Hoverboard Safety Handle

Hoverboard safety handles are attached to the front of the board with the help of screws. These handles are just like the handles of the scooters as the rider has to just hop over the board and control it by controlling the handle. Using these handles can help you to master the hoverboard ride.

Hoverboards, upon hearing the name, the first thing that comes in our mind is to fly, to flutter and to drift. It is regarded as the most tempting toy for youths and children. The electronic version a skateboard, which is a self-balancing, handsfree ride, is being regarded as a mini Segway without a handle. The first of its kind was seen in the movie ‘Back to the future’.

Till the late 90s, Hoverboard Safety Handle was considered hypothetical, but the second decade of the 21st century has witnessed the popularity of hoverboards among children. Kids demand them as an alternative to the school rides. The battery-operated boards are a ride on wheels that can be moved forward or reverse or even spun around.


Are they safe?

Hoverboards are usually handsfree rides, made especially to replace a skateboard. Unlike skateboards, Hoverboard Safety Handle requires to be handled more safely. These boards are designed specifically for kids, teenagers and college students. So it becomes a tough decision for parents to take. Ensuring the safety and security of children is important and in the case of hoverboards, parents get in a dilemma, whether or not should they buy these.

The speed of these boards is very low ranging from 5mph to 15mph, it also depends upon its brand and price. At times, kids ride them at the highest speed to show stunts or for a thrilling experience. Sometimes they completely ignore the safety guidelines. The fact that scares the parents the most is the carelessness, their kiddos show while riding. That is why it is necessary to wear safety gears while riding hoverboards

The boards are the best ride when rode on a plain smooth surface, but kids got no chill in this case too. So to curb the fear of any mishandling leading to accidents, a variety of hoverboard accessories are available in the market. These hoverboard accessories help in dealing with the risks involved with the ride of the hoverboard. Along with these accessories, some safety measures must be taken on one’s Hoverboard Safety Handle level.

Safety Handle

Hoverboards are mostly used by school and college-going students. They are always very excited about the idea of riding on their own. While cars and motorbikes are considered classic, scooters and hoverboards, on the other hand, are considered cool and fun. Children usually love to own a hoverboard as a style statement. Though the hoverboards by the movement of the body, they require some skills, techniques, balance, and control to maneuver the ride.

To learn these skills, safety handles are considered as the best accessory for maintaining balance and controlling the board. Safety handles are attached to the front of the board with the help of screws. These handles are just like the handles of the scooters as the rider has to just hop over the board and control it by controlling the handle. Using these handles are the best way to master the Hoverboard Safety Handle ride. Once mastered, riding becomes safe and effortless. They also add up to your ride by helping in the maintenance of the balance.

A variety of safety handles is available in the different price range and of various brands. They have different features depending on the price and brand. These handles are easily available on different shopping sites. Amazon had a varied range of products that are compatible with the various hoverboards.

Some of the best handlebar kits are :

Image Name Our Rating Price
Segway adjustable handlebar
ToLanbbt Handlebar Extension Knee Bar
Dual Purpose Segway Handlebar


hoverboard handlebars are being sold internationally by AMBestker. The stylish handlebar kits are compatible with the MiniPRO, Ninebot S, MiniLITE. The price range starts from $59.99. It has multiple features like a rearview mirror which is attached next to the handle rod. They can be easily connected to any Segway or Ninebot for the best riding experience.

These Adjustable Hoverboard Handle Bar are one of the safest as they reduce the chances of falling off the board by providing more control and balancing the ride. The package weighs around 2.55 pounds upon arrival. They have already assembled handlebars, ready to be attached directly to your hoverboard using two screws and tools provided with it.

Within 5 minutes, your board is ready to ride on. These are adjustable handles, that can be resized as per need. Made of aluminum alloy, plastic, glass, and steel, these hoverboard handlebars are the Segway for complete control by the accessible brakes, accelerator and direction control.

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Segway adjustable handlebar

These handlebars are sold internationally by Segway. These handlebar kits are compatible with the Segway MiniPRO. The price range starts from $59.99. The major features include the phone mount on the top of the handle. These handlebars are accessible for the segway miniPRO, miniLITE, Ninebot S.

These handlebars give a new experience by providing access to the direction control and even in moving forward and backward. The package weighs around 3.35 pounds upon arrival. The kit includes a handlebar, one phone holder, one soft red base, 4 screws for the handle, 2 hex nuts, one hex key. These are adjustable handles and can be resized as per need.

The handles offer stability and a firm grip that controls the ride. The handlebar is made up of aluminum alloy with a high-quality paint on the hoverboard handle rod. They are easily adjustable and are highly durable. These handlebars are free sizes and can be adjusted as per the height of the riders.

Image result for Segway adjustable handlebar


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ToLanbbt Handlebar Extension Knee Bar

These handlebars are sold by ToLanbbt.  They are compatible with the Segway Ninebot Mini PRO. The weight of the package upon arrival is 3.2 pounds. The price ranges from country to country. It has a phone mount on the top of the handlebar. The package is inclusive of a set of handlebars, one phone mount, one USB Flash drive.

The handlebars are calibrated using 4 hex nuts with the help of the Allen key. The design of the handle is modern and sturdy. The body of the rod is of aluminum alloy. It has an adjustable height and easily operated steering. It offers great stability and better control to enhance the ride. It gives a better riding experience and reduces knee pressure.

Image result for ToLanbbt Handlebar Extension Knee Bar


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Dual Purpose Segway Handlebar

These are sold by Segway. These handlebars are compatible with miniPRO, miniLITE, Ninebot S. The weight of the package is 2.8 pounds. This model also has a phone mount on the top of it. The package has in it one Silicone Phone Mount, one set of keys, one set of screws, one-hand control handlebar, one knee control handlebar and one change over the bar.

These handlebars are dual purposed. They are advanced quality dual purpose including a separate hand control and knee control. They are easily adjusted and assembled. They have great stability and flexibility which helps in smooth riding experience. A supreme quality handlebar helps in a firm grip giving control over the speed, enhancing the balance over the board.

Apart from these handlebars, it is always recommended to use a good quality helmet, knee and elbow pads while riding a hoverboard. Speed should always be controlled and rules of the roads must be followed. Also, the hoverboards must be of good quality as well as the other accessories. Board must be kept scratch free and placed safely in a bag.

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