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Electric Unicycle is also known as an electric wheel, rideable wheel, unicycle electric scooters, or uni wheel in certain countries. Some of them even call these electronic unicycles as "riding suitcases" or "electric monowheels." Click here to read more about them and choose one for yourself.


You would have heard a lot about electric scooters, electric bikes, and hoverboards by now. But have you heard about electric unicycles? The single wheel scooter, which is popularly known as electric unicycles, also belongs to the same category, enables you to change the riding experience. These small personal electric vehicles (PEVs), which are one-wheeled scooter are commuting alternatives that help the riders to travel short distances between home and work to other mass transit hubs in the cities.

These specially designed little EVs consist of just a single wheel that is straddled by the rider. The rider needs to self-balance as he does in a one-wheel Segway and a single wheel hoverboard. But these are much more narrow and nimble. Though they look like a toy, electric unicycles are an excellent and serious transportation alternative than many people think.

The reason behind this is that being electrically operated. They do not create any kind of pollution. Electric Unicycle is also known as an electric wheel, rideable wheel, Unicycle electric scooters, or uniwheel in certain countries. Some of them even call these electronic unicycles as “riding suitcases” or “electric monowheels.” 

What is the working principle of an electric

when you know what a one wheel electric
 is, let us understand the working principle of
these electric unicycles. A motorized uniwheel or
a unicycle is similar to a bike, yet it is equipped with just a single wheel
only. It is a riding vehicle that is propelled by an electric motor rather than
the strength of human muscles. Unlike the motorbikes where they play the part
of the only drive here, motorized unicycles do
not require any other kind of assistance. 

The working principle of the electric Unicycle is quite simple. There is a motherboard that reads the inclination angle of the vehicle on an ongoing basis both front and back and left and right provided by the gyroscopes of it, and it adjusts the motor speed according to the detected inclination to hold the user in the upright position. This is known as a servomechanism. In other words, the electric Unicycle prevents the loss of balance by changing the motor speed again and again.

means that the motor of the electric Unicycle is expected to speed up to
maintain the position of the rider upright after the rider shifts the body
weight to the front. As per the analogy, it is expected to slow down after the
rider shifts the body weight to the back to achieve the same effect.

Most of the electric unicycles regain energy through the energy used for braking. The motors of the electrical unicycle function as power generators charge the battery of these devices. This principle is also utilized while riding down the hill. The energy which is recovered is sent back to the battery. 

What are the Advantages of owning an Electric Unicycle?

to the electric unicycle review listed
on major social media platforms, and e unicycle has the below-mentioned

Great for your daily commute or weekend adventures!

With a top speed of 25-30 mph of an average electric unicycle and a range of even up to 43 miles on one charge, the electric Unicycle is your perfect traveling vehicle! Climb incredibly steep hills with ease. Plus, with built-in safety features that let you know when to slow down, you can feel secure no matter where you’re riding. And electric Unicycle usually comes with a weatherproof rating, meaning you can ride it in wet weather. However, it is not recommended to ride through deep standing water or submerge in water.

You Can Learn!

to ride an electric unicycle is just like any new skill in life. With a self-balancing electric unicycle,
it only takes a little practice and exceptional newfound ability that will
amaze you every single day.

  1. It is easy to ride as a minimum, or negligible special abilities are required to learn
  2. It is extremely safe to learn, and thereby also safe to become the master in driving
  3. If we compare it to learning to ride a bike for the first time, learning to drive an electric unicycle is very convenient.

Free Yourself

With industry-leading power, which is over twice the power of electric bikes and scooters, you get a dramatic rise in terms of top speed and range, and the peace of mind that comes with electric Unicycle pays attention to quality control and safety. Electric Unicycle is a natural choice if you want the best wheel available today.

How to Ride an Electric Unicycle?

even the fastest electric Unicycle,
is really simple. All you need to do is follow some very easy steps. Always
remember to wear a helmet and knee pads in case of falls and injuries when
operating the Unicycle.

1: Press once to turn on the Unicycle (you will hear “Hello”) and
unfold the footrests.

