10 Fastest Hoverboards To Buy

If speed thrills you, check out our list of fastest hoverboards that are available in the market for the year 2020! This article is the best buyers guide for any hoverboard lover out there.

Hoverboards are a dream turned into reality for people of all ages. Hoverboarding makes even a simple commute an exhilarating adventure so it comes as no surprise that their demand in the markets is on the rise. When the invention just entered the market it wasn’t very fast, but with tech advancements, hoverboards have achieved quite pleasant maximum speed. Today you can easily get some of the fastest hoverboards that are easy to ride, manageable, portable, can battle any terrain, climb inclines up to 30 degrees with ease and have a long lasting battery life.

Image Name Speed(mph) Our Rating Price
Swagtron T6 Terrain Hoverboard 12
FutureSaw Pro 12
F1 Gyroor Hoverboard 10
Leray Self Balancing Scooter 10
Jetson Electric Gyro 10
Halo Rover Hoverboard 10
EpikGo Self Balancing Scooter 8.5” Alloy Wheel 10
Swagtron Pro T1 8
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 8
Powerboard SOGO 8

Things to keep in mind before buying a high speed hoverboard –

  • Although you want high speed hoverboarding experience nonetheless before buying a board you should also pay attention to other features and functionalities offered by the brand and whether the self balancing scooter has UL2272 certification which ensures that it is safe and does not pose a fire hazard.
  • In addition to this there are other government approved safety tests such as IPX test for checking whether it is water resistant.
  • Battery life is also another important factor as a high speed hoverboard will not be as much fun if it keeps asking to be charged every few minutes. So you need a long lasting battery and short charging time.
  • Lightweight frames will give higher performance and higher speed given the hoverboard is of good quality. As well as it should be sturdy enough to carry you over different terrains.
  • If you are planning to stick to the streets then wheel size doesn’t matter much if you are intending on trekking or cruising through difficult topography you should opt for all-terrain model. In this situation wheel size becomes relevant.Obviously all the hoverboards will not offer you all the top features hence you can pick a hoverboard which focuses on the functionalities that coincide with your needs. We have researched the market for the fastest speed devils with killer tech under their hood.

List of Top Ten Fastest Hoverboards of 2020 –

Powerboard by Hoverboard – High Speed Hoverboard

Powerboard is a heavy hitter that can pull off high speed and comfort altogether with elegant design. It is ideal for riding on any terrain.

It offers a smooth ride with non-turbulent acceleration, high response and easy control for hoverboarding enthusiasts. It’s a great scooter for beginners and experienced users alike.

It weighs around 12 kg yet it can carry weight around 100 kg easily and it charges in under an hour. Powerboard is durable fun to ride hoverboard made of high quality material and is surprisingly cost effective. If you want to go on a sporty adventure, feel the wind in your hair and whizz past your friends in style this is the gadget for you. It is considered as one of the fastest hoverboards available in the market.


Specifications –

  • Maximum speed – 8 miles per hour
  • Distance per charge – 15 km
  • Powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery paired with electric motors provides outstanding battery life which also comes with one year warranty. And it is eco-friendly too.
  • It has UL2272 certification that guarantees that this product doesn’t catch fire in case of shot-circuiting, doesn’t overheat while charging or use, et cetera.
  • A slight pressure difference on foot pads allows mobility at once. Lean forward to go forward and lean backwards to reverse. You can make 360 degree turns in place.
  • Non inflatable tyres made of solid rubber and robust cover makes it durable and portable.




Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard – One of the fastest hoverboard

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard is one of the fastest self balancing smart scooter which stays in perfect synch with your every move. Smart scooter is the next step in the evolution of transportation. New features comprise of dual riding modes for training and normal use, low power consumption, rubber tyres with aluminium wheels, LED indicators and shatter resistant polymer frame. It can function even in a very narrow space reaching almost every place where people can walk. It is perfect for urban commute with its slim design and powerful new technology. Glide seamlessly in this lightweight fast drifting hoverboard which has a quick charge battery.

Specifications –

  • Maximum speed – 8 miles per hour
  • Distance per charge – 15 miles
  • Razor’s exclusive EverBalance technology facilitates smooth ride on rough surfaces furthermore the tyres have rubber encasing for smooth traction.
  • Weighing around 12kg it offers safe commute, protection against fire, short-circuiting and all potential electrical hazards. The cover material accountable for this safeguarding is polycarbonate.
  • Razor Hovertrax 2.0 operates on 36 volt battery that guaranties a long battery life and a smart battery management system which prevents short circuiting while overcharging.
  • It is also equipped with 350 watt motor giving the powerful engine backup.
  • For a single charge it offers you just about 115 minutes of non-stop fun. Maximum weight of the rider it can carry fluently is about 100 kg.




Swagtron T1 Hoverboard – Speed is all it got!

Swagtron is one of the companies that always prioritize customer safety which is why it is one of the first brands to have legitimate UL 2272 certification.

