The Ferrari Electric Scooter Review

The Ferrari electric scooter can be an excellent gift for your young family members. These scooters are safe and offer you comfortable rides. Besides that, there are different color patterns available, and you can choose any model as per your preference.


A lot of people still think that electric scooters are for kids and toddlers. It is not entirely accurate. An electric scooter is also an excellent choice for youngsters and people who love to perform stunts. These small foldable scooters are also called stunt scooters. A pedal scooter like a Ferrari is always an excellent gift for those who love scooters and tricks. If you have a kid in your home, then this can be a great Christmas or birthday gift for them.

Why Choose Ferrari Electric Stunt Scooters?

Many companies manufacture electric scooters for different age groups. But nothing beats the classic Ferrari scooter range. The truth is, Ferrari has always been a frontrunner in this race. The Ferrari Electric Scooter is a perfect choice. This company has been releasing different models with exciting features every year. Their scooters are always applauded by reviewers and parents and even those who use it.

Toddlers and youngsters have expressed their joy and satisfaction after using scooters. Ferrari has now decided to design electric scooters on a large scale so that the users or the riders get extreme comfort. 

This article is exclusively for Ferrari electric scooter.  Here you will know about the features and specifications of Ferrari electric scooters and different models. Additionally, you will also know about the advantages and disadvantages of the scooter model, how to purchase the right casque scooter Ferrari and many other essential things. Read the article till the end to obtain complete information.

Review Of The Ferrari Electric Scooter

The company designs different models of a particular range. This happens because the models change with the age of the users. If you want to buy the Ferrari Stunt Electric Scooter or other models of Ferrari electric scooter, then you can easily buy them from online or from a local toy and gift shop and many famous and global online shopping portals like Amazon. Alternatively, you can buy a Ferrari 3 wheel scooter or electric scooter from Walmart or any other gift shop or departmental store. But, before you buy one, you have to think carefully about the age of the boy or girl who will ride it.

Well, every Ferrari scooter is unique in its way. Although the models have more or less the same features, they might be available in different colors. For example, you can buy a scooter in red, pink, black, blue, and other colors. The manufacturing company also releases special editions and limited editions. 

If you want to buy a Ferrari electric scooter for a girl, then you can choose their models according to the gender of the user also. Each of these scooters is sturdy, long-lasting, and offers comfort while riding. If you want to purchase a scooter that will last long, then Ferrari is your best choice. 

Adjustable Handlebars

The main advantage of buying Ferrari Electric Scooter style electric scooters is that these models come with adjustable handlebars. Different users have different heights and comfort levels. Hence, an adjustable handlebar ensures that the rider can ride the scooter with comfort and efficiency.

Besides that, these handlebars and T-bars also come with a safety lock. The lock can quickly fix the handlebar in a fixed position. In general, a Ferrari scooter handlebar can be adjusted in different heights. Hence from a toddler of 3 years to a kid of 12 years- everyone can ride one model with ease.

Foldable scooter for easy storage option

It is another interesting and exciting feature of any Ferrari electric scooter. The foldable Ferrari scooter price may be on an expensive little side, but this is worth an investment. The foldable bikes come with a push-button. One single push can easily fold the scooter to a compact size. This makes storing the scooter easier and also saves a lot of space. It can be again adjusted to its original size without any complications.

Deck For Comfort And Safety

The main concern is safety. You want the little riders to be safe when they are having fun with their rides. So, invest in a Ferrari electric scooter that has a full deck. The wider the deck, the more safety.

The wider deck also means the children can quickly put both of their feet in it while riding. It also minimizes the chance of fatigue and riding becomes fun. Try to check if the deck is made of non-slip technology or not. These decks ensure the rider does not slip off accidentally.  

Strong Body

A Ferrari scooter is specially designed so that it lasts long. Some Ferrari electric scooter models are made of aluminum. While others are made of a carbon compound. These carbon made scooters are easy to carry and are lighter than the aluminum-made ones. Usually, the foldable scooters are constructed with carbon.

Most of the scooters do not weigh more than 10 kgs. These models are robust and last for a long time. Besides that, the scooters can easily take heavy loads and offer a safe riding experience.


It has been discussed multiple times, the security of any young rider is the primary concern while choosing a particular stunt scooter model. Ferrari gives special attention to the safety measures and offers safety locks and individual suspensions to ensure your child is safe. Each scoter from Ferrari comes with a metal reinforced brake so that your child can stop the scooter wherever they want. 

Durable Wheels

The wheels of any Ferrari scooter are specially designed. The front wheels are usually more extensive and have double rear. While the back wheels are smaller. For three-wheeled or two-wheeled scooters, the front wheel is most significant in size. The wheels also come with proper suspension.

