10 Reasons To Buy Nanrobot D5+

Its always hard to choose the best among so many. Here you will get to know 10 reasons to buy Nanrobot D5+ scooter, one of the fastest, reliable and durable electric scooter leading the market now.

This article is about the trendy NanRobot D5+ Electric scooter. Electric scooters are something that is gaining popularity by each passing day and exponentially by each passing night. When the topic of electric scooter arises in any conversation, most people mistake it for something that is intended for children to play with. But you would be surprised to know that electric scooter has gained a special place in the daily lives of working adults in the previous decade. Most people have an electric scooter as a primary medium of their commutation.



And within the past decade, many companies rose to fame in the field of manufacturing such electric scooter. A big name that everyone knows is Razor, but there are other companies as well, which are making a name for themselves. And one such name is ‘NanRobot.’

If experience is the parameter of expertise, then NanRobot has experience of several years in the field of manufacturing bicycles and scooters. With its capable and robust research and development team, the company is looking forward to expanding its business across the continents and to establish a long term friendly business relationship with their distributors and agents in various countries and regions.

In this article, we will be discussing ten reasons for why one should go for the NanRobot D5+ Scooter: the facts will be about the D5+ model only.

Then we will make a general comparison of the NanRobot D5+ foldable scooter from a statistical report about any average electric scooter. These statistics are done after surveying hundreds of electric scooters by several different companies or brands.

The first aspect that should be looked at in any scooter is its weight. A scooter should be light enough to carry around and heavy enough to support your own weight. The NanRobot D5+ Scooter has a weight of 31.75 kg, which is considered heavier than the average scooter. It is not very portable but is built for heavy-duty performance. The brand believes that people won’t need to carry this scooter around. It will be the other way round; people can ride this thing everywhere, so why carry it when you can ride this anywhere.

Check out Nanrobot D5+ to know more in detail about the features and specifications of this electric scooter.

The NanRobot D5+ can go at top speed as high as sixty-four kilometers per hour (64 kph). The statistical report says that, on average, the electric scooter generally gives out speed as high as thirty-five kilometers per hour (34.84 kph to be exact). So, in other words, the NanRobot goes at a speed that is twice the highest speed of any regular scooter. Who wouldn’t like to ride with the wind?

While buying a scooter, I have personally seen people skeptical about motor power. But there is no need to be skeptical here. The NanRobot has a motor power of two thousand watts or two kilowatts in international units. The statistical report says that the average motor power used in the electric scooter is around eight hundred watts. So you can compare the numbers yourself.

The NanRobot can carry an individual who has a heavyweight as heavy as a hundred and fifty kilograms. So on average, two regular males or three regular females can ride it together, although that wouldn’t be recommended. The average load capacity of any electric scooter is around a hundred kilograms.

The climbing angle is something that determines how much of a steep slope the scooter can handle. According to the company, the NanRobot D5+ Scooter can climb a hill with elevation as high as 40˚. A normal scooter can go only as steep as 23.4˚. This means that there is no peak it cannot conquer.

Where normal scooters can have a battery which can provide power as good as twelve thousand mili-ampere-hours, this thing can boast an unmatched power equal to twenty-six thousand mili-ampere-hour. That’s even more than twice the normal one.



The NanRobot has a wheel diameter of ten inches, which is considered to be a middle ground for tire sizes. A good tire size means that the ride would be safe and smooth, and the tire would not take too much time accelerating to top speed. The average size of scooter tire is around nine inches (8.54 inches to be exact)

The scooter is installed with a pair of front lights and a pair of red-colored backlights as well. This means you wouldn’t be having a problem, riding in the evening, or even in the dark, you would be rocking your swag. The backlight makes you visible on the road. This means the other riders or drivers would recognize you, and chances of the accident would be close to nil.

The scooter comes with a removable seat, whenever you are tired after your long day, you can enjoy your ride as if you were riding a bike. The seat is made of the same material as the body of a scooter, so you do not need to worry about its strength.

The scooter has an adjustable height of 1.24 meters and a width of 1.14 meters, which says no matter how tall you are, the personality whose height is as tall as six feet, you wouldn’t feel bad about riding it.

So those were ten interesting facts about the NanRobot foldable D5+ Scooter. It will be a great buy if you are looking forward to buying one.

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