Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

With an amazing appearance and a powerful battery life, we present you Hiboy S2 electric scooter. It is a strongly built electric scooter that looks practical and is better known for its quality. Hiboy S2 has been the most uprising and popularly growing scooter.


Imagine a scooter that lets you talk to the wind but with the guarantee of your safety! With a fantastic appearance and a great battery life, we present to you Hiboy S2 electric scooter. This is a powerfully built electric scooter that looks perfect. It is well known for its quality and smoothness on any road.

With high-technology and smart-minds, Hiboy s2 electronic scooter gives you the ultimate experience of a ride around the city block or the countryside. Rest assured, you will be satisfied with investing in the right product.

Hiboy S2

of Hiboy s2

Currently, Hiboy S2 has been the most uprising and popularly growing scooter amongst the rest. Starting from its colors to the overall appearance of the vehicle, it has a very captivating look. With a well-built design and body, it looks classy and different from just any typical scooter.

The scooter has a smooth finish and accessible features. Hence it is strongly believed that Hiboy s2 has been winning hearts ever since the day it has been launched. It has strong and positive reviews globally both on and off the internet. 

and features of Hiboy s2

Talking about the specifications, the creators have made sure they made every buck worth the scooter. Hiboy s2 electric scooter has the following features to offer to its riders:   

Max. Speed: 15.5 mph and 11 mph (Double speed modes)
Weight: 29.5 lbs only 
Maximum load: 260 lbs
Motor: 250W brush-less motor
Battery: Lithium-Ion 36 V, 7.8 Ah
Tires: 8.5-inch rubber solid tires
Product dimensions: 45.7 x 16.5 x 47.2 inches
Charging time: 4-6 hours

other extra items included with the scooter are:

  1.  Assembled Electric Scooter
  2.  1 x Charger
  3.  4 x Screws
  4.  1 x Hexagon Wrench
  5.  1 x User Manual.

functions of the Hiboy S2 are the following:

  1. E-Scooter One Button Functions:
  2. One tap – turn on/off the front and rear lights.
  3. Two tap -Switch to Comfort Mode (Greed S) OR Sport Mode (Red S)
  4. Three tap – turn on/off the middle light.
  5. Detachable seat

Details and advantages

Hiboy S2

The best feature about this scooter is that you will find Hiboy s2 electric scooter with a seat that is comfortable ride when you are tired. Starting from the younger generations to older people, anyone can ride the scooter. It ensures your safety and gives you the ultimate experience on the road with zero tiredness.

More importantly, the scooter is light in weight, which makes it easier to handle. The charging of the scooter is also fast and reliable. For people belonging to any size or gender, using this light weighed scooter is highly comfortable and convenient.

You would only need to charge it for a few hours and then use it for a good and long time in a day. The Hiboy s2 electric scooter battery takes just about three whole hours to get fully charged. The construction of this scooter is built up, especially for the roads that are not at all plain and well maintained, especially in a country that is so busy. So no matter how bumpy the ride is going to be, your Hiboy S2 scooter will give you the best trip that you desire for.

According to several experts, the Hiboy s2 electric scooter review says that this particular vehicle should not be called just any scooter but an e-scooter. This beautiful, efficient e-scooter has headlights, brakes, and scooter deck, which can also help you to store the necessary items in the small vehicle.

Hiboy s2 top speed scooter not just gets you moving with the wind, but also keeps you connected to the virtual world. It offers a Bluetooth connection that you can pair with any kind of smartphone. You also get to lock and control the speed with the cruise control feature of the scooter. With special features, you can also track and analyze your riding statistics daily

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Hiboy s2 electric scooter review

 Hiboy has a capacity of 270Wh of smart power management and lithium batteries. It contains a 250-watt motor that can be flown away to 15.5 mph that is 25km/h. The smart battery management inbuilt in the vehicle notifies you when the vehicle is dealing with unwanted mechanical or technical issues.

This makes your scooter smart and user-friendly by keeping you aware of any necessary fixes. It is believed that S2 stores and converts to kinetic energy as it changes to electrical power. Even when it comes to Hiboy s2 vs. Max, Hiboy has better fitted braking powers than that of any other scooters, including max.

Indeed, the Hiboy s2 e-scooter is not super fast. But the smoothness of this scooter would want you to buy it at first glance. When the battery is fully charged for about 3 to 4 full hours, the scooter can go up to a good distance of 17 miles. It depends on how you use and maintain the bike. The elements or extra technology you use of your own for the bike also matters. 


  • Top Range: 17 Miles
  • Top Speed: 15 Mph
  • Tires: 8.5″ Solid
  • Double braking system
  • Rear Suspension
  • Mobile app
  • Optional seat
  • Cruise & speed control

  • Only 1 color available
  • Not the lightest

Why Hiboy s2 is a good choice


The best part of Hiboy s2 is that the tires are durable, stable, and professionally well built. This makes the scooter tough and very reliable for everyday use. The turning and the accelerations are soft and swift. It has a powerful electric brushless hub motor that lets you increase the speed of the scooter. It keeps the power to travel up to 18 miles in 25km/h.

There are three front, middle, and rear lights that help you to see the surrounding at night clearly and safely. It has an advantage of the double braking system on the second wheel and a disc braking system for the rear wheel. Hence, Hiboy s2 is practically a great choice to play along with the wind when you hit the road.

Hiboy S2

One of the other best features of this electric is that it gives the advantage of connecting the phone with the scooter via Bluetooth. You can now play your favorite songs or lock the scooter with your phone. Windows, Android, or iPhone, you can connect it with your scooter.

The designers of the scooter have made sure that no paring or fitting problems are too complex. If you are near a grocery shop or a multiplex car parking, you can adjust your amazingly flexible e-scooter in a few seconds.

drawbacks and features we might not have liked about the vehicle:

The current scooters’ brakes are used as random cycles or scooters. It has been said that the brakes will be changed with the next versions of the two-wheeler. At times, it may also be a little complicated to find or buy a replacement charger. The folding mechanism can be troublesome if not taken care of properly.

The maintenance of this scooter can be minimal but is essential for smooth working and usage. In this scooter, the handlebar is set at a general height. Since it is not adjustable, the handlebar may not be suitable or comfortable for all.

Take Away

This is one of the finest scooters every home must have as it comes along with a lot of benefits. Hiboy comes with great advantages that can propose a convenient trip to small places, which might even include the small drive from the home to the vegetable market. The features are all on point.

The battery ranges are highly convenient, and it offers the best speed a scooter could give. The quality of this scooter is vibrant and eye-catching, which eventually gives the satisfaction to every rider. Overall the Hiboy s2 electric scooter looks and feels premium. And most importantly, this amazingly easy-to-use scooter is worth every cent.


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