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Gyroor hoverboard is not just a means of transportation, but it has become a means of entertainment as well. Gyroor T580 hoverboard comes with numerous extraordinary features. Gyroor hoverboards are known for their safe design.

We live in the 21st century — an age where you will barely find anything that is technology-free. Technology is everywhere. It controls all aspects of our lives. And as scary as it may sound to some people, it is very much fun. Consider Hoverboards, for example. They are simple objects, yet so much fun. Hoverboards are an incredible blend of static and dynamic. You are standing, yet you are moving. Walking was never this simple. Just shift your weight a little, and it will start moving. Hoverboards can be a bit tricky, to begin with, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a piece of cake.

There are many companies that produce best hoverboards. They are made to manage your weight. And Gyroor is one such company that creates excellent products. Hoverboards were a means of transportation, for people who want to add a little fun to their daily routine. But these days, hoverboards are way more than this. Gyroor has taken hoverboards to the next level.

Gyroor hoverboards are not just a means of transportation, but it has become a means of entertainment as well. Gyroor t580 hoverboard comes with so many extraordinary features. And we shall be discussing it in great detail in this Gyroor T580 hoverboard review.

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Gyroor hoverboards are known for their safe design. Their products are designed to be safe and fun at the same time. Gyroor t580 hoverboards have a robust, sturdy design that is meant to provide excellent service to the rider.

Gyroor keeps safety in mind, and that reflects in its products. With Gyroor hoverboards, you will never have to worry about security. Gyroor makes sure to test all its hoverboards for safety. Safety is a priority at Gyroor. Before landing in the market, all hoverboards have to pass standard safety tests.

Quick Summary

Features Gyroor t580 Hoverboard
MAX WEIGHT 265 pounds
CHARGING TIME 1.5 to 2 hours to charge fully
RANGE 5 to 7.5 miles.
BATTERY Lithium-ion batteries
MAX SPEED 8miles/hr
SPEAKERS built-in speakers
CERTIFICATION UL2272 certified.

Gyroor has already taken a step further when it comes to safety. With high-tech electric, anti-fire shell protection, and UL Certified that makes t580 the best choice for a rider.

These hoverboards by gyroor are smart devices. And not only on the outside but also on the inside. Gyroor t580 hoverboard comes with dual shinny wheels. These wheels bring elegance to the hoverboard. It makes your device stand out amongst other hoverboards. Dual shiny wheels in Gyroor makes sure that wherever you go, people’s eyes follow you. The contrast between simple and polished is what makes this hoverboard a great choice. Gyroor has managed to achieve a perfect balance between luxurious and modest. They have come forward with a classy design, that makes Gyroor t580 an elegant choice.

The basic principle of using hoverboards is weight shifting. Hoverboard sensors that detect even the slightest shift in your weight. To move it forward, you need to lean forward. To move backward, shift your weight backwards. And in whichever direction you alter your weight, the hoverboard would turn in that direction. Gyroor hoverboards are extremely sensitive. They can sense even the slightest shift in your weight, and this makes sure that you will not have to put too much pressure on the hoverboard to make it work. Thus, riding a hoverboard becomes more fun.

Along with shinny wheels, you also get LEDs. Gyroor t580 also has LED headlights and flashing wheels. Now you can take your hoverboard for a spin, even during the night. LEDs mean extended hours of fun. Gyroor t580 will make you feel safe and also illuminate your path when needed. It is needless to mention that the presence of these LEDs unbelievably increases the cool quotient.

The aluminum body of the Gyroor hoverboard can endure a maximum weight of over 265 pounds. Besides being durable, Gyroor also has incredible efficiency. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to charge fully. And on a full charge, gyroor hoverboards can cover a distance of about 5 to 7.5 miles.

Gyroor t580 hoverboard works on Lithium-ion batteries. The smart fashion in which Gyroor hoverboards are designed has increased the life of the battery. So, it is clear that Gyroor hoverboards possess long-lasting batteries. Longer batteries mean more fun. Having a more sustainable battery improves the quality of the hoverboard as a whole.