2: Step on one-foot rest with one foot, please use your shin to press against
the unicycle body, then step on the other footrest. Stand upright but relaxed
with your weight evenly distributed onto each foot.

3: When the Unicycle starts to ride, please keep your balance sideways and do
not tilt too far left or right.

  1. To move forward, shift your weight slightly forward.
  2. To move backward, shift your weight slightly back.
  3. To turn left, shift your weight slightly onto your left foot.
  4. To turn right, shift your weight slightly onto your right foot.

4: Press once to turn on the Unicycle (you will hear “Goodbye”) and
fold the footrests.

Now when you have gathered a lot of knowledge about its working, features, and benefits and hunting for the right electric Unicycle to change the riding experience, Amazon.com has a bunch of these efficient electric unicycles listed. They are listed with honest reviews and ratings, features, and benefits. The amazon.com list also includes full versions of the best electric Unicycle 2020.

Some of the electric Unicycle for sale with high customer ratings are listed below:

InMotion V10 Electric Unicycle One Wheel Transporter with Mobile App

If you need the best in performance and range without sacrificing portability, comfort, and features – look no further! Tackle the roughest path, the steepest hill, and get there faster with InMotion V10 Electric Unicycle One Wheel Transporter. It is also one of the fastest Unicycle manufactured to date.

Electric Unicycle


  1. It has a range of 43 miles max potential
  2. The motor has 2000W capability and top speeds of up to 25 mph
  3. The wheel size is of 16″ x 2.5′ tire that allows you to tackle more terrain
  4. Weight Limit: 260 lbs. – Note that performance is reduced at heavier loads. Riders under 200lbs will experience the best performance.
  5. It is one of the most advanced electric Unicycle
  6. Battery: 650Wh
  7. Slim and portable with fold-up push handle

The advance in-app
statistics provide access to data. It ensures to allow performance and usage
habit tracking.

About the app

You can download the
InMotion App to unlock the full potential of your InMotion V10. Check your live
stats & efficiency, customize your lights, calibrate and update firmware,
choose your ride one, and run diagnostics to make sure your ride is running at


  • If you need the best in performance and range without sacrificing portability, comfort, and features – look no further! Tackle the roughest path, the steepest hill, and get there faster.
  • You can experience 2000W of raw power beneath your feet and the battery capacity to obliterate range anxiety.
  • It is tall. The slim design offers ergonomics like no other.
  • It requires dedication and a little practice, and your newfound skill will amaze you every day.
  • Great for your daily commute or weekend adventures.
  • You will never get stuck carrying your ride.

  • The customer service is not responsive at times
  • It is age-specific which means that it cannot accommodate kids under 10

InMotion V5F – Solowheel Glide 2

InMotion Glide 2 is a Compact Package. You can enjoy incredible maneuverability to take any course you desire and then conveniently tuck it away when you reach your destination. It rests assured with a powerful motor and battery management system that keeps you ready to tackle all your daily obstacles. InMotion Glide 2 Lite is the perfect companion for short-distance commuters or anyone that desires the ultimate in portability. It’s the most popular, flexible, affordable, and lightweight model, which is great for adult beginners.

It has a slim & sleek body, which you can take it along with you, wherever you travel. It comes along with a long detachable handle. Just underneath the handle, as soon as you lift up the wheel, the motor has the tendency to spin out. It is convenient for all those moments when you require to lift your wheel over a barrier. So, now, you do not have to power off. It has a high-capacity 84V UL compatible Lithium battery, which provides the electric Unicycle with superb range and battery lifespan.

Electric Unicycle


If we talk about the specifications, it has:

  1. The tire is of 14-inch size
  2. It can support a range of 25 miles per charge. However, it can vary based on conditions
  3. The Top Speed is 15.6 mph
  4. The Motor Power is 550W
  5. The weight of the Unicycle is 26 lbs
  6. It is backed with a battery life of 320WH
  7. It takes a charge time of 3.5 hours to get fully charged
  8. It has LED headlight and rear light to ensure a dazzling effect on road
  9. It can accommodate the weight limit up to 260 lbs, which is the max structural load. 
  10. It is Weatherproof

About the app

InMotion Glide 2 is
compatible with the new InMotion App for iOS and Android. Riders have access to
live-stats, diagnostics, calibration, and much more.


