Ip Water-resistant Certification

To learn about IP water-resistant certification, let us first find out the meaning of IP water resistance. It is the scale to measure how resistant a product can be. It is often denoted as IPXY, X, and Y being the 1-10 scale.

To learn about IP water-resistant certification, let us first find out what is IP water resistance?

It is the scale of how resistant a product can be. It is often denoted as IPXY, X and Y being the 1-10 scale. X is the ability of the product to survive against the dust particles and Y is the caliber of the product to fight against water. Let us talk about this in-depth to understand this concept.

  • IPX0 – It offers No protection at all.
  • IPX1 – It can protect from dripping water only.
  • IPX2 – It can protect from vertically dripping water, but not more.
  • IPX3 – It can protect from sprays up to 60°, considered good but not the best.
  • IPX4 – It can protect from splashing water, no matter what the direction is.
  • IPX5 – It can protect from the water jets in any direction, considered exclusive.
  • IPX6 – It can protect from powerful water jets.
  • IPX7 – It can protect in water up to 3 feet (1 meter) – Way too efficient
  • IPX8 – It can protect when immersed in water over 3 feet – the king.

When it comes to electric scooters and hoverboards, it can be very much prone to such environmental elements like dust and water and can prove out to be harmful to our gadgets!

Therefore, it is advisable to buy electric scooters and hoverboards with an IPX4 water-resistant certificate in order to use it for the long term easily without breaking down.

Below listed are some of the hoverboards that have a high certified water-resistant guarantee as good as IPX4:

Water Resistent Hoverboards

The Halo Rover

This Hoverboard is an all ready winner in terms of terrain. Besides, it’s impeccable design and features it comes up with an “IPX4” water-resistant certificate which means it can be used in the wet areas and in heavy rain without any stress or second thoughts. The high water-resistant quality makes it a more durable and reliable product.

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Jetson Rover V8

It is almost as powerful as the Halo Rover and the similar best quality of this product is the water-resistant certificate of IPX4. This hoverboard is a very speedy one and hence it can be a fun gadget to pay and race in the rain or wet areas. People who live near or on the plateaus can prefer buying this hoverboard over others and hence this is one the incredible hoverboards available in the stock. It also has an active balance technology which is one of the attractive features and fun elements to choose it.


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Hover -1 H1 Hoverboard Electric Scooter

This is one of the premium hoverboards in its range. It is designed for both- kids as well as adults. It comes with Bluetooth speakers,  LED Lights, and App Connectivity.  This product also comes with a certificate of IPX4 water resistance. This is a stylish hoverboard that is hard to go out of fashion in an easy way.

This can be a perfect choice for youngsters or people with funky choice. You can easily drive it in the rain and the wet areas along with the regions which are highly prone to heavy rain. This hoverboard never stops you from bragging it anywhere due to its high quality and IPX4 water resistance.


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Tomoloo Q2X Hoverboard

This hoverboard is premium designed and chosen for rough and tough drivers and customers. This can drive you through tough roads, steep and vertical plots, muddy or forest roads without any kind of issues. It’s wide foot space which comes up with the 6.5-inch wide racing-grade tires – it is the king of comfort followed by stability.

It consists of two motors of 600 W which makes it very easy to climb 30-degree slopes in a blink. It has a maximum speed range of 12 km/hr and is it the fastest hoverboard available in the market. As mentioned, it comes with the IPX4 resistance making it easier to drive in the wet regions and in mild and heavy rain. This is one of the most robust choices in the market to buy.

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Above mentioned were some of the flawless hoverboards with the durability and guarantee of the IPX4 water resistance certificate. Besides the availability of tons of hoverboards in the market, these hoverboards are a lot safer and better to be bought. These were some of the top models with the support of IPX4 water resistance certification, though there are more.

It is advised to check the certificate before having to buy any hoverboard or electric scooter so that it does not cost you much on its repairs and maintenance and you can easily drive them through the wet and most areas without having to worry about it’s motor and durability. We suggest you always check on such features before you buy the hoverboards so that you can use and enjoy them for a very long term.

You can check out more such articles on our website where we narrate about how to choose the ideal self-balancing scooters or hoverboards without much trouble and the little tips that might be helpful while buying and bringing your favorite gadget home.

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