Levy Electric Scooter

Have you ever imagined renting an electric scooter? Yes, you heard it right! You can easily rent an electric scooter while you chose to rent a levy electric scooter. You just need to pay a nominal rate to travel miles to route your destination.

In the present-day scenario, an electric scooter is an ideal solution for transportation. The best thing about these scooters is that you don’t need to worry about the fuel cost, no parking is required you can fold your mini scooter and take it along you wherever you want and it does not contribute to air pollution. These scooters are the coolest technology ever as they not only provide an advantage in terms of speed and performance but also are better than other classic fuel operated vehicles.

Levy Electric Scooter successfully contributes to green India and also is beneficial in several aspects.

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Reasons why to buy Levy Electric Scooter?

  1. The first and the foremost reason to buy Levy Electric Scooter is that you do need to worry at all about its parking because these mini scooters are foldable and henceforth you can carry it along with you wherever you go.
  2. Levy Electric Scooters operate on battery and not on fuel. And battery does not contribute to pollution as it is ecologically accepted and specially designed for those who usually make use of classic cars to drive from work to home and vice versa. The classic car contributes to air pollution and replenishes the non-renewable source of energy but levy electric scooter is a boon to the environment and its resources.
  3. An electric bike is easy to transport as it is lightweight and portable and you can carry it with you wherever you go.
  4. Levy Electric Scooter comes up with a removable battery which helps in energy saving when the scooter is not in use.
  5. With a levy electric scooter, you get to stay physically fit. This is because of the fact that these scooters require physical exercise to drive you home. So, in the present-day scenario when more than half of the people are not interested to do any kind of strenuous exercise and like to work from the comfort of sitting at home, Levy Electric Scooter is such a helping hand for them
  6. With a levy electric scooter, your freedom is valued. It helps you to explore multiple places and travel to far places with much greater speed than classic vehicles without even spending a penny on fuel. It gives you the liberty to cross more kilometers within fewer times.

As stated above, levy electric scooters are better than your classic fuel operated a vehicle in multiple aspects. We all know that a personal vehicle is 100% required to commute to multiple places comfortably at any time.

Therefore, listed below are several aspects on which a levy electric scooter is better than your ordinary car so that you can choose your vehicle wisely!

  1. Levy Electric Scooters are eco-friendly. Unlike regular cars, you do not require to face harmful gases emitted out due to the combustion of fuel. Also, it keeps you close to the nature as fuels which is a non-renewable source of energy gets saved.
  2. With levy electric scooter, you don’t have to face the hassle of a traffic jam. Its sleek and thin design helps you to get through the traffic which saves your lot of time.
  3. Unlike your usual vehicles which require maintenance after every two months, the maintenance cost of levy electric scooters is almost negligible. As it has no kind of oil filter, no need to spend huge amount of money in replacing these parts after every maintenance.
  4. Levy electric scooter cost is just the initial cost. After that, you are free from every kind of fuel expense. Also, you do not need to waste your time standing in long queues at petrol pumps.
  5. Levy Electric scooters are designed in such a way that they are foldable and the battery can also be removed which makes it portable and lightweight. Thus, you don’t have to worry anymore about its parking. You can carry your scooter along wherever you want to go.
  6. Nowadays, people fail to do physical activities when we live majorly a sedentary life. With Levy Electric Scoter, once you go out to explore, you do the strenuous activity of driving it which helps you to work out rather than always sitting at the comfort of your home.
  7. Once you put your levy electric scooter on PAS mode, you can train yourself while driving since you will do the pedaling without the help of the engine.
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Quick Summary

Levy Electric Scooter comes with advanced and optimum key specifications. Listed below are some of its highlights:

FEATURES Levy Electric Scooter
MAX SPEED 18 mph
DRIVING MODES 3 (Beginner, Eco, Sport)
TIRE SIZE 8.5-inch pneumatic, tubeless tire
FRAME MATERIAL Aviation aluminum alloy
VOLTAGE 220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
BATTERY CAPACITY 36 V, 6400 mAh (230 Watt-hours)
MOTOR DRIVE Front-wheel drive
FOLDING METHOD One-step folding
BATTERY REMOVAL Self-locking plug
MAX LOAD 220lbs
MAX RANGE 15 miles w/ Eco mode, 10 miles in Sport mode
WARRANTY 6 months

Price of Levy Electric Scooter

Levy Electric scooter price is negligible in terms of its features and benefits it provides. It comes at a very affordable and economical price of $499. This is all that you need to spend with no other hidden surcharges. Also, the maintenance cost and fuel charge are zero. Therefore, speeding on Levy Electric Scooter is worth the investment as you can brag among your friends of being the owner of such a cool scooter at easy affordable rates.

Rent Levy Electric Scooter

Have you ever imagined the renting of an electric scooter? Yes, you heard it right! You can easily rent an electric scooter while you chose to rent a levy electric scooter. You just need to pay a nominal rate to travel miles to route your destination. All you need to do is follow the below simple steps to rent the exclusive and the coolest eco-friendly scooter in town.

