Qiewa Q1hummer Electric Scooter

Qiewa Q1hummer scooter is one of the top-end electric scooters with a long travel range of 68 miles in a single charge. Riders who are looking for a serious adrenaline rush, this scooter can be the right choice for you.


qiewa q1hummer electric scooter

The Qiewa q1hummer scooter is one of the top-end best electric scooters which are highly powerful. For the users or riders who are looking for a serious adrenaline rush, this scooter is the right choice. The Qiewa q1hummer electric scooter is not a substitute rider though, with controls quite simple.

However, it is undoubtedly not simple enough for the riders who have no experience of driving whatsoever can handle this scooter like a pro. Experienced and seasonal riders can find the Qiewa q1hummer quite fascinating. This scooter is one of the perfect vehicles that riders can use to test their driving skills, all around the town.

To make it easier for the users to understand this electric scooter correctly, given below is a complete Qiewa q1hummer review that the users will find useful. To know about all the features, the specifications and how cool this scooter is, read below. 

The Qiewa q1hummer electric scooter review 

qiewa q1hummer

Quick Summary

Features Qiewa Q1Hummer
WEIGHT 55 lbs
RANGE 65 Miles
HILL GRADE 30 degrees

Features of Qiewa q1hummer

  1. The 800 W hub motor requires zero maintenance
  2. For absorbing bumps, there are four spring shocks present
  3. Presence of anti-theft alarm which is efficient and loud
  4. The scooter provides a massive amount of torque while going uphill
  5. Presence of electric dual disc brakes
  6. Speed ranges are available in three different modes
  7. Headlights, sidelights and tail lights are bright and clear, providing high visibility

The Qiewa q1hummer is an excellent electric scooter that can be enjoyed by seasonal and experienced riders, no matter where they go. The Qiewa q1hummer price is on the steep side though, mainly because it is an electrically powered vehicle. Hence it can be slightly discouraging for the riders who are looking to buy a scooter on budget.

However, the Qiewa q1hummer has an extremely sturdy build, and the design of the scooter is among the very best. The performance is outstanding as well, which makes this scooter extremely eligible for buying. As in exchange for the steep price tag, the Qiewa q1hummer offers excellent services. Hence, one can easily say that the price is reasonably justified.

There are various essential features of this scooter are discussed in detail below. All the crucial aspects of this scooter have been covered, as well as the remaining ones. The customer service details and the warranty details have also been provided. Read on to know what exactly will you get if you buy the Qiewa q1hummer 800watts electric scooter and how you have to deal with it, along with all the necessary information. 

Speed and Range of Qiewa q1hummer

The Qiewa q1hummer has recorded a top speed of 37 MPH. Additionally, two stop points are provided to the riders in different cases. The riders, who are looking forward to the riding experience of the scooter in a casual mode, can set the speed of this scooter to 12 MPH, and for higher speed, at 25 MPH. 

The range of the Qiewa q1hummer is well managed, and it has shown to record a distance of 65 miles in a single run under favorable circumstances, which is quite an impressive feat to say. All of these are provided by the electric scooter which is powered by a powerful motor of 800 Watt. 

Construction of Qiewa q1hummer

The Qiewa q1hummer is constructed carefully with keeping in mind to provide the riders with optimal riding experience. Just like any other scooter which is heavy-duty, the performance is compact. However, to reduce the weight, the scooter is made up of Aluminium, an extremely durable metal which is quite lightweight as well.

Even after using Aluminium, the total weight of the scooter approximately stands at 55 pounds. This weight is enough to make the scooter bulky. However considering its heavy-duty performance, this weight is relatively moderate. As compared to the standard heavy-duty motors which weigh more than 70 pounds on average, the Qiewa q1hummer can be considered as light weighted.

The electric scooter is also equipped with tires that are entirely shock absorbent. This provides the riding experience of the scooter to be extremely smooth in the cities and the off roads as well. The tires are of a 10-inch size, and they provide quality balance and excellent grip on the road surface.

When the scooter is not being used for transportation, it can be folded in half and can be stored or transported via other means with ease. The weight, however, makes the transport of the scooter a little tricky, but it is still more comfortable than the other scooters available on the market.

qiewa q1hummer review

Controls of Qiewa q1hummer

The controls of the Qiewa q1hummer are quite simple. With the presence of a panel consisting of an LCD screen that is fitted in the handles, a user will be able to operate the scooter with precision. There is also the presence of an acceleration button. This button allows the rider to choose between different speeds ranges.

There are three different settings of speed available for use. To activate the electric brakes, the riders need to use the trigger which is also fitted in the handle. Thus, they can stop whenever necessary at a split second.

The interface of the scooter is quite comprehensive and straightforward such that the new riders will be able to adapt to it quickly without much hassle.

Safety features of Qiewa q1hummer

With the presence of a series of different LED lights, the Qiewa q1hummer comes with an efficient lighting system. It is designed to provide the optimal visibility of the roads to the riders, especially in the dark hours or in low light conditions.

