Gotrax Gxl

With its incredible strength and extremely durable body, it is easy to take Gotrax GXL for a ride. You can use it to visit your nearby places in the city within a radius of 12 miles. Long hour battery support, sturdy structure, and durability are all you can expect from this scooter.

Transportation is a necessity. But it is so inconvenient to use a bike if you just want to go to the grocery store. Cars are all the more work. Such situations call for a simpler and more convenient means of transportation. We need something hassle-free for this. The best thing to use here is a commuting scooter. Gotrax GXL is the best scooter available in the market. It has made transportation so much easier. It is simple to use and goes a long way when fully charged. You can use it to explore the neighborhood or make a quick trip to the grocery store.

It is also a fun activity. Take out your scooter, take a quick spree. It has never been easier or simpler. The benefit of using a scooter is that they are battery operated. This means that they do not consume petrol or diesel and in turn cause zero harm to the environment. Shifting to commuting is equivalent to taking a step towards saving the environment. This ensures that you have a safe and smooth ride.




Quick Summary

Features Gotrax GXL V2
WEIGHT 27 lbs
MAX SPEED 15.5mph
RANGE 9-12 miles (15-19 km)
NEW FEATURE Hand-Brake Edition

Gotrax GXL

Gotrax GXL is an excellent scooter. It is sure to entice you with its amazing features. At a time when all the world is shifting to a more efficient means of transportation, Gotrax GXL has proven to be the best. This is the best commuting scooter available in the stores. Gotrax commuting electric scooter is a modern-day dynamic invention that is aimed at giving you a better means of transportation. Going places has never been easier.




With its incredible strength and extremely durable body, it is easy to take Gotrax on a ride. You can use it to go to the grocery store. Or any other place within the radius of 12 miles. The battery provided with this vehicle robust as well. Long hour battery support, sturdy structure, and durability are all you can expect from a scooter. Gotrax GXL commuting scooter is designed to go the distance.

Special Features about Gotrax GXL

Gotrax GXL, a modern-day scooter has a lot to offer. In this Gotrax review, we will focus on some point that makes Gotrax so special. Let us now talk about some distinctive features of Gotrax.

Gotrax GXL comes with a powerful motor

It is absolutely important that your scooter has a powerful motor. Thankfully, Gotrax GXL commuting electric scooter comes with a powerful motor of 250watt. This is strong a sturdy motor that powers the scooter. In the presence of this excellent motor, your scooter can easily achieve a speed of 15mph. A mighty motor like this is sure to give you a better experience in comparison to many other scooters. This ensures that you have a tremendous ride.

Durable body of Gotrax GXL

The body of the GXL electric scooter is light. In spite of this, no compromise is made on the part of the strength of the scooter. The scooter is designed to be strong and sturdy. Because of a strong structure, Gotrax GXL is able to support a weight of 220lbs.




This device is extremely light and can be easily carried anywhere. The incredible strength protects the device against damage.

Pneumatic tubes are used in Gotrax scooters

Pneumatic tubes make your vehicle safe. They ensure that your tires are shock absorbent. Being very effective in the shock absorption phenomenon, pneumatic tubes ensure that you have a smooth ride. No matter how rough the terrain, your ride would always be smooth.

The anti-slip expertise used in these tires gives you extra security against accidents. This allows you to ride your scooter even in on a rainy evening. Water on the roads will not cause any problem for you. The anti-slip technology will protect you and your scooter from slipping. This, in turn, increases the security of your vehicle. Fewer accidents mean more fun.

Gotrax GXL has an Attractive design

Gotrax has a sleek and attractive design. It is built in a way that makes it stand out in the crowd. It has an eye-catching design. With Gotrax you will always feel modern and on top of the world. The design is such that it will draw attention from everyone. The beautiful and attractive appearance of this scooter is another reason for its high demand. Gotrax satisfies its customers in all ways- with excellent performance and stunning appearance.

