Qiewa Qpower

The qiewa qpower is popularly known for its style, quality and it's smooth riding experience on the road. It is also the fastest electric scooter, which gives you the ultimate joyful experience of racing around parks and blocks of the city.


No wonder whether there is a kid or grown-up teenager, everybody loves to grab a scooter, which amuses them at the peak point. Street racing or off roads ride an electric scooter with excellent battery backup is what you can have in your hands. On the other hand, people also go gaga on the stylish appearance of the scooter. Thus, by to double up your racing fun here, we present to you a qiewa q power scooter.

An electric scooter fitted with the latest technology and powerpack battery backup with excellent millage. The qiewa qpower is entirely known for its style, quality as well as smooth performance on the road. It is also the fastest electric scooter, which gives the ultimate joyful experience of racing around parks and blocks of the city. Investing in this product is worthy and satisfactory.

Qiewa Qpower

Design of Qiewa Qpower

In recent scenarios, the qiewa qpower electric scooter is the fastest electric scooter with lots of specific features. Start with its basic design; the qiewa qpower electric scooter comes with foldable design. It is an extending version of the kick scooter, which also comes with unique colors and two inline wheels. These wheels are specially designed for speed, portability, and size.

The scooter has a slim and sleek design. It also has accessible features that everyone loves. Hence, the qiewa qpower reviews are always positive on both offside and on the side. The electric scooter is revolutionizing and leading in the world. 

Features and Specification of Qiewa Qpower electric scooter

Let us talk about the critical specification and features that the Qiewa made for the users to pay back every buck they invested in the scooter. The qiewa qpower electric off-road scooter comprises of following features:

  • Maximum motor power of scooter: 3200 watts
  • Qiewa qpower speed: 56 miles per hour
  • Maximum speed: 55MPH
  • Weight of scooter: 37 kg
  • Wheel diameter: 11 inches qiewa off-road air-filled tires
  • Maximum loading: 300kg
  • Battery: 26Ah 18650lithium battery (48Volts 5C power)
  • Breaks: Double controlling hydraulic brakes
  • Shock absorber: Yes, 45-degree double shock absorbers
  • Foldable design: Yes, two-second quick-folding design
  • Qiewa qpower charging: Loads with dual charging interface for faster charging

Some Other Essential Features

  • Power saver mode
  • Anti-warning signs
  • IP 5 waterproof design
  • Maximum 80 km distance travel per charge
  • Front light
  • Charger
  • Manual etc.

Details of Product

Some of the essential details of the Qiewa qpower electric scooter are given below:

The outstanding speed with maximum travel distance:

Many electronic scooters available in the market is having the battery overheating trouble and even sudden discharge. But this off-road electric scooter is specially designed with a dual motor with a double battery backup of 26AH, which gives a maximum speed of 56 MPH without over-heating and discharging. It also has a 40A+ 40A battery controller for the long run without discharging so that you can have long rides without interruption or charging trouble.

Maximum shock absorber and powerful torque:

The Qiewa qpower electric scooter uses maximum shock absorbance quality to enhance your riding joy. It also uses 3200Watts and 60Volts motor with 11inches wide off-road tires. Scooter is even lace-up with 45-degree angle suspension, which offers maximum speed as well as powerful torque. It is perfect for a challenge on hilly areas. Also, it can handle with ease on tough roads. It can bear a maximum of 300kg of the load. 

The innovative brake design:

Qiewa q-power constitutes a double hydraulic brake design. It can give powerpack beak performance during maximum speed. This better hydraulic brake system is applicable without complicated adjustments and mere settings. 

Anti-warning and anti-theft design:

The most fantastic feature of the qiewa qpower scooter is the remote-control design to turn off and on lock system, which can also activate the alarm within a second. It gives safety and liberty to park your scooter without worrying about thefts because the alarm gets activated even if someone trying to touch it.

Lights in a scooter:

The qiewa q-power electric scooter constitutes a three positioning LED lights as well as brake lights. It gives you more comfort to ride during the night time. The rear lights flash when you apply brakes so that the traveler can pay attention to you. 

