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Not only the design of Gotrax hoverboards but also a lot of other incredible features make the customers love Gotrax as a hoverboard brand. There is a huge range of hoverboards which hauls from Gotrax.

With some leading futuristic models, Gotrax has become a well-known name in the world of Hoverboards. Not only the design of Gotrax hoverboards but a lot of other incredible features make the customers love Gotrax as a hoverboard brand.

There is a huge range of hoverboards which hauls from Gotrax. Out of these, the ones which are widely appreciated by users in Gotrax hoverboard reviews are: –


Riding made fun and easy with the brand-new Gotrax hoverfly eco hoverboard. This hoverboard can be used easily by kids and adults alike.

It comes equipped with dual 250-watt motors that are 500 watts of highly boosted power. So, with high speed and enormous power, you will be able to rule the road. These hoverboards can attain a maximum speed of 7.4 mph.

After every individual charging session of 3 to 4 hours, you can easily ride up to 4 miles. So, get hours of uninterrupted fun with the hoverfly eco hoverboard.





1. There are loads of other unique features that make Gotrax the leading hoverboard brand of America. It has LED Headlights. These lights can change color with changing direction.

Not only is riding on this hoverboard super fun but also safe with the latest 0 radius turn technology. This ensures precise steering and accurate balance.

2. The body of the hoverboard and its battery is UL 2272 tested and certified to be completely hazard-free. Even the Gotrax hoverboard charger is UL certified. The maximum load that this hoverboard can bear is 220lbs.




The 6.5” wheels give great traction and control over movement. Not only functionally but this hoverboard is also the best in terms of cool and trendy looks.

It comes in 7 color variations. These are blue, black, pink, galaxy, red, green and purple.

3. The hoverboard comes with an extended warranty of 1 year.

As for accessories from the company, the customer gets a carrying case making portability easier. Hoverboard bumpers are also provided along with the pack. You can always integrate these with the board to add extra safety parameters.




This hoverboard has also gained substantial popularity because it is the perfect blend of great features under affordable prices. So, it can be afforded by all sections of people. It is one of the best cheap hoverboard suitable for buying even for teenagers and students.

All these world-class features make the hoverfly eco one of the best hoverboards under 200 $

In the
world of cheap hoverboards, not only this model but a few other Gotrax models
are equally popular. These are

Gotrax Hoverfly ion led Hoverboard




This model of certified self-balancing hoverboard is almost similar to the eco model except for a few distinguishing features: –

  1. Gotrax hoverfly ion led hoverboard has an intelligent self-balancing mode. This is achieved via an internal gyroscopic technology. So, as you step on the deck, the hoverboard will balance itself which provides easy and safe riding solutions for beginners
  2. It comes in 8 vibrant and lucrative colors: – Teal, orange, white, pink, red, black, yellow and blue




Gotrax hoverboard represents the proper aggregation of high grade and unique features at affordable prices. It combines everything that makes a hoverboard awesome to use.

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