Swagtron T1 features a new learning mode which increases stabilization to make it easier for beginners. Its self balancing system is highly responsive to the commands of your body enabling you a steady ride. It’s not completely scratch proof but hard ABS outer body casing is an attempt to make it scratch proof. The board weighs about 20 kg and has a maximum capacity of 100 kg. Make your life easier with this electrically powered scooter; its speed is enough to offer you faster gliding as compared to walking and certainly ten times more swag.

Specifications –

  • Maximum speed – 8 miles per hour
  • Distance per charge – 12 miles
  • This self balancing scooter features an upgraded 250 Watt motor and gear stabilization for better control and downhill traction.
  • It ensures long battery life with smart battery management system which lets you extract most out of every unit of charge. The charge time is approximately one hour.
  • It is fitted with non-slip footpads, non-combustible outer casing and their patented Sentry Shield Technology which can climb an incline of up to 30 degrees quickly with ease.
  • Its zero turning radius prevents narrow paths from hindering your joy of riding. Other features also include battery indicators, rubber bumpers and light weight shell.




EpikGo self balancing scooter – Blazing Speed Ride

This hoverboard combines blazing speed with all the kickass features. It is equipped with a powerful Samsung battery ensuring fast speed and endurance. It is added with upgraded aluminium wheels with superior tyre traction and non-slip foot pedals for safety. It consists of superior quality gyro-sensors which make EpikGo sport hoverboard easier to control and respond. One thing you would want to make sure is that you are not knocked off your board while whizzing past your friends at full speed and to prevent any such embarrassing situations and possibilities of injuries are eliminated by EpikGo as it has a double balancing system clubbed with anti-slip foot design.


Specifications –

  • Maximum speed – 10 miles per hour
  • Distance per charge – 15 miles
  • EpikGo hoverboard has UL2272 certification and it excelled in all government- regulated safety tests.
  • A powerful battery coupled with dual motors warrants long lasting battery life of around 1 hour of entertainment per charge.
  • It offers you efficient manoeuvre on grass, sand, mud and roads alike including inclines up to 15 degrees. For an increased steering response it is fitted with performance tires.
  • Weighing only around 13 kg it is portable, easy to learn and durable. Some of the features include LED headlights, battery indicators, all-terrain tires and rubber bumpers.




Halo Rover Hoverboard – Best hoverboard of 2019!

Halo Rover is ranked as the best hoverboard online in 2018. This human transporter not only provides extensive line up of features but also delivers high quality and thus safety.

This advanced hoverboard has multi technology which limits the safety risks and vulnerabilities. Say hello to the future.

Incredible design fitted with two 400W motors enables this fast hoverboard outperform its competition in the market. Use of durable and superior quality material is also what draws the customers towards it. It does contain Li-ion battery but it is an eco-friendly gadget with a complete UL 2272 certification. Get on and get going for a super slick ride.


Specifications –

  • Maximum speed – 10 miles per hour
  • Distance per charge – 12 miles
  • Halo Rover also has IPX4 water resistant certification which makes it ideal to be ridden even in rain, puddles, snow and sand with equal effortlessness.
  • Halo Rover app lets you keep track of GPS location, battery life, speed and adjust speed and steering.
  • As for the question of other terrains you can ride it seamlessly as it comprises of 8.5 inch non-destructible non-flat tyres facilitating outstandingly smooth ride including inclines up to 20 degrees.
  • LED lights are provided in the front for unimpeded visibility, on the flipside to signal other riders and on top to indicate battery life.




Jetson Electric Gyro Hoverboard – Fast, Solid & Fun to ride

This hoverboard is a fast and fun personal transportation device ready to take on everyday use. Powered by 700 Watt dual hub motor and four sensors under the mat Jetson hoverboard is all set to make a difference in your life.

For safety reasons if the battery is less than 10 percent the device will automatically stop. The ride Jetson app available for android as well as apple users lets you keep a check on real-time speed, travel time and distance and even share your ride stats on social media.

It is also equipped with Bluetooth speakers to provide you with oh so hip experience. The amazing assembly of features are worth your money.

Specifications –

  • Maximum speed – 10 miles per hour
  • Distance per charge – 15 km
  • Equipped with skill matching speed modes and ride stabilizing Active Balance Technology. Built-in Bluetooth speakers, Samsung battery and 8” wheels to tackle obstacles with ease.
  • Maximum weight capacity is whopping 136 kg and can climb inclines up to 20 degrees efficiently. Shipping is done in a full package inclusive of UL tested charger, manual and scooter.
  • Three settings for skill level – beginner, intermediate and advanced level hence making balance automatic.
  • With UL2272 certification it is fire resistant, water resistant, anti-slip grip mat, never go flat tires and metal alloy body make it fit for use even in extreme environmental conditions.




Leray self balancing scooter – Perfect hoverboard for children

Leray self balancing scooter is perfect for children and adults in a city setting. Its light weight design and powerful double motors of 500 Watt make it a breeze to navigate.A good turning radius of zero degrees means easy u-turns and suave ride even in narrow lanes. Its functionalities and attributes are worth celebrating and come covered by a comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer.