  • Flexible
  • Very affordable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Slim & sleek body
  • The tendency to spin out
  • High-capacity 84V UL compatible Lithium battery

  • It doesn’t come with a seat.
  • Users may take a longer time to learn.

Fun 24 Inch Wheel Chrome Unicycle with Alloy Rim

The Fun 24″ Unicycle by Cycle Force Group in Silver is the leading one wheeler vehicle. Electric Unicycle provides a fun and creative way to do exercise and stay fit. The Fun 24″ Unicycle will challenge not only your coordination but also your balance.

Image result for Fun 24 Inch Wheel Chrome Electric Unicycle with Alloy Rim


It has the following mentioned specifications:

  1. The Unicycle has a weight of 13.3 Pounds
  2. The model year of the Unicycle is 659340
  3. The size of the wheel is 24 inches on the road
  4. It is also available in chrome or red, black, blue, or yellow

  • It is ideal for the first time unicyclist or the regular rider
  • Cartridge bearings are there for smooth pedaling
  • It has Quick release seat post clamps with a comfortable saddle
  • It comes complete with a quality Kenda tire and aluminum rim
  • Charging time is quick, up to an hour

  • Non-adjustable seat + height
  • Training wheels are difficult to be removed

AW 20″ Inch Chrome Wheel Unicycle

AW 20″ Inch Chrome Wheel Unicycle gives you an experience of a smooth ride with great functionalities. Despite the speed, you’re guaranteed a gentle trip with this Unicycle. This Unicycle is perfect for cemented roads, but it does really go well in going over bumps, rocks, and gravels like in motion unicycles. However, the unicycles are made with the Leakproof Butyl Tire Wheel. It is a remarkable unicycle for fitness freaks.


  1. The wheel Top Crank is of International Quality
  2. Pedal: YONG HUA Pedals with Chromalloy Spindles, International Quality
  3. Outer tires are excellent, and they are skid-proof mountain tires
  4. The inner tire is leakage protection butyl tire, therefore, No second Inflation for consecutive three months
  5. It has heavy manganese steel mute bearing
  6. It has a large saddle with removable Poly-nylon Guarded Rails
  7. The seat post clamp has Quick Release and made of Aluminum alloy
  8. It has an extra thick alloy aluminum rim
  9. The steel Fork has a Powder Coated Finish
  10. The standard frame of Unicycle is made of excellent Manganese Steel

  • Great for both beginners and Professionals, Men and Women
  • It is rationally designed according to somatology and movement features
  • It has an adjustable bicycle height that is 32″ – 36.”

  • Light Weight limit: 143Lbs,
  • Restricted to specific height criteria. The applicable height is between 57″ to 69.”

Hoverclub Solo Electric Unicycle

Featuring dual air-filled tires, Hoverclub Solo Electric Unicycle is a powerful 500W motor, and a bright headlight and green LEDs, the Solo Wheel is perfect for commuting or travel or have fun with friends. Even beginners can learn how to ride comfortably. It is a commuting unicycle that you can buy and rise with confidence. Also, it is one of the best unicycles for beginners. The electric Unicycle has a strong 500W motor that propels it to a max speed of 7.5 MPH and overcomes 15°inclines with the least hassle.

The high capacity battery delivers up to 12.5 miles of travel range. It has dual large 14-inch tires with which the electric Unicycle ensures great performance in shock absorption and anti-slip, providing you a smooth and steady riding experience. The single-wheeled Unicycle weighs just 9.3lbs. It features a retractable handle to roll, and it is super easy to carry when travel, or on the way to work. It is built to carry riders up to 220 lbs, just 15.9’’ *8.3’’ *20.4’’ when folded, fitting in small spaces design for secure storage, making it a perfect commuting unicycle.It has passed UL2272 testing requirements based on the national standards for electrical safety.

