How To Reset Segway Drift W1

The new segway shoes are just the best thing you can own now. No matter how hard it is to reset segway drift w1, you can surely do it yourself by following these simple steps. Go through the full article to know these easy and simple steps.


Roller skating is one of the most physical activities that can give you the most amazing feeling filed with amusement and light-hearted pleasure. The perfect mix of adventure and enjoyment is present in the sport of roller skating. Segway drift w1 is one of the most celebrated and accepted roller skates in the world.

Segway drift w1 is the combo of coolness, lightweight self-balancing technology with the fun that comes in every pack of It for everyone no matter what age. The top-class design of the product with the perfect smoothness and linear design makes it so much appealing to its admirers.

However, a question always hangs with its users quoting “How to reset the skates”? ” How to reset the Segway drift w1?” In this article, we’ll provide the answer to this question and tell how to reset segway drift w1 according to one’s own wish.

As segway drift w1 is an automated roller skate with self-balancing control properties, segway drift w1 calibration of the skates is also set to default in the beginning meaning the skates would provide the same calibration for a pro and a novice at the same time. This can be very hard and risky for learners and can cause accidents.

Segway drift w1 calibration is very easy and can be done by anyone. While doing segway drift w1 calibration place it on the ground upside down. Switch on the skates, the wheel start spinning. Once the wheel starts spinning, switch off the skates. This would complete the segway drift w1 calibration process.

Segway drift w1 is one of the coolest skates fitted with the best technologies to provide a feeling of the new generation. Segway drift w1 apart from its new and sleek design, it is fitted with RGB atmospheric lights that provide three light modes to match the style.

Segway drift w1 with its new ambient lighting feature helps others to notice you easily and keep its riders safe. The 10mm rubber present in the front and back of the product helps to keep it safe. Segway drift w1 all in one provides the best roller skating experience to each of its users.

The new segway drift w1 is equipped with the latest High-power hub motor that is powerful and helps in accelerating the gadget that is adopted with the spindle-shaped unique tread design to obtain the minimal friction and get the maximum steering.

Segway drift w1 e-skate has powerful waterproof protection that enables it to be used in any weather. the mainframe of the body is protected by IP54 and the battery pack covered with IPx6. Segway drift w1 e-skate has a strong, durable and efficient battery pack that comes with a  battery management system to enable the gadget to harness maximum power for a longer period of time. This new segway drift w1 makes sure that no battery power is wasted.

The new segway drift w1 is fitted with metal, plastic, and rubber to constitute its body. This will make the segway drift w1 e-skate hardy gadget and will enable overall damage protection to it. Segway drift w1 is the creation of the segway company and has been launched in the market with great popularity.

The new segway drift w1 comes in both white and black colors and the weight of this segway drift w1 e-skate is only 3.5 kgs and can be used by anyone above the age of 6 years. This weight allows the segway drift w1 e-skate users to carry it anywhere in a backpack.

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Overall the segway drift w1 is one of the coolest gadgets and skates that are present in the market and is ready to provide you the ultimate joy of roller skating with its in build top-class features for you to make it not less than a lifelong memory.


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