Most of the models have wheels that have bright colors and LED lights. Hence, any kid can have a fun riding experience even at night. The wheels are made in such a way that they are scratch-proof and can be used even indoors. Ferrari makes PU wheels, which lasts longer and needs minimum maintenance.

Attractive Color Scheme

A casque scooter Ferrari electric scooter is attractively designed. The scooters are available in colors like red, black, green, pink, and yellow. The scooters have Ferrari images or logos all over its body. The company has also launched some individual models like Hot wheels themed models as a special edition. 

Battery Life

The advantage of the Ferrari electric scooter is that it has excellent battery life. The scooter has a 110V/220V battery that needs three hours to get fully charged. In a single charge, any Ferrari electric scooter can run for 30 miles. 


If you are wondering about the speed, and then you do not need to worry. A Ferrari made stunt bike has enough speed (20 MPH). This means your kid can easily take it for riding in the neighborhood without any problem. Besides that, the scooter also comes with a 15-degree slope for easy turning on the streets. 

Here are the features of the scooters. If you consider the Ferrari scooter price, then it is reasonable. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket. If your kid loves stunts and grinding, then you can go for a pro model, which may be a little expensive, but it is excellent for your child because it will allow them to train properly. 


  • It has a compact design.
  • It is suitable for different age groups.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The scooter comes with unique color schemes.
  • It is rechargeable.
  • A Long-lasting electric scooter.
  • It comes for a reasonable price.
  • Various models are available with different no wheels (2 wheels. Three wheels or four wheels.
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty.


  • WHEEL SIZE 6.5″
  • CHARGING TIME 3 hours
  • MAX SPEED 20 miles per hour
  • RANGE 30 miles
  • WEIGHT 10.70 kg
  • GRADE ABILITY 15-degree slope
  • COLOR Red
  • WARRANTY 6 months
  • POWER CONSUMPTION RATE 6.15W to 8 W/hr/75k                                  
  • OUTPUT VOLTAGE 110/220 V
  • EXPAND SIZE 940x1160x135mm
  • BATTERY Samsung
  • BASE MATERIAL Aluminum

  • Safety measures that allow swift break options .
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • Corrosion-resistant handlebars.
  • A Wide deck.
  • Durable wheels with LED lights.

  • Some models may not be available in specific locations.
  • The electric stunt scooters may be a little expensive.

You have gathered all the information about Ferrari electric stunt scooters. But how to choose the right scooter for your kid? Keep these aspects in mind while searching for the right scooter

How to Choose The Right Scooter For Your Kid?

The first thing you need to consider is the age of the rider. Smaller children may need a basic scooter, but those who are ten to 12 years older may need a scooter that offers brake options, wider deck, and other features. Usually, three-wheel scooters are best for small kids. Those belonging to the age group of 4 to 12 years can choose two-wheel or pro or even electric bikes. 

The next point is how they are serious about the scooter. If your kid is less than six years old, then you can give them a basic scooter. But those who are in a group and love stunt scooters and are keen or learning tricks and grinding, a pro electric scooter is a good investment. This will allow them to train properly.

We also need to consider the height and weight of the rider while purchasing an electric style Ferrari scooter. Although kids have a general limit in height and weight at a particular age, it is always a great idea to take a closer look. Some kids may be taller and need scooters that are for taller and older ones. While, on the other hand, some kids may adjust appropriately in a smaller model because of their tiny frame. 

Must-Have Safety Gears With Any Ferrari Electric Scooter

If you are thinking of purchasing a  Ferrari electric scooter for your precious little one, then you also need to buy safety gear for them. These gears are an essential and integral part of any electric scooter or three-wheeled scooter. This is because the gears add additional safety to the riders.

  •  A helmet is a must. Regardless of the age of the rider, you always need to provide a helmet to them. There are different designs and sizes available in the market for the diverse age group. If the rider is into pro skating, you can give them a pro helmet for additional support. 
  • Pads and elbow pads are also important. The knee and elbow pads protect the knees and elbows in case of accidental falls. 
  • Baskets are a convenient way for those who use the scooter for recreational and regular purposes. It can be found in different styles and may be used to keep various things.

Your child is into pro scooting or wants to become a pro, and you can consider the following accessories-

  • The ends which protect the handles from getting jagged and also adds safety while the rider performs stunts.
  • Grips and wrist grips for a tight grip on the handles.
  • The tape is a rough strap that is attached to the deck. It allows the rider to ride safely and not slip off.
  • The fork that keeps the front wheels in a fixed position

Final Words

In the end, if you are wondering if scooting is a great hobby or it is safe, then you are assured that it is safe and a great hobby. Different toy regulating committees have marked these Ferrari electric scooters as safe. Besides that, it allows your kid to form a group with their friends and have a great time while riding. Since the scooter comes from the renowned manufacturer Ferrari, you do not need to worry about the quality because the company always strictly regulates its product quality.


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