Ninebot Gokart Kit – Ultimate Kit For Segway [reviewed 2023]

Ninebot Gokart Kit is one of the coolest accessory kits that can change your Segway Minipro transporter to a fully functioning Gokart. With the help of this kit, you can drive on an average speed of 15 miles per hour on your transporter.


Ninebot Gokart kit

Ninebot Gokart Kit is one of the coolest accessories that can change your Segway Minipro transporter to a fully functioning Gokart. With the help of this kit, you can drive on an average speed of 15 miles per hour on your transporter. You do not have to buy an electric Gokart or create one to ride,  attach the Minipro to the go-kart kit and your Gokart is ready to ride.

Transform your ordinary Minipro transporter to a fully blown Coolest Gokart.

This ninebot Gokart kit is offered by the leading Segway brand that has been creating great accessories and electronic devices such as hover-boards and scooters for fun-filled and enthralling riding experience. Easily detach whenever required and ride it as a hands-free scooter.

The ninebot Gokart kit is unique in its way as it is built with mind-blowing features that help you to set up a fully functioning Gokart in no time. Without much mechanism and difficulties, you’re ready to ride on to this incredible gokart either for you or your kids. Not just this, it is built with an award-winning design and has been recognized by many reputed organizations.

Let’s read through to know some interesting facts and features about this ninebot gokart kit.

Ninebot has one competitor that is giving it a hard time in the market. With almost similar specs Razor Gokart is surely a great product. But let’s find out if it is better or not.

Ninebot Gokart v/s Razor Gokart

Features Ninebot Gokart Razor Gokart
Ninebot Gokart has a stylish and a
Formula 1 kind of a design, made for
The Razor Gokart is a combination of
classic and sturdy construction. It is in
many ways a modern technology for a
It comes with a Ninebot Gokart Kit for
speedy acceleration. It gives you twice
the fun while you ride it.
Razor Gokart comes with a variable
speed, thumb trigger acceleration
control which gives a drifting control
Ninebot Gokart can go from 0 to 12
mph within seconds
The maximum speed of a Razor Gokart
is 12mph and the speed develops
This one here, has a mechanical
handbrake. It is very useful to stop the
gokart if the electric brakes fail
The hand operated rear brakes in the
Razor Gokart helps the driver to have
a control while drifting
Ninebot has an adjustable frame and
steering wheel which makes it
comfortable and fit for people with the
height of 6’3’’ too
The Razor Gokart is comparatively not
adjustable in length but it sure has an
adjustable steering
Ninebot fits for young kids to adults
who want to ride the goKart
Razor Gokart is fit for ages 8 and
above. Not below that
Ninebot can cover a distance upto 12.4
miles in one go
Razor gokart can cover a distance up to
10 miles in one go
Ninebot comes with 3 ride modes, one
with 5mph, second with the top speed
10mph and 15mph for ultra race mode
Razor doesn’t come with any modes, it
is simple and easy to ride a gokart with
a top speed of 12 mph

Features of Ninebot Gokart kit

1. Double layered impact protection

The ninebot gokart kit for Segway Minipro transporter is built to provide two-layer protection to both the rider and the body of the vehicle. The outer layer is formed with a robust plastic coating which is capable of absorbing energy while on collision to effectively reduce the impact force.

While the outer layer is protected by this hard plastic, the inner layer is made up of a steel beam that ensures high strength protection. The steel body helps from any deformation or damages to the body of the scooter.

2. Three inbuilt Modes

The ninebot gokart kit is built and designed with a three driving mode which enhancing the overall driving experience of the riders. Based on your level of expertise, the ride can choose the mode and speed. The novice mode provides the ninebot gokart top speed of 5 MPH, which is 8km per hour. Secondly comes the standard mode which is equipped with a high speed or 10.8 MPH, which is 18 km per hour, and thirdly is the super sports mode which is made to give the high performance and speed. The speed level at sports mode is 15 MPH, which is 24 km per hour.

3. Mobile Application Control

It is excellent to know that you can control your transporter with the touch of your finger. Install the app on your smartphone and get connected to the go kart instantly. You can control the lighting, speed, and braking system using the app. You can also switch over to the different modes from your mobile app.

4. Twice the Fun

Most of the users want to enjoy the dual benefits of riding without making it monotonous. The ninebot gokart kit can help you to use the transporter in two ways. You do not have to buy or create a new go kart, attach the kit with the Segway minipro and instantly transform it to a go kart and if you ever want to experience riding a hands-free scooter, detach, and you’re ready to ride.

5. Precision steering

The rider would be provided with the ability to steer the vehicle on the go precisely. It is equipped with a steering ratio of 2:1:1, which allows the perfect very right turn whenever required. It is also inbuilt with a capacity of 220 pounds as the maximum payload.

Ninebot Gokart kit

Specification of Ninebot Gokart kit

The ninebot gokart kit is built with high-quality material enabled with safety features that assure the rides to ride the vehicle without any constraints. Let us check on some of the incredible specifications of this product, which makes it unique and stands out amongst other similar products in the market.