Beautiful Engineering

Gotrax GXL is provided with bright headlights. This makes it a nighttime vehicle, as well. The well lite dashboard is another pleasant feature of this scooter. You can control everything from this dashboard. All commands are operated by the touch of your finger. You and One-touch go from ordinary to extraordinary. Using the dashboard, you can keep track of your remaining battery life, headlights, and speed.

You get an incredible battery with Gotrax GXL

Gotrax GXL commuting electric scooter runs on Lithium-ion batteries. Gotrax GXL battery has incomparable stability. When fully charged, you can have fun with your scooter for about four continuous hours. At full potential, this scooter can support a ride for up to 12.5 miles. The lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are also eco-friendly. Thus, it can be said that this device contributes to the wellness of the environment.

Gotrax GXL is portable

Gotrax electric scooter can be folded into a compact size. This makes it easier to transport it anywhere. In addition to this, the latch present in the scooter helps it stay in the folded form and avoids any accidental opening. Thus, protecting the device against any damage during transportation. You can store the scooter in this quick foldable form.





Lovely design and sturdiness

Gotrax GXL has a sleek design that is extremely attractive. Eyes seem to be following this scooter whichever way it goes. Giving it a lovely appearance was not easy, but at the same time, there is no compromise in strength. Gotrax is a strong and sturdy device that can support up to 220lbs.

Lasting Battery Life

Gotrax GXL comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They are eco-friendly and also robust. A fully charged scooter can go up to 12 miles. That is some promising battery life. It lasts for about 4 hours. You can do a lot in 4 hours. And don’t worry GXL battery will always support you.

Extreme portability

Gotrax GXL folds down into a very compact structure.

This makes it easy to carry the device wherever you are going. Take it with you and have fun. You can fold it and put it in the trunk of your car if you are going on a long vacation. Or else, you can simply carry it in your had. This scooter is light enough for that. Easy portability makes it a great choice for school students.


The added efficiency of a speedometer makes the device more reliable. You can easily monitor your speed using this.



Speed is an issue with the GXL commuting scooter. The device fails to provide the promised 15mph. Most customers on Amazon claim that this scooter reaches a maximum speed of 6-8mph. This is not that bad either, but people who have high expectations from Gotrax will be disappointed.

Break System

There are no breaks on the handle. The absence of handle breaks makes it extremely inconvenient to use this scooter for the rider. There are electric and disc breaks present in the front and the rear tires. Some customers have complained that this makes it difficult to ride this scooter.

Gotrax GXL vs. Xiaomi x365

Gotrax GXL is an excellent scooter. And another device that is considered comparable to Gotrax GXL is Xiaomi x365. Despite being comparable, these two vehicles are incredible in their own way.

Gotrax GXL Xiaomi m365
Gotrax GXL gives a top speed of about 12mph. Xiaomi m365 can give you a greater speed of 16mph.
Such a high-tech display is absent in Gotrax GXL. Xiaomi m365 has a Bluetooth enabled smartphone-enabled display.
It’s acceleration is comparatively mediocre. Xiaomi m365 has a better framework which enables it to provide better acceleration. This ensures that you get better speed and a smoother ride.


Gotrax GXL scooter is an eco-friendly means of transportation. It is battery powered and does not require much investment. The design is sturdy and sleek. It can carry a weight of up to 220lbs. With long battery life and durable structure, you cannot expect more from this device.




Gotrax GXL provides with an efficient method of transportation which costs less than $500. It is energy efficient and also portable. You can carry it anywhere. All you need to do is fold it. It squeezes down to a convenient structure which makes it portable. On a full charge, you can ride Gotrax GXL for over 4 hours. It provides you with an excellent 12-mile radius. This is much more than most scooters’ average.

Gotrax GXL has a beautiful display that can be easily accessed with just a touch of your fingers. Incredible design and user-friendly interface make it easy to ride this scooter. You can control everything from your dashboard. And also keep a check on your battery life.

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