This globally trusted well-built product has two different drive modes and two-way direct drive making your commute easier. An intriguing new invention is a dual pressure sensitive motor system which prevents the device from moving until both feet are firmly on the footpads. There is nothing quite like riding Leray self balancing scooter.


Specifications –

  • Maximum speed – 10 miles per hour
  • Distance per charge – 25 km
  • It gives you the confidence of assured safety by meeting all safety standards including CE, RoHS, FCC and UN38.3. Even the battery pack is LG 18650 certified.
  • Leray motor is pressure regulated and fine-tuned for safety and it is also able to control speed at which the gadget is moving uphill or downhill.
  • It takes just about an hour to charge fully and a full battery lasts around 5 hours. Maximum weight limit is 120 kg.
  • Added with a super intelligent system which promptly tells the user whether they are turning incorrectly so that they do not fall off the device.




F1 Gyroor Hoverboard

Its design was inspired by Formula One racing cars. And the point has been made. You are looking for high speed hoverboard and what would be better than a board modelled on racing cars!

It is smooth, dependable, durable and an epitome of style. Gyroor focuses on manufacturing high quality products and stringent testing.

Unique shape, strong power, fast speed and sturdy structure make it a good choice for advanced users. Guaranteed fun for all ages.

The sturdy aluminium casing means that you can use the hoverboard for a long time without bothering about longevity of casing. Take on the streets with F1 Gyroor and become the Lewis Hamilton of hoverboarding.

Specifications –

  • Maximum speed – 10 miles per hour
  • Distance per charge – 16 km
  • UL2272 certified, LG/Samsung battery cells, 85% aluminium body with some ABS parts and strictly in accord with safety standards.
  • Consists of Pro Bluetooth speakers, DIY colourful LED lights and smart app control which let you keep track of riding track, music and adjust riding speed and mode.
  • Comes equipped with Li-ion battery that takes 1.5 to 2 hours to charge completely, removable cells, two 350 Watt motors, a portable handle, self balancing switch and anti theft alarm.
  • With 8.5” solid tires you can glide easily on bumpy pavements, grass, dirt, gravel and wet. Maximum weight capacity it can carry is 120 kg.




Swagtron T6 Terrain Hoverboard – The only terrain hoverboard with an amazing speed!

This brand is featured in the list twice as it made its market presence felt with growing demand and popularity of its products. Swagtron T6 terrain hoverboard is durable, multi-featured with cutting edge technology and a reasonable price.

Not only is this one of the fastest hoverboards it also provides you with an assortment of features and functionalities such as comfortable turns, rotation, acceleration and smooth breaking. You don’t have to think twice when you are getting an efficient all terrain board with great speed and weight capacity for this price. Whether you are travelling along gravelly roads, grassy plains or trekking through muddy terrain Swagtron T6 has got your back.


Specifications –

  • Maximum speed – 12 miles per hour
  • Distance per charge – 20 km
  • What makes this board different from others is that it’s an all terrain board due to its massive inflatable 10 inch rugged tyres which makes it perfect for rough topography and inclines up to 30 degrees.
  • It offers you an impressive weight capacity of up to 190 kg and yet the upper speed limit is 12 mph which makes it one of the fastest boards in market!
  • It consists of LED lights emitting light up to 6.5 feet in both directions for added safety and unhindered visibility.
  • It has been fitted with controlling functions that make it much easy and simple to use. In addition to this it can be controlled via mobile app too. For all the music lovers out there Swagtron T6 enables you to play your favourite songs using Bluetooth speaker which adds to its popularity.




FutureSaw pro – Fastest Hoverboard indeed!

This futuristic hoverboard is at the pinnacle of hoverboard design. With market crashing tech, advanced motors and record breaking speed of 12.5 mph it tops our list of fastest hoverboards in the market in 2018.

This monstrous hoverboard truly has it all latest LED lights, solid battery, 6.5” tires and maximum weight limit of 136 kg. Super slick design, superior quality Bluetooth speakers and flawless security features are what render this perfect. It is faster, climbs steeper inclines, excellent durability withstands more weight and goes a farther distance.

It comes in an assortment of chic colours. Its heavy duty design and alarming speed makes it a magnate for adrenaline junkies.

Specifications –

  • Maximum speed – 12 miles per hour
  • Distance per charge – 20 km
  • High quality crafted UV crafted coated casing, aluminium frame chassis and advanced German engineered motors.
  • Latest technology LED lights ensure that over 6.5 feet ahead of the rider is illuminated with energy efficiency in mind. You can easily conquer steeps inclined up to 30 degrees.
  • As compared to other brands FutureSaw Pro has 23% higher profile tire to prevent wear and tear.
  • It has an extra premium Samsung battery, UL charger and IP54 waterproof rating. And comes with a full 1 year warranty which will cover most damages.




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