The maximum speed which can be attained by this hoverboard is about 8miles/hr. The app can also control the speed of the hoverboard. Gyroor app helps you link to your hoverboard, and customize it according to your needs. With the Gyroor app, you can control the LED colors and ride speed. You can also keep an eye on the battery life of the device.

Other things that you can adjust through Gyroor App are:

  • Switch – between adult and child mode
  • Adjust – self-balance mode
  • Analyze – on/offsetting

In comparison to Gyroor t580, Gyroor F1 comes with racer wheels. It speaks a lot about Gyroor, and the wheels present in Gyroor F1 have piano lacquer technology and streamlined design. Gyroor F1 is a sturdy device that offers high speed. With such excellent properties, you can take Gyroor F1 off the road. You ride Gyroor F1 on rocky terrain. Like bumpy pavements, gravels, grass sand and even dirt paths. Such pleasures are not possible with Gyroor t580. Gyroor F1 helps you be stable and maintain balance even when the road beneath you is uneven.




Mind-Blowing Features:

Gyroor also keeps in mind the music needs of its customers. Gyroor always keeps its customers’ needs first, and that is why Gyroor t580 comes with built-in speakers. Now you can connect your smartphone to your hoverboard and play your favorite music. So, it is inevitable that the Gyroor hoverboard is a smart choice. It is creative, entertaining, and safe at the same time.

Robust Design

Gyroor t580hoverboard comes with an advanced motherboard. The creative interior allows the device to keep up with your commands. And also execute functions smoothly. An advanced motherboard ensures that the machine runs smoothly. The battery life of the hoverboard is also increased. Better battery results in smoother rides, better service, and longer shelf life.

Smartphone control

As mentioned earlier, Gyroor t580 comes with an app. You can now link your hoverboard to your smartphone. An app allows you to have additional control, primarily if a child is using the hoverboard. Gyroor app will enable you to control the LEDs, which makes your wheels pop! Besides giving you control over the appearance of the hoverboard, it gives you control over the speed. The maximum speed attained by gyroor t580 is 8 miles/hr. But you can set the pace according to your needs. Gyroor app helps parents regulate the hoverboard in case their child is using it. Parental control is essential. Gyroor app allows you to keep a check on the battery life as well.


Gyroort580 hoverboard comes with two modes. One is for kids, and the other one is for adults. Kids mode makes it easy for kids or first-timers to control the hoverboard. In this mode, the hoverboard is extra sensitive. Even Minimal shift in weight is picked up by the hoverboard in this mode. In adult mode, the Gyroor t580 becomes ‘a dream come true’ device for all hoverboard experts. It allows you to go places and do stunts and tricks. In the adult mode, you are in charge!

Inbuilt Speakers

With Gyroor t580, you don’t need to carry an extra pair of speakers. Just connect your device to this hoverboard using the app, and you are ready to roll! The inbuilt speaker amps up the whole hoverboard experience. It is like carrying your personal sound system, wherever you go!

Self-Balancing Technology

The Self-balancing feature of Gyroor t580 makes it easier to ride this hoverboard.


Gyroort580 is UL2272 certified. In simple words, it means that Gyroor t580 has passed all the ethical and safety tests. Not only are the riding parameters tested, but they also check the battery and charging safety. Positive results ensure that the battery does not misbehave in any way.


  • Sturdy design. Gyroor t580 can carry a maximum weight of about 265 pounds.
  • Both kids and adults love it. In kids’ mode, the hoverboard is easy to handle. And additional parental control can be monitored using the Gyroor app.
  • LEDs and shiny wheels make it all the more attractive.
  • Inbuilt speaker helps you enjoy your favorite music on the go!
  • UL2272 safety certified.


· Bluetooth in Gyroor t580 fails to connect quite frequently. There are some severe compatibility issues with this device. Whenever you switch on the hoverboard, the machine announces the Bluetooth at maximum volume. There is no command to switch off this function or even reduce the volume.

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Gyroor t580 comes with some great features. Such excellent properties are absent in other hoverboards. The app control of Gyroor allows the parents to have control over their kid’s hoverboard. Such properties make Gyroor safer. Gyroor t580 lets you have fun but also takes care of your safety.

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