Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

The Glion Dolly electric scooter has a decent structure, mainly known for its speed and range. It is perfect for people who want to ride scooters for fun and can use it as a last-mike commuter.


glion dolly

The Glion Dolly electric scooter has a decent structure, and its speed and range are pretty good. It is a mid-range model and is embedded with some features which are unique. A feature like folding the scooter and then carrying it around as it is was a suitcase with wheels is a very attractive and unique feature because we cannot find scooters, which are this good when it comes to portability. The Glion Dolly electric scooter is perfect for people who want to ride scooters for fun and can use it as a last-mike commuter.

Range and speed

The Glion Dolly scooter has a brushless hub of 250 watts. The Glion Dolly electric scooter battery is of 36-volt. One good thing about its battery is that it can be charged very quickly within a time span of 3.5 hours, and customers have given good ratings when it comes to charge and discharge cycle. The battery of this electric scooter lasts up to 3-5 years before they need for replacement comes, and when the time for replacement does arrive, then the company is always ready with a replacement battery.

Glion Dolly’s electric scooter speed is 15mph, which is the maximum speed because of its motor and the battery, and the range is 15 miles considering the user rides the scooter at a slow speed. Overestimating the range of electric scooters is a thing that most of the companies do, so, it is very important to reduce the maximum range whenever you go out riding electric scooters.

Practically, the maximum range of Glion Dolly scooters can reach around 10 miles, and if the user is riding the scooter very fast or the weight of the user is closer to the maximum weight that the scooter can carry, the range will be reduced.


The Glion Dolly foldable commuter electric scooter for adults has a weight of around 27 pounds, which is not the lighter weight you can find in scooters, but it can carry up to 250 pounds. The body of this electric scooter is made up of aircraft-grade and powder-coated aluminum, which helps in preventing corrosion.

On the small side, the user can find the handlebars, and if the user wants to know the battery level, he/she can see it on the LED screen. The tires of Glion Dolly scooters are airless and has 8” inch three. The interior of the tires is made up of honeycomb interior, which is developed by the military, which means the users won’t need to worry about pumping the tire themselves.

Now, coming to the braking system, which is anti-lock. One of the unique features of this well-built scooter is that the folding system. The scooters can be folded very easily, and it takes minimum time in the process of folding after the scooter is folded the user can carry it around like a rolling suitcase.

This feature is considered unique because, in other scooters, the users have to carry the whole weight of the scooter, but the case is different when it comes to Glion Dolly Scooters. The user can shield their scooter from water because it has fenders, and the kickstand of this scooter is very convenient and small as well.


The main focus point of safety in Glion Dolly scooters are the lights which are built in the scooters. The headlight of this scooter is very bright, which can be turned on very conveniently with a push of a red button. It has a tail reflector, too, which is also built in the scooter. The lights will keep the user safe because cars and pedestrians will easily notice the rider at night.

Customer service

The warranty of Glion Dolly electric scooters is very limited, which means that this warranty covers the first 12 months or the first 1000 miles whichever will come first. Just like any other limited warranty, this warranty does not cover the physical wear and tear of the scooter, meaning the company will not cover up for the damages which will be caused because of misuse. There are no ratings on the customer servicing past because the company is pretty new in the market.


Coming to the demerits of this scooter, people are having problems with the tires because they are supposed to replace the traditional suspension system. When a user is riding this scooter, the riding feels a little bit rough if the user is not riding on a smooth road. This is a demerit because it is a commuter scooter, and the tires are built in such a way that they not handling bumpy toads very well does not come as a big surprise.

Another demerit of this electric scooter is the control panels are not that good. The screen only gives you the visual percentage of the battery. The screen does not give any details about the speed of the scooter or the range that it covers.

Who should buy this?

  • The Glion Dolly electric scooter is a decent scooter. People who are looking for last-mile commuters should really, but this because it has a range of 7-10 miles, but the advertisement is for 15 miles, which is the maximum, but in reality, the range is always a bit less than the maximum range.
  • People who are bored and tired by carrying their old scooters can buy the Glion Dolly scooter because they can be folded and carried around like a rolling suitcase which is really unique and is very useful because then the user can easily speed up their commute and then quickly pull up their Glion Dolly scooter and carry them in a train, or a bus or the user can even keep it standing in the corner of their office room.
  • People who like scooters which has a quick charging time, then this scooter is the perfect unit. The time span of charging this battery is the very quick battery, which gives their user the benefit of charging their Glion Dolly scooter at their workplace and then getting to their commute at the right time.
  • People who are looking out for the environment and want to replace their commute, which contributes to pollution and uses something which is on the greener side, can buy the Glion Dolly scooter.

Xiaomi M365 vs. Glion Dolly

Basis Xiaomi M365 Glion Dolly
Range 19 mi 16 mi
Top speed 16 mph 16 mph
Weight 27 lb 28 lb
Battery 280 Wh 230 Wh
Lights Front and Rear Front
Brakes Regen + Disc Electronic

The Final Verdict On The Glion Dolly

In this Glion Dolly scooter review, I will give my final and honest thoughts regarding this scooter. There is no doubt that this scooter gas some weak points like the suspensions are not present in the scooter, the control panel does not provide detailed information about the speed and range that is covers, and the range is little bit short but if you are someone who has a whole idea and not just the positive aspects of this scooter then this purchase of Glion Dolly scooter will be a solid deal because you will know what to expect and what not to expect.

The foldable and feature is really a very strong point that attracts people. The reason behind people loving this feature is that it makes the scooter easy to carry around and makes it compact.

Overall, the scooter is really good considering its lightweight, charging time, and portability. I think people should definitely buy this scooter because this scooter’s unique features make it a good commuter electric scooter.

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