1. Redundant braking system

The mechanical hand brake ensures the safety of the rider which is an addition to the electric brake provided in the ninebot go kart kit. In an unlikely situation, when the electronic brake fails to perform, the handbrake can be used to stop the vehicle abruptly. This ensures better safety and peace of mind for the riders. So do not worry about brakes malfunction, as these brakes give you a double safety and protection.

2. Easy to assemble

The nine gokart kit does not bring any difficult mechanism to its users. It is easy to assemble the kit along with your Segway mini pro transporter and transform it into a high-end electrical gokart in no time. You can easily adjust the levels and heights for a comfortable ride experience. This kit helps both adults and kids to ride on it without any difficulties.

3. Reverse enabled

Feeling comfort just like riding your car. The ninebot Gokart kit is equipped with a reverse application which helps the riders with the ability to take the opposite. It is so easy that you can stop, change directions, and reverse the vehicle on the go. The pedal is equipped with fever and forward features. Quickly tap the brake pedal twice to modify and when stopped tap it twice again to go forward. Isn’t it great to know how easy it is to ride? That even the first timers would not have much difficulty.

4. Portable and convenient

The mechanism used in building the ninebot gokart kit makes it easy to collapse it and make it portable conveniently. It is designed in such a way that it can be carried easily anywhere and can fit in the trunk of your car. So if you ever feel, you want to take it to a different place to ride, collapse it, install it in your car trunk and go.

5. Incredible Control Application

The kit is enabled with both wired and wireless communication methods. The wired mode acts as the primary source wherein the Bluetooth which is wireless acts as a standby. You can easily communicate to the ninebot gokart kit with instructions through either mode. If the kit ever finds a malfunction in the power supply, it would automatically switch to Bluetooth for communicating instantly.

Ninebot Gokart kit for segway minipro transporter

Other specifications

Weight 61 lbs, which are 28 kgs.
Dimension 54 inches x 32 inches x 24 inches
Max speed 15 Miles per hour is the maximum speed at the sports mode.
Range (distance) can travel up to 9 miles based on the terrain and riding style.
gokart foldable kit

Ninebot Gokart Kit Price

To purchase any product, the ideal place to start with would know the price of it. The cost can determine the quality, features, and other specifications of the product. At the same time, a highly priced product can also have certain constraints. The ninebot gokart kit is currently priced at around $799 for all the incredible features it brings to the customers. The Ninebot gokart price makes it a great deal to those who wish to purchase it as this kit can transform your Segway minipro to a go kart and can give you dual experience with fun to ride.

The above-indicated price can be tentative and
can change in the future due to market conditions. Check for the current price
of the ninebot gokart kit at the time of purchase. You can also look for
discounts, offers and deals to save some money. Nevertheless, the kit comes
with incredible and stunning aspects for the price it offers.

Ninebot Gokart Charge Time

The ninebot gokart takes about 3.5 to 4 hours for a complete single charge session. Once the gokart kit is fully charged, it can be ridden up to 12.4 miles based on the terrain and style the rider uses. The battery life of the ninebot gokart kit is better than similar products as it comes with a 310Wh battery.

Just like any other product in the market, the ninebot gokart kit comes with various advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check on that information.

Ninebot Gokart charge time


  1. It is the first ever gokart that is built with the ability to drift.
  2. Easily convert it into two ways of riding, either a fully functioning gokart or as a self-balancing hands-free scooter.
  3. The adjustable frames allow both kids and adults to ride it without compromising on the comfort.
  4. It is ideally designed for all age groups.
  5. The ninebot gokart kit comes in an award-winning design. The product is a winner of the Reddot award in 2018 for “Best of the Best.”
  6. It is a revolutionary product from the most trusted Segway brand.
  7. Fantastic acceleration and steering features, which help the users to take an easy right turn.
  8. The ninebot gokart kit is built with dual motors with a capacity of 800 watts of maximum power.
  9. Users can quickly sprint the speed of the motor from 0 to 12 mph in seconds.
  10. The mechanical handbrake facility ensures the safety of the riders. If the electric brake fails to perform, instantly stop the gokart using the handbrake.
  11. Ensures peace of mind as it is equipped with extraordinary safety measure which can be used by kids as well.
  12. If the gokart is used by the kid, the parents can ensure controlling the speed from the mobile phone application.
  13. Better battery life for a long-lasting fun time.
  14. Easy and fantastic reserve system to take reverse at any time.
  15. Easily collapsible to fit your car truck and can be carried anywhere.


  1. The ninebot gokart kit is a recent launch, and thus it is yet to be popularized and bought by many customers.
  2. The ninebot gokart kit looks gigantic and can be heavy.
  3. It can be used only on the Segway Minipro transporter.

There aren’t many constraints on this product
as it is an award-winning model with the best design.

What does the Kit contain?

The Ninebot Gokart kit comes with a steering wheel, front bumper, seat, and front wheels. All these can be easily fitted in your Segway Minipro transporter and instantly transform it to an electric gokart equipper with excellent features.

Ninebot Gokart price


Take your riding expensive to the next level and instantly transfer your ordinary self-balancing scooter to an amazing gokart. This is one of the most wanted accessories that make riding fun and enjoyable without compromising of safety or comfort. So why wait? Purchase your ninebot gokart kit now!


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