Kick Scooter

We can all agree that Kick Scooters are very popular among kids and teenagers. They love spending some time with friends in the neighborhood and get over with household chores in time. Kick scooters are an active part of their lives. This is because kick scooters are relatively smaller in size, easily foldable, affordable, environment-friendly, perfect for all surfaces, be it on roads, pavements, hilly regions, etc. and a time saver transport. Nowadays, even adults use them as a quick way to get on with working out in the gym.

razor a5 dlx




How to maintain your Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter

Do you know how easy it is to maintain your kick scooter? Why spend a lot of money on repairs and wear and tear when you can just follow some basic practices to keep your kick scooter top-notch for the longest time possible.

  • Build the habit of cleaning your Scooter now and then. If you want your rides to be smooth and enjoyable, you need to clean every part of the Scooter possible. You take your Scooter out on the street, the park, the sidewalks, off-road all the time. Imagine how much debris would accumulate from the ground. Make sure you use a damp cloth to clean the tires as much as possible.
  • Don’t forget to clean the rear brake to enjoy risk-free rides.
  • Most importantly make sure that the bearings are clean and always lubricated.

Safety while riding

Razor always makes safety features the main priority. The Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter is a very strong and durable scooter capable of withstanding weight up to 200 pounds. Manufactured with high-grade aluminum T tube and steel frame, the Scooter can last for ages! However, every rider is advised to follow simple safety precautions that could save some stitches!

  • Always wear a helmet before you head out
  • Wear knee pads to prevent getting your knees scratched
  • Avoid indulging in dangerous stunts without any supervision
  • Don’t ride into crowded areas or traffic.

To wrap it up!

We trust in the Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter to meet the best of our requirements. Razor is the leader in producing the best Scooter to date and will always be winning our hearts with their high-quality scooters. The folding scooter is an anti-rattle design with a smooth folding mechanism allowing quick folds.

The large deck is comfortable for tall and heavy riders. The sturdy aluminium T tube and steel frame make it the most durable and convenient kick scooter. It comes with adjustable handlebars and a retractable side kickstand. The grips are made of soft foam.

Although care is to be taken while riding on rough terrain. Always wear safety gear before going out with your Scooter. We hope you have read our Scooter review and understood all the aspects of the Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter. What are you waiting for? Go Ahead and get your own now!



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