Envy Scooters

Blunt Envy Scooters or popularly known as Envy scooters is one of the most trusted brands working in the field of manufacturing and selling stunt scooters. It deals in both freestyle scooters and scooter parts for the people with different riding styles and different age groups.


Blunt Envy Scooters or popularly known as Envy scooters, is one of the most trusted brands working in the field of manufacturing and selling stunt scooters. The company was founded by one of the extreme BMX riders, Dincy Spicer, in the year 2009. Since then, it has grown to a well known and trusted brand for manufacturing some of the best and most popular stunt scooters. It deals in both freestyle scooters and scooter parts for the people with different riding abilities and different ages.

Envy Scooters

When Dincy Spicer was a BMX rider,  he discovered a lot of profoundly superior formation and development techniques for manufacturing BMX bikes, which, as a result, made Envy scooters a well-appreciated brand today. 

Envy scooters pledge to serve innovative, high-quality parts and scooters at affordable ranges. The company is continuously changing the scooter industry with its innovation, creativity, and designs in collaboration with quality and user-friendliness.

Envy scooter KOS series 6, Envy scooters s8 prodigy complete, and Envy scooters colt s4 are some of the best models from Envy/blunt scooters. You will find a detailed description of the pros and cons of these scooters in further articles.

Envy scooter KOS series 6 – 

Envy Scooters

The Envy Scooters KOS charge series is a killer complete bike loaded with some pro-level parts. The charge series is solid enough to hit the roads, parks or streets whenever the rider feels like having some fun. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced level riders.

Features of the KOS charge series : 

  • Lightweight – the KOS series charge is made with light-weight superior quality material. The Kos series is terminated in oil slick with bull logos.
  • High-quality material – Envy scooters are well known all over the world for the quality and the advanced techniques of there bikes. The Kos charge series is designed with best quality pro-level parts
  • Aluminum bull bars – –  KOS charge scooters are equipped with high-quality aluminum bull bars in black matte finish & black handgrips for strength and convenience.
  • Revitalized V2 Declare forks in black – the KOS charge series is compatible with 125mm × 30mm wheels.
  • Smooth hollow core wheels, nylon brakes, front plate, and box end.
  • Best for the park and street – the Kos charge serves as a high-end bike for an advanced rider. It is all assembled and just ready to ride as soon as the biker receives it.

The pros of the Kos Charge Series 6 –

  • Light aluminum deck – the Kos charge Series scooter is equipped with a light aluminum deck and newly designed head tube for comfort and durability
  • Eye-catching design – The oil slick finish, matte black touch, and charge bull logos surely attracts the attention of other riders.
  • Fit for parks and streets – the kos series is best suited in the parks and streets with its high-end features for any advanced rider.
  • Giftable – A nice gift to those members who are passionate and interested in riding scooters or bikes.

The cons of The KOS charge series 6 –

  • Expensive – the high-end features of the KOS charge series 6 scooter make it very expensive.
  • Difficult to put up – although envy scooters are for the people of all ages the KOS charge series is something hard to put up for a teenager or a first-timer.

Specifications –

Rating 4.8 stars out of 5
Warranty 6 Months
Wheels size 4.34”
Max rider weight 220 lbs
Weight 9.2 lbs

Envy scooters KOS Heist Series 6 

Envy Scooters

The Kos heist series is as lightweight and durable that it’s the choice of technical riders and has been the top seller for many years. This scooter is the best for any intermediate and advanced rider. The kos heist series comes with high-quality parts.

Features of the KOS heist Series6 

  • High quality and lightweight – like the KOS charge series 6, the KoS heist series 6 is equipped with an aluminum deck. The scooter is finished in matte midnight with a reaper hand logo. 
  • Aluminium Reaper Bars the scooter comes with high-quality aluminum bars and TPR Black hand grips for comfort and strength.
  • Revitalized V2 declares fork in black.

The scooter is compatible with 125 mm × 30mm wheels. It is equipped with a 2 bolt forge 6mm black clamp.

  • Smooth 125×60 mm hollow core wheels in black It is bestowed with 120mm nylon brakes, front plate and 125 mm box end.
  • Best suited for the advanced rider – The kos heist series 6 is the best suited for a technically advanced rider.

