How To Lock An Electric Scooter

If you have an electric scooter, you must know how to lock it. This article enlightens you with a multitude of unique, innovative, and highly efficient locks available and also a few simple tips and tricks to ensure the utmost safety of your scooter.


After purchasing a Best electric scooter, you must learn how to care for it. For safety purposes, locking your scooter holds unmatched importance, and you must know how to lock your electric scooter appropriately. It would be best if your scooter is shielded and safe from robbery. This article will enlighten you on the best way to lock your scooter so you can check all the odds of burglary.  

There are a few unique sorts of electric scooter locks that you can purchase. The best one for you will depend on your needs and the environment where you will be taking your scooter frequently. The function of all the locks is to give the most extreme insurance to your bike. So make sure that you lock your scooter before letting it out of your sight.

lock your electric scooter

You may be away from the bike for a short while, but still, you must lock it in any case to ensure extra safety. It only takes a few minutes for a cunning criminal to take your precious bike you spent your valuable bucks on.

The most important aspect is the safety of the electric scooter you have bought. You cannot take your electric scooter along with you everywhere, so protect it by ensuring that you have locked it with a durable and efficient lock.

You have to look for the safety for your electric scooter in the areas susceptible to thefts and in situations where you have to leave them behind, like going to store, job, etc.

And for the protection of your scooter, you need a high-quality lock you can rely upon! Some people use bike locks to lock electric scooters. But there are many different types of electric scooter locks available in the market, specially designed for electric scooters.


  • The classic cable locks:

These are the necessary locks and are extremely flexible. They are very lightweight, making them easy to carry. Their flexibility and lightweight helps you lock your scooter from various angles. It is good to use in low-risk areas. These locks are easy to use and work just like a bike cable lock does. 

First, you have to support your scooter with the help of an object. This object used should be rigid and strong so that it cannot be moved easily. The best part about these locks is that they can get attached to a solid surface easily. 

Some of these locks also have standard keys, and sometimes they have a combination lock, you can lock and unlock them by using a set of numbers.

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  • Chain locks:

    • These are not as simple as cable locks. They are quite substantial as they are made of hard metals and thus can be used in high-risk areas. 
    • A padlock or key lock is present at the end of the chain, and the security directly depends on the thickness and weight of the string. Most massive chains seem to be more secure. 
    • The padlock has to be wrapped around the wheel of the scooter. This helps in tying the wheel to the swing arm or the forks, and then it has to be covered a solid object to ensure the high safety of scooter.
    • A chain lock is the most common lock and is extremely easy to use.
  •  U lock:
    • It is quite useful as this lock is resistant to cutters. It acts like a huge padlock. You can anchor your scooter with the help of this lock.
    • This lock is usually passed through the wheel at the legs or the swingarm. And it is then secured to a solid object so that the bike cannot be stolen. 
    • The wheel should be adequately locked to make sure that so the bike can’t be pushed away. These locks are quite the stronger one’s locks and resist many standard thief tools, cutters, picking, etc. 
  • Grip locks:

    • ​These locks are used around the scooter handles. They can get attached to scooter easily. 
    • They are quite reasonable and affordable. They keep the bike in place, and it really cannot be pushed back and forth. 
    • Most of them come with the keys, and it makes the process of locking and unlocking quite easy. These locks are highly preferred for light scooters.
  • Disc locks:

    • This type of hook is mostly devoted to the brake pedal of the scooter. They keep the scooter in place and thus cannot be moved away here and there.
    • They can be attached to both the rear disc brake and the front brake. You can use this lock along with a chain lock for more security for your scooter.  
  • Folding locks:

    • These versatile locks are quite compact and robust and can be easily attached to the scooter. They are easy to transport. They can lock your scooter very efficiently 
    • This lock ensures the high-quality safety of your scooter. You can secure your scooter to varied objects by using this type of lock. Folding locks are lightweight yet sturdy! It is the best way to lock an electric scooter as it resists thefts.
  •  The ground anchor:
    • It is not a lock, but a great way to ensure safety to your electric scooter. You can use this in the areas where you leave your scooter often, such as in front of your house.
    • Luckily some cities have ground anchors primarily for bikes, but you can take it as an added advantage and use this for your electric scooter too. It would help you lock your scooter in a good position.
    • When you can’t carry your scooter everywhere along with you, that’s when the use of ground anchors come in; you can lock your scooter it a ground anchor and protect it adequately.

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There are many different types of locks available, having unique features, and ensuring the utmost safety of your electric scooter. Many companies manufacture these varieties of locks mentioned above.  

Each company has its exclusiveness in terms of the features presented. Thus there are high-quality locks available out there in the market that enables you to be stress-free by ensuring the safety of your scooter.

Always make sure that you lock your scooter even when you are going out for a short while. Thefts at night are not uncommon and so do not forget to lock up your electric scooter at night to protect it from these potential threats.

Covering your scooter is also a part of securing your scooter. Cover your scooter during the day when not being used and even at nights to save it from the thieves or other things that have the potential to cause any damage to it.

As we have talked about locks, you know each lock is unique and innovative in its own way. So to ensure more safety, you can even use a combination of locks instead of using just one. Locks, when used in conjunction, prove to be highly beneficial to keep the scooters safe from any danger. It would be well protected this way.

Moreover, if the scooter is kept in the garage, adding a security system would be fantastic as the loud alarm signal of the security system would make you aware of anything wrong happening in the garage. It would be great in terms of providing safety to the scooter.


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