  1. Download the app on your smartphone which is easily downloadable from the android play store and IoS AppStore free of cost.
  2. Locate the scooters available for rent in your nearby area.
  3. Pay according to the customizable plans and ride safely.

Charges of renting Levy Electric Scooter:




MINUTE $0.15
DAY $35

Safety Precautions are taken by Levy Electric Scooter while you rent it

  1. Helmets are provided on the site to encourage safe driving.
  2. The user safety manual is provided which guides you to drive within the bike lanes and avoid nearness to the pedestrian lanes.

Best Features of Levy Electric Cooter

Levy Electric Scooter has endless benefits. However, some of the best features that are usually notable and different than other scooters are listed below:

Safety Convenience

It is designed for safety. The levy electric scooter is designed such that it ensures safety of the rider. It possesses a mechanical rear disc brake which is relatedly a durable and reliable approach than the brakes. In addition to the rear braking lights, levy electric scooters are equipped with ultra-bright LED headlights which is a helping hand to ensure comfort during night riding. Both these lights can be turned on and off as per the convenience of the rider.

Reliability Services with Guaranty and Warranty

It provides a 14 day which is 2 weeks guaranty. Within that span of time, if you do not like the levy electric scooter, you can return it with a 100% refund policy. Also, it comes up with 6 months of full protection warranty against all the manufacturing defects. Also, they ship the required spare parts on time so that you do not face any kind of inconvenience.

Customer Support Service

They have a 24*7 open query resolving platform related to any kind of issue you face related to Levy Electric Scooter. They are a helping hand and provide an instant solution to your problems so that you can experience the riding fun without any hassles and the product end.

Levy electric scooter with a removable battery

Levy electric scooter with removable battery makes it unique among all other electric scooters. It operates on a high capacity lithium-ion Panasonic battery that is designed in such a way that it can be easily removed and replaced. Once the battery gets discharged, remove the battery and charge it again, Till hat time, the second battery saves the bandwidth by working efficiently.

Till the time your second battery gets discharged, your first battery again becomes capable of giving you 4 hours of the continuous ride. Also, the battery comes in a waterproof handlebar stem which diminishes the damage that can be caused to the battery as compared to the battery installation under the floorboard of the maximum electric scooters.

Foldable electric scooter

Levy electric scooter is not just a vehicle. It has redefined the urban transport with its advanced and optimized feature and its coolest look. The best part about levy electric scooter is its design. No parking space? No worries! Levy Electric Scooter has got your back as it comes up with the best foldable design. The electric scooter gets folded within seconds and can be easily carried anywhere even in trains along with you. You can even keep it at any corner of your home as it doesn’t occupy much space when folded. Your daily commuting issue without parking is solved at ease.    

Foldable electric scooter

Electric Scooter for Adults                         

It has been a myth since the launch of the electric scooters that these scooters are only for kids. But, surveys and tests have proved, electric scooters are not just for kids and teens, it is also a good option for commuting to several distances with Electric Scooter for Adults. Electric Scooters offer more than just a standard vehicle with a chance to explore nature with a comfy affordable no cost ride.

Whether it is easy to ride an electric scooter for the kids or an electric scooter for adults with a preferred model and a comfortable seat, there is just a slight variation of design. The electric scooters serve the best with its benefits and features to any age category provided you travel safely.

After considering multiple Levy Electric Scooter Review, the major common pros and cons are being listed below:


  1. No noise pollution is created
  2. Keeps you free from the hassle of traffic and thus saves your time
  3. An ecologically accepted vehicle with no harmful gas emission hence it is an environmentally friendly approach
  4. No extra expense of fuel
  5. It can be recharged and home without any hassle very conveniently
  6. Zero maintenance
  7. Foldable, hence portable and no parking challenges faced
  8. Removable battery feature. Hence lightweight


  1. Levy Electric Scooters’ power is limited to a range of 15-40 miles per charge. So it is not a very good option to travel with this scooter on long route destinations. There are very fewer charge stations along the roads. Henceforth, it adds to its drawbacks.
  2. Charging levy electric scooter takes longer time than filling up the fuel tanks by standing in a queue in the petrol pumps.
  3. As it has a silent operation, there might be a chance that you mistakably band on to a pedestrian who is unaware of your vehicle due to its silent operation. This can be dangerous to some extent during peak hours when the roads are occupied by athletes, hipsters, children and senior citizens.

However, all the befits of the levy electric scooter outshines its cons. On average it is rated 9 out of 10 which is pretty appreciable.

Give it a shot!

Each one of you has once in a lifetime has traveled in a normal vehicle and faced many problems related to cost, fuel, maintenance, and parking. So why not give it a try at least once to the best foldable levy electric scooter with swappable battery to resolve all the problems that you have faced with your normal vehicle.

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