The pros of the KOS heist Series 6 – 

  • The elegant design and finish – The envy scooters KOS heist series are designed to steal the attention of every rider or passerby around. The erotic color combination and cool logos make it more eye-catching.
  • Sturdy and durable – the high-quality material used in the Envy Scooters KOS heist series makes it strong and durable. The KOS series is strong enough to keep up with you until you level up from beginner to the advanced level.
  • Tight Grip – The hand bars are made with comfortable and durable material which gives a rich tight grip to the riders leading to better controls.
  •  Smooth and comfortable ride – the wheels are made polyutherane material which gives the rider a smoother and satisfactory riding experience.

The cons of the KOS heist series 6 – 

  • Expensive – The Envy KOS heist series is full of features and high-quality material that levels up its price. Although the Envy KOS heist series may not be the cheapest of all but is one of the best of all scooters.
  • Difficult Lubrication – the wheels of the scooter are needed to be lubricated before and in constant intervals while using the scooter. The front axis is needed to be removed to lubricate the wheels.

Specifications – 

Rating 4.5 stars out of 5
Warranty 6 Months
Wheels size 4.34” inch
Max rider weight 220 Pounds
Weight 11.01 lbs

Envy scooters S8 Prodigy complete 

The number 1 scooter sold throughout the world. The prodigy S8 complete arises in 8 different colors and excellence content. The prodigy s8 complete is perfect for kids especially for them who are willing to level up from intermediate to advanced.

Envy Scooters

Features of Prodigy S8 complete – 

  • High-quality with lightweight material: like every envy scooter the prodigy s8 complete has been built with superior quality lightweight material. The scooter equips with Deck 495mm(19.5″) x 120mm(4.72″) x 340mm(13.4″).the foot  space is designed with premium venom finish in foot space. 
  • Lightweight High Density:: the prodigy a8 complete scooter comes with comfortable and durable TPR hand grips. The scooter is equipped with lightweight and high-quality aluminum reapers style bars 620mm/24.4″ high x 520mm/20.5″.
  • Fast and smooth Wheels: the prodigy s8  scooter is equipped with 120mm 6063 Hollow Core wheels with 86A Poly Urethane and ABEC9 Bearings. The scooter comes with a nylon front plate, rear inserts, and a high-quality grip tape.
  • High grade 6061 forge V2 Prodigy IHC forks in matte Black. The scooter is compatible with 125 mm to 30mm wheel sizes. It is equipped with a strong CNC 2 to bolt a 6 mm oversized clamp.
  • Intermediate to Advanced rider: The prodigy s8 complete is perfect for the intermediate to advanced riders. 

The pros of the Envy S8 Prodigy complete scooters –

  • Lightweight – Although envy scooters are already known for their lightweight, the S8 prodigy scooter is the lightest of all. Envy achieved a milestone by making the aluminum bar weighing less than 8 pounds. There are further improvements in the other parts to reduce their weight.
  • Best suited for intermediate riders – If you are looking for a scooter perfect for your intermediate writer than S8 prodigy is perfect for you 
  • Skate park scooter – Although Envy Scooters S8 prodigy is a skate park scooter some of its features make it suited for the street as well.  So ride your scooter in the park or on the streets, just fully enjoy your ride.
  • Easily Assembled – The Envy scooter s8 prodigy is already 95% assembled when it arrives at your home. It may take almost 5 to 15 minutes to assemble the rest if followed the instructions obediently 

The Cons of Envy S8 prodigy complete scooters – 

  • Properly Lubricating Tires – due to the design of the S8 prodigy the tires need to be well lubricated and taken care of from time to time. 
  • Expensive – As Envy and Blunt scooters are made with high-end material, the cost of the scooter goes a bit higher than the average. The scooter is not the cheapest but worth the money.

Specification – 

Rating 5 Stars out of 5
Warranty 6 Months
Wheels size 4.34” inch
Max rider weight 220 lbs
Weight 7.7 lbs


The envy and blunt scooters are known for their quality and durability. These are some of the best options available. These scooters are available in different colors and graphics as per the liking of the individual. You can easily find them on Amazon, and a few other websites. If you have a little kid and he or she loves riding then these scooters could be the perfect birthday, Christmas present. Gift them these excellent scooters and see the Happy Rider faces on them.

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