Image result for Hoverclub Solo Electric Unicycle, Single Wheeled Unicycles, Self-Balancing Training Wheels with 500 Motor, Dual Air-Filled Tires, Retractable Handle for Commuting and Travel


  1. It has a Powerful 500w motor
  2. The size of the dual air tires is 14 inch 
  3. It has a portable retractable design 
  4. The weight of the Unicycle is 9.3 lbs.
  5. It can accommodate max rider weight up to 220 lbs.
  6. It provides a max inclination of 15°
  7. It has a speed up to 7.5 mph
  8. The kilometer range is 9.3~12.5 miles

  • Strong 500W motor
  • speed of 7.5 MPH
  • overcomes 15°inclines with the least hassle.
  • High capacity battery delivers up to 12.5 miles of travel range.
  • Dual large 14-inch tires
  • The single-wheeled Unicycle weighs just 9.3lbs.
  • Very compact
  • Passed UL2272 testing requirements

  • The Unicycle is age-specific. It cannot accommodate kids below the age of 10.
  • It is only meant for fitness freak as a lot of effort is required to ride with this Unicycle.

SEADOSHOPPING Electronic Unicycle

SEADOSHOPPING Electronic Unicycle is an exceptionally modern-looking and trendy self-balancing electric unicycle. This electronic Unicycle is ideal for racing due to its featured tire road grip. It enables you to gain strength and confidence when you ride this Unicycle. This Unicycle has excellent speed and resilience to the climate; it works really well in challenging terrain thanks to its unique dual wheel design.

Image result for SEADOSHOPPING Electronic Unicycle, Outdoor Electric Treadmill Bike, Racing Motorcycle with Big Tyre


  1. The pedal is made up of aluminum alloy
  2. It has a battery capacity of 132wh
  3. It requires a battery voltage of 59.2V
  4. It requires a power of 350W
  5. It can support a max speed of 20km/h
  6. The distance Per charge it can accommodate is 25km
  7. It requires a charging time of 1-2hours
  8. The product size is 450*395MM
  9. It Weighs 11kg
  10. The Wheel Size of this Unicycle is 360MM
  11. The max gradient allowed is 45 degree
  12. It is Waterproof
  13. It has battery Indicator
  14. It is made up of ABS material

  • Suitable for short-distance commuting
  • It has a compact design as it is easily foldable
  • It has a range of 15 miles per charge, with a top speed of 15 miles per hour
  • Water-resistant electronics with an IP54 rating
  • Anti-slip footpegs, LED lights for front and back

  • It is age restricted
  • Customer service is not that responsive

Airwheel vs. Solowheel

Usually, people coin both terms together. But both have a significant difference.

Both are motorized and electrically operated and contribute to the green environment. But the only difference is that the solo wheels are restricted to shorter routes with compact size and limited speed.

Airwheel is not small and comparatively lesser convenient. Solowheel is the smallest, eco-friendly and, most convenient vehicle ever invented.
Airwheel is an electric unicycle that has a speed of 40-50 MPH and can commute up to 50-60 miles per charge. It has a maximum speed of 10 MPH and a range of up to 10 miles.
Airwheel is not restricted to errands or short commutes. The Solowheel is usually restricted to errands and short commutes.

What are the factors to be considered while choosing an electric unicycle?

to the major unicycle scooter reviews,
it is seen that the electric Unicycle can be judged using several criteria.
Therefore, some of the major features are listed below:

Speed & Range

Unicycles should have a better speed. Once charged, it should be capable of commuting miles of distances. They are meant to cover greater mileages that typical bicycles or hoverboards cannot. With the criteria of maximum speed and the distance it can cover per charge, as well as the degree of inclination it offers, you can judge for the ideal electric Unicycle.

