Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S22 electric skateboard is an eye-catchy deal in the genre of longboards. The Hiboy specially designed it for the commuters who will be traveling to short distances regularly like college students.


Let us do a quick preview about an electric skateboard. According to the definition provided by Wikipedia, the electric skateboard which is also commonly known as a personal transporter is a skateboard which is pretty much a modified, advanced skateboard. An electric motor drives the skateboard. The intensity of the propellors is dictated with Radio Frequency remote.

It is the same as a regular skateboard, to travel to every part of the streets, it is ridden by the traveler altering his or her weight. The original plan to manufacture or fabricate the gadget was to help in neighborhood transportation. Be that as it may, later this plan turned out to be progressively agreeable in offering an off-road severe thrill sport. The electric skateboards prove that it can control and go off-roads like, grass, rock, soil, and hard sand. In some cases, individuals likewise take up on seashores during low tides.

Everyday technology and science are breaking another barrier, and the electronic devices are enjoying the advancement to its fullest. Therefore, you are surrounded by a crowd of choices of skateboards. And just by the above definition, Hiboy electric skateboard has released its latest model, S22. It is collecting a lot of attention in the skateboard market. But before you follow the herd of tags, “cheapest“, “best buy” skateboard, we would recommend you to go through the article to help you to understand what makes Hiboy S22 worth the buzz.

The Talk About Hiboy S22

Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

As we have mentioned earlier, the Hiboy S22 electric skateboard has an eye-catchy, budget deal in the genre of longboards. The Hiboy specially designed for the commuters who will be traveling to short distances regularly like college students.

The safety and security measures in Hiboy S22 electric skateboard are sound. It will harmlessly take you to your destination without external fears. The reason for such a tension-free attitude is due to the professional battery backup. The highly advanced battery management provides you with unbroken full protection. The cheap electric skateboard comes with the UL-2271 battery certified. Additionally, it also comprises of UL-2272 hoverboard certification. 

This longboard is reliable for your daily schedules since morning chores to all day extended other travel plans. It has been carefully crafted with significant updates. It has equipped advanced materials in the skateboard for increasing the accelerating stability and turning around the roads. 

Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

The Hiboy wrapped this board along with a warranty period of 12 months. It also has 30 days money-back guarantee policy in case you would want to return the electric skateboard for any reason. The S22 skateboard is accompanied by a charging adapter, a USB cable, a T tool, a remote controller and a user manual.

Now let us take a dig in the performance. The Hiboy S22 electric skateboard is offering a 350 W dual hub motor. It will aid you to ride as fast as 18.5 miles per hour and will take you at a distance of 13 miles on a single battery full charge. Pretty much like any other electric skateboard, you can navigate the controls by using the remote.  

Product Specifications and Key Features:

  1. The Durable Designs -> It has been carefully engineered to feature the U shape design. It has stronger tucks and has layers of 7 in maple. All these ingredients add to a sturdier and comfortable quality.  
  2. The Thrusting Motors -> The Hiboy S22 electric skateboard has a couple of brushless hub motors. It gives out constant power output. The engines benefit the skateboards in giving a rider a sense of secure riding and smoother experience.
  3. High Speed -> Do you know what is considered as fast? The S22 riding at 18.6 -24 miles per hour.
  4. Battery Performance -> The reliable 350 W dual hub motors allow you to stretch a journey up to 13 miles on a single full battery charge. That is how much longer you can pull this board. It takes a total of 2 hours to recharge its strength. It includes a battery with specification 36V/ 4.4 Ah and requires a charging voltage of AC100-240V or 50-60Hz. It is advisable to keep the electric skateboard within 0℃ to 40℃ (or 32 ℉ to 104 ℉) for optimum performance. 
  5. Smoother Brakes -> The S22 brings four riding modes and also four brake modes. It is an exclusive design of Hiboy electric skateboards. It has been manufactured in such a way that each brake mode or ride mode is customized to render a careful taper when braking or accelerating the longboard. 
  6. Climbing Ability -> As per the manufacturer, they have stated that the board that climbs a hill of 20% grade with ease. It is anyway, the standard level. 
  7. Wheels -> The wheels are made up of durable PU materials. All the four wheels are is handily replaceable. The Hiboy gives you a relaxation pat about the wheel replacement. 
  8. The Remote -> The radiofrequency ergonomic design controller has a quick response quotient. It is like any other controller, a rechargeable device. It is used to navigate the speed with your level of ease and comfort. 
  9. Dimensions -> It is built with mensuration of 92 x 24 x 14 cm.
  10. Weight -> The Hiboy S22 electric skateboard weighs about 7.5 kg or 16.5 lbs. It can carry smoothly within the range of weighing 66.14 pounds to 220 pounds.  

In a nutshell, let us draw the pros and cons of the Hiboy S22 electric skateboard.


  • It is smooth and straightforward to ride.
  • It offers excellent, comfortable, and elite quality.
  • It has modified to a sturdier journey.
  • It has a smooth transition of fast acceleration and slow acceleration. 
Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard


  • It weighs about 16.5 pounds which is considered as heavy in the electric skateboard world. If you want to carry it somewhere, it will not be an easy job.
  • The user guide, which comes along with the box, has incomplete instructions in it. It does not prove you with the right insight about the skateboard.
  • There have been negligible improvements in the charging progress. Moreover, it takes more extended hours to recharge, due to more extensive accommodation of the battery.

Comparison with the Previous Model:

S22 S11
They have double hub motors of 350W. They have a single hub motor of 350W.
They give a 13mile journey in one charge. They give a 6.2mile journey with its full charge.
The charging time is 2hrs for 36V/4.4Ah. The charging time is 1hr 30mins for 25.2V/2.2Ah
They are faster as they hit 18.5miles per hour. They manage their speed with 12miles per hour.

When the Hiboy released its latest venture: the S22, the obvious which popped into the minds of the people were who is the winner of Hiboy S22 vs S11. The Hiboy S22 is an all in all up-gradation of the S11. 
It starts with the primary thrust motor power; S22 bears a double hub motor of 350 W, whereas S11 was added with 350 W with a single hub motor. The commuter can travel up to a range of only 6.2 miles in S11 in a single full charge, whereas the same in S22 is about 13 miles. The charging time hits low in S22, as it takes about two hours to charge the 36V/ 4.4 Ah and S11 needs one and a half hours to recharge the 25.2V/ 2.2 Ah.

The S22 is very fast and hits the maximum speed of 18.5 miles per hour, and on the contrary, S11 manages to mark 12 miles per hour. By the aforementioned fastest speed, it is quite evident that the S11 was primarily designed for younger children for daily playing and commuting. Therefore, S22 is for adult commuters. Since, S11 deals with kids, it is very light weighted, weighs about 7.94 pounds. However, even for adults, S22 is heavy, it weighs 16.5 pounds. 

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The Hiboy S22 electric skateboard is recommended to those individuals who have experience in skateboarding and will burst the bubble into the electronic skateboard world. It is a packaged reward for the commuters traversing to short lengths of journeys every day, just like the college students. The Hiboy S22 electric skateboard is ideal for the entry-level skateboards.

Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

 It is unquestionably not for the crowd looking for the excitement of high speed into a long distance. It is also to be distinguished that the transition between acceleration and de-acceleration is very swift and fast. Therefore a person below fifteen years of age is advised against the usage of the device. In short, it is the best buy at the price of $404 for the new riders in electric skateboarding


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