Foldable design:

The electric scooter by qiewa qpower comes with a two-second foldable design. It is fitted with a protection mechanism which adds comfort with folding and closing the scooter. Moreover, you can quickly put the scooter in a trunk and any other place — better design for electronic scooter lovers.

Maximum stability:

The unique foldable design can absorb maximum shock, vibrations which felt on the road during high speed. The design gives excellent durability as well as a reliable ride for the beginners.

Qiewa Qpower

Additional features:

In addition, it comes with three different modes of riding setups so that you can change it accordingly. It also has a power-saving mode that comes with the dual-motor system as well as a single motor switching system. The speed also has three different settings.

Difference between dual motor and single motor system:

The single motor is not as powerful as a dual-motor system. The dual-motor consumes double battery as well as battery life. Thus, dual battery drains more battery capacity as compared to the single motor battery. Also, the dual battery scooter has slightly heavyweight. Therefore, if you are not traveling frequently to hilly terrain, then it is advisable to have a single motor battery system scooter. The single motor system is also perfect for handling weight around 100kg.

Unique about Qiewa qpower electric scooter:

The qiewa qpower has a professional and technical support system to deal with the queries of the customers.

Qiewa qpower price:

The price of the fastest electric scooter ranges from $2000 onwards.

Qiewa Qpower Reviews

Overall, the qiewa qpower electric scooter comes with unique design and excellent features that everyone loves the have in their electric scooter. It has a lithium battery with 26AH capacity, which gives a maximum speed of 55MPH in a single charge. The latest technological battery system keeps you update about the technical issues of the scooter. the foldable design, LED design, and dual hydraulic brake system makes it user-friendly.

When the talk is of qiewa qpower vs. q1 hummer, Qiewa qpower electric scooter consists of a better hydraulic brake system with a long battery backup, which offers the fastest speed than that if random electric scooter including q1hummer.

Currently, it is among the fastest and affordable electric scooter, which gives smoother rides. The audience will love to buy it in one gaze. It can also offer a long travel distance of a maximum of 80 km in just one charge, but also it is dependent upon how you maintain your scooter.


  • It gives a maximum speed of around 56 miles per hour
  • The maximum speed that scooter attain is 55MPH
  • The pneumatic tires are solid, non-puncture and of width 11 inches
  • It has dual hydraulic braking system which provides powerpack braking at maximum speeds
  • It is fitted with LED rear lights as well as brake lights
  • It also has rear suspension as well as the speed controller and cruise system.
  • Qiewa scooter has a lock system that protects it from thefts.

  • The cons of the powerful electric scooter are that it is available in a lesser color range.
  • It might not be the lightest one.

What makes Qiewa Qpower a fair choice to purchase

The best feature of the Qiewa Qpower electric scooter is that tires are highly durable and comes with non-puncture feature. It makes the product most stringent to travel even on hard surfaces easily. It also has a powerful battery backup system, which gives you freedom from charging vehicles again and again. The powerful battery backup gives a maximum speed of 56km/h in a single charge.

The folding design makes it more attractive to purchase the product in one glance. It gives you a good advantage of having a dual barking system, which adds another safety measure in the scooter. 

Moreover, the unique feature of the scooter is that you can connect your phone with the electric scooter via Bluetooth mode so that you can listen to your favorite songs while riding the electric scooter. You can easily park the scooter anywhere without worrying about stealing as it is having lock with an alarm system which can activate even on touching the scooter.
Thus, Qiewa q-power is gradually an excellent choice to purchase, which gives you a plethora of joy and wind talks while riding it. 


If you are looking for the best electric scooter to buy, then this qiewa qpower electric scooter is a must buy as it comes with ample of benefits. Qiewa qpower offers several advantages that are mention above to enhance your experience of traveling to a short trip on this electric scooter. The battery backup is convenient and attractive, which gives maximum speed in one charge only.

The unique design with high-level
specification makes it eye-catching. Overall, qiewa qpower gives you ultimate
satisfaction and even worth your money. The best thing about the incredible
product is convenient to use and store that adds another reason to buy it.


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