Along with it, there is the presence of top-class electric brakes which can halt the scooter at a second’s notice. Also, the tires are very sturdy and provide the right balance overall. The tires also absorb vibration, reducing the chances of the scooter slipping or falling on the roads.

The safety setup is up to the standards, and one can
expect such detailed features in any top-class electric scooters as well.

The riding experience of Qiewa q1hummer

As per the reports of the various test users and some regular users as well, the Qiewa q1hummer was a very smooth ride, both in on-road and off-road experience. The pneumatic tires can be said to be completely shock-absorbing, and riders will not be able to feel the bump while going over potholes or speed breakers.

This scooter is one of the very rare electric scooters which have been designed with an IP6 waterproof technology. This means that rainy weather will not be an issue. This scooter is not only for casual rides or for getting extreme riding experiences.

It can also transport you to long distances, and it is a good option for daily commuting to work. There are splash guards present in the scooter too, which though are not as effective when the scooter is going on high speed.

As for regular rides across the town, riders will feel the experience to be more than comfortable with Qiewa q1hummer. Turning, crossing, and going zigzag on the roads can feel more comfortable with this scooter. The mechanism of folding the scooter is also very efficient, and the entire folding procedure can be completed in 10 seconds approximately.

With a slightly heavy feel that this scooter provides at 55 pounds, the balance improves, and it gives quite an excellent stability to the ride as well. With a top speed of 37 MPH, even though it is not always possible to attain that speed, the riding is smooth and fast as well. The Qiewa q1hummer 800watts electric scooter motor provides a lot of torque, and the scooter can go insanely fast while going downhill.

Downsides of Qiewa q1hummer

There is not much to dislike about the Qiewa q1hummer, except the weight, customer service, and the price. Even while the scooter is comparatively lightweight with the other electric scooters, it is still not light enough. Also, the pricing is on the steep side of this electric scooter, which discourages a lot of customers from buying the scooter in the very first place. This scooter is not at all a budget buy, and you have to shell out quite a high amount of cash for purchasing the scooter.

Pricing of Qiewa q1hummer

The Qiewa q1hummer price is high, as expected from an electric scooter, with the vehicle being available at 1399.00 Dollars at Amazon. That is quite a high price for a scooter, but all things considered, one can say that the price is quite as expected. With a reliable motor, excellent backup, and insane performance, you will undoubtedly get what you pay for the vehicle.

Customer Service of Qiewa q1hummer

The customer service of Qiewa q1hummer electric scooter is, however, not up to the mark. With below-average customer service, users can quickly face problems while they are facing an issue. Also, adding to this fact, the Qiewa q1hummer is not very easy to maintain the device as well. Simple day to day activities may not pose any problem.

However, with rare and severe issues coming up, it is of no help is the customer service is below par. The controller is also one of the things that the riders generally have problems with a lot. Without excellent support, users face a hard time facing and correcting these issues alone.

The Qiewa q1hummer provides a standard one year warranty, which is limited to on-road incidents only. This makes it quite a problem for some users who do not get the most out of the warranty. This is because some of their issues are not recognized as legal claims for providing the warranty services.

electric scooter review

  • The performance is insane
  • The scooter provides accurate distance with respect to the charge
  • The tires are excellent shock absorbers
  • The scooter provides excellent torque if you are traveling uphill
  • The folding of the scooter can be completed in as fast as 10 seconds

  • The weight is a bit heavier
  • The price is high
  • The customer service is unimpressive
  • Battery protection could have been better
  • The standard charger takes a long time to charge the battery completely

The Qiewa q1hummer – Who should buy it?

Considering all of the features, the speed, and the riding performance, the Qiewa q1hummer is not for the first time riders for sure. With the price being high, budget buyers are likely to avoid this scooter as well.

However, if you are an experienced rider and have money to spend, then it is a pretty good choice. If you are serious about buying an electric scooter, the Qiewa q1hummer can be a perfect option. This is because it provides an excellent range of functions and performance which will work brilliantly for you.

The scooter is pretty well made, with many features. If you are looking for the ruggedness while enjoying a smooth ride while you are commuting daily, the Qiewa q1hummer can be an excellent choice.


All things considered, if you are looking for a cheap electric scooter with stable performance, multiple functions, and extreme durability, this is it. For an electric scooter that performs exceptionally well, can cover long ranges and go at top speeds, the Qiewa q1hummer is an excellent choice. With the high price range, the weight being on the heavier side and below-par customer service, some buyers may be disinclined to buy this scooter. Their lack of interest is quite understandable for such reasons. However, disregarding those facts, if you are looking to buy the scooter, you will not be disappointed.

Ultimately, the Qiewa q1hummer has everything that you might need while traveling on the road. It has speed, it has torque, it has excellent grip and balance, and it covers long distances and performs exceptionally well. So, unless you are unlucky enough to face any issue, this scooter will be an excellent companion for your daily transport services.

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