How To Change Razor E300 Battery

The razor E3oo battery replacement kit is available, which comprises two high-rate batteries specially designed for the scooter. Read more to know how to replace the battery of razor E300.


The razor e300 is a 24-volt powered scooter which is having a rear-wheel drive. The scooter is feature up with an attractive design that seems to be perfect for the teenage children and even younger ones for street racing and a lot more. The scooter can gain speed up to 15 mph. Two air-filled tires enhance the performance on the road to offer the endless joy of street racing to children. Razor e300 scooter comes with a 24-volt battery that can give 40 minutes non-stop performance.

razor e300 battery

However, prolonged use can damage the battery and may affect the performance of the scooter. In that case, you need to replace the razor e300 battery. There is no need to spend extra money because you can do it on your own as well. The razor e3oo battery replacement kit is available, which comprises two high-rate batteries that are specially designed for the scooter. 

The battery for razor e300 is of premium quality, which can enhance the performance and also exceed OEM specification. It is not much difficult to change or replace the battery of scooters, and it will hardly take 15 minutes to replace it. So, let’s check out how you can return the battery of razor e300. 

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Steps to change the razor e300 battery

The razor e300 scooter battery can be replaceable in these simple steps.

Step 1 (Remove
the deck)

First of all, you need an 8 mm open wrench and 4 mm Allen wrench for opening the screws of the scooter’s deck. The next, you need a needle nose plier. Before you start changing the battery, make sure to switch off the scooter power button. Next, onward start opening the screws to open the desk with the help of a screwdriver. There are two screws in the front, two in the middle, two small screws at the back, and two large screws at the tail of scooter.

Make sure to keep them aside so that they will not mix
up. Next, with the help of Allen wrench, open the screws and keep the, aside
and remove the deck.

Step 2 (remove the batteries)

To remove the batteries, you need first to remove the battery bars which keep batteries on the place. Carefully, remove the bars by opening the screws and place them aside.

Next step, you need to flip off batteries and place them vertically upward so that installing plugs can come on the upper side. Now, you need to separate the plugs. The first plug is a bigger one, which can be easily removed by pulling from hands.

The remaining two plugs, which is joint together, is removed with the help of plier. Carefully hold the edge of the plug and pull it with plier to remove them. Once the plugs are removed, the batteries comes-off easily from the scooter.

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razor e300 battery

Step 3 (installing the new batteries)

Put two fresh batteries in the scooter base and tuck all the wires carefully. Now flip the batteries down in a horizontal position. Now start by plugging in. Makes sure, to begin with, the bottom one. Correctly hold the edge of the plug with the help of plier and plug it. Now do similarly with another bottom plug.

Now hold the mains plug which can be tucked in with
the help of hands. The next step will be stuck in the battery bars, which is
crucial. If the batteries bars skip, then it will create noise in a scooter.
Install the bars and tight their screw carefully with the help of a
screwdriver. When all the plugs are stuck accurately reinstall the deck.

Step 4 (reinstalling the deck)

After incorporating batteries carefully reinstall the deck. If somehow you mixed up the screws and don’t know which screw fits in position then check this out. The two little screws go in front of the deck, two Allen wrench screws go in the middle, two longest screws go behind the deck, and two middle size screw goes at the tale of the deck.

The next you need to place all the screws on the place and tight them carefully to install the desk properly once you have inserted the deck switch on the power plug and ready to get another high-performance ride on the Razor e300 scooter.


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