Design & Ergonomics

The electric unicycles are meant to have a trendy design. You might think that how the design does affect the overall performance of the vehicle? The design and ergonomics play a significant role in its performance. A unicycle is more efficient for the users if it is made of light materials that can make it run better. The design also includes the lighting for better night travel and LED lights. For judging the electric Unicycle, you need to look for better design specifications, as well as indicators for battery power consumption and other alerts available to the unit

Build Quality & Maintenance

Apart from speed, design, distance, and ergonomics, the electric Unicycle should be reliable with its quality of service and easy maintenance facility. The electric Unicycle requires a strong frame as well as a great battery life. The electric unicycles must also be capable of withstanding off-road conditions even if it is meant to be used on flat cemented roads. It must also be backed with an efficient power battery that can accommodate the features of the Unicycle, starting from great speed to additional features that require high battery power. It should also be capable of. In addition to this, electric unicycles require to have a UL2272 certification for safety measures. It should also be capable of resisting harsh weather conditions. The portability, compact size, and easy to clean features are also essential to be considered while buying an electric unicycle.

Value for Money

The price of any product is a preeminent concern. The electric unicycles are though relatively expensive, but what matters is the value for money. The return on investment is the essential factor that is to be considered while buying an electric unicycle. When you find all the features mentioned above at an affordable price, grab on the electric Unicycle to unleash the best riding experience. Because the idea is not to find the cheap electric Unicycle, but the best one with all specifications.

What are the tips to consider while riding an electric unicycle?

should always have an understanding that you are going to fall and fall again a
lot many times. It will help you to understand your balancing flaws and ensure
that you learn faster and better.

  1. When you dive into an electric unicycle as a beginner, there is a risk of falling and getting a bruised leg. If it is your first time, order a pair of shin guards from Amazon.com.
  2. When you are learning to ride, do not start with concretes or pavements. 
  3. Always try to adjust the ride modes on the mobile app as per the level of your learning stage. It usually has three distinct modes: soft mode, comfort mode, and power mode

You should always keep this in mind that whenever you log out of your app, the electric Unicycle gets disconnected. Therefore, before riding ensures than reconnection of the mobile app and the electric Unicycle is successful. Even keeping the Unicycle on sleep mode disconnects the app, and the stats are reset to zero.

Being a beginner, do not keep the tilt-up rocker speed to low. It increases the chance of falling at lower speeds. Try to keep it to the medium speed to ride with perfect balance. It also serves as a warning indicator if you reach the maximum speed you have set. 

Even if you reach your maximum speed, do not panic. Just tilt back the pedals. Every time you feel there is a danger, you stop and start from the beginning. If you find your feet tilting up, slow down the speed immediately, and the tilt will go back to normal. You can turn the rocker or tilt off to go as fast as you want.

Usually, the electric Unicycle comes with a 5 degree upward tilt. If you are using the app on your phone, try to incline the pedals for better grip. Setting the pedals at a decline will not enable the pedals from tilting back once you reached the maximum speed. The Unicycle will continue to lean back to the point where you can’t keep maintaining your balance regardless of how much of a decline you have used to calibrate your pedals.

calibrating the pedals, make sure your Unicycle is switched on and connected to
the app.

To calibrate:

  1. Press the cogwheel in the settings menu present in the upper right corner of the app.
  2. Tap Calibration setting
  3. You will then receive a pop-up message with a warning.
  4. Click on okay.
  5. You will then hear three beeps 
  6. You will also see the gyro in the wheel will move freely back and forth as it does when it’s off. It keeps the electric unicycle stable while disengage.
  7. Just place a level on a pedal or eye it and hold the wheel steady, tilting forward or backward to where you want the angle of the pedals to be set.
  8. Then gently hold the wheel at that angle and press the on button to switch off the Unicycle.
  9. Keep holding the Unicycle at an angle you wish and press the on the button again.
  10. You will then hear a succession of quick beeps, which is followed by a long steady beep.
  11. Turn the Unicycle off again.
  12. Now, the angle of the electric Unicycle is set.
  13. Turn the wheel back on, and the gyro will settle automatically at the new angle you have set.
  14. When you are all set with your electric Unicycle, go and enjoy a new riding experience.

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