Best Electric Skateboard Christmas & New Year Deals 2023

Amazon is offering crazy deals this Christmas and New Year! Grab amazing Electric Skateboard Christmas and New Year offers to choose from an exciting range of skateboards.


Christmas the season of love, joy, laughter and of course for some exciting deal and great offers. It is the most awaited season of the year where planning, purchasing, and shopping are the most popular amongst the people. While, Christmas and New Year are around the corner, and If you ever plan to grab an electric Skateboard Christmas or New Year deal, this is the most appropriate time to find the exquisite deals and offers.

“Christmas Deals” is a bliss to the ears,
especially when you have been waiting long for some exciting offers. Then why
do miss it? We have come up with the best Electric Skateboard Christmas deals that
can help you to choose the impeccable one at the best price.

Electric Skateboards were introduced to make your daily travel experience enjoyable. These boards come in attractive designs and colors that make your short commutes an incredible one. Cruising around these electric skateboards can be fun, however, choosing the most stable one is more important. Safety features are the most important factor to look upon while purchasing an Electric Skateboard. It should offer the perfect support to accommodate the weight of the person without nibbling.

Enjoy your rides with Electric Skateboards as
they come with wireless technology that helps you cruise around the city like a
pro. The electric skateboard gives you an enhanced travel experience that you
would fall in love with.

Points to remember while purchasing an Electric

  1. Look for high quality that ensures durability.
  2. Choose the high-speed Electric Skateboard for the most enthralling ride experience.
  3. Look for better power and performance, as it could boost the ride and make every travel ride enjoyable.
  4. Better design for that impressive looks.
  5. Choose the Electric Skateboard that could cruise around, even on worse road conditions and on all terrains.
  6. Most of all, look for safety features that include a better battery life.

Well, now we know the important features to look for before owning an electric scooter. So it is time to know more about them.

Electric Skateboard Christmas sale is on! Don’t worry you don’t have to go around looking for the best deal. Below are the top five Electric Skateboards and Longboards that offer the most exciting deals and also helps you to get an idea of cool Christmas gifts and new year gifts.

Here are Some of the Affordable Hoverboards and Electric Skateboard Christmas & New Year deals.

Best Electric Skateboards Christmas Deals and
New Year Skateboard Deals

Teamgee H5 37” Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard Christmas Deals

Teamgee offers the most incredible and thinnest electric skateboards. The boards are lightly weighted which makes it easy to carry around if required. It is the first kind of skateboard that comes with a 15-20 mm lower to ground deck. This makes your ride an impressive one. It gives the perfect nibble that is required for an according to ride while you take turns.


  1. The Electric Skateboard comes with a wireless remote control facility with a stunning and bright LCD that helps the rider to change direction and speed, or even to reverse the skateboard.
  2. It comes with a dual motor of 760W.
  3. The wheels of the Electric Skateboard can be easily replaced and comes with a 90 mm replaceable wheels.
  4. It is enabled with a feature that can climb 25% incline uphill.


  1. The Electric Skateboard is made from 10 plies Canadian maple and 1 ply fiberglass.
  2. The Skateboard comes in a 37-inch longboard.
  3. It can accommodate and hold riders up to a maximum load of 200 pounds.
  4. Teamgee longboards are UL certified and come with E503354 certification.
  5. It is the most thinnest Skateboard with a 15 mm ultra-thin deck and 3 inches off the ground to ensure stability, speed, and control.
  6. The total weight of the board is approximately 14.6 lbs.

  • The making of the product enables the rider to cruise with better flexibility and aid in a smooth ride.

  • It seems a bit pricy, however, with the Christmas skateboard deals, get it at a better price.

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller

Cruise and climb as SKATEBOLT offer the most convenient, affordable, stylish, and safe electric skateboard that ensures power while cruising around. It is a revolutionized model that is built to bring confidence even for first-time riders. The extraordinary feature of remote control enables the rider to accommodate additional safety features to the rides.


  1. It is made to cruise up to 18.6 miles in a single full charge.
  2. To ensure stability and durability, the skateboard is built with an incredible 8 layer maple board.
  3. The electric skateboard can be a rider at a speed up to 35 miles per hour, which can be used in uphill climbing of 25 degrees steep.
  4. The wireless remote control features enable the riders to get hold of the remote while cruising the electric longboard, from a touch of the finger, control yen speed and directions.


  1. The total weight of electric skateboard is 18.4 pounds.
  2. It can accommodate riders of weight capacity up to 280 lbs.
  3. It is built with attractive taillights and warning red lights that ensure the safety of the riders.
  4. Made for rider and sports lovers as it comes with two ride modes, normal mode, and sports mode.
  5. Built with a 500w hub motor and equipped with powerful batteries for better commutation.

  • The braking quality helps the rider to stop confidently even at the highest speed or while cruising downhill.
  • The remote control feature is a greatest advantage to control the electric skateboard.

  • It is a recently launched electric skateboard.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard New Year Deals

If you’re planning for some Christmas gift for teens, the Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard would be the ideal choice for you. It is one of the cheap electric longboards available and yet the fastest electric skateboard. As the name says it is a mini skateboard that comes in a size of 29.5 inches longboard and amazing design.


  1. The electric skateboard can climb uphill and the rider can exhilarate up to a speed of 20mph.
  2. It is built with boosted mini brakes that enable the rider to confidently stop.
  3. The skateboard is small yet gives a night performance that makes travel time shorter and commutation easy.
  4. It comes with a new in-deck design that is custom made to ensure a smooth and strong ride.
  5. It comes with an intuitive remote control that ensures reliability.


  1. The total weight of the electronic longboards 16.5 pounds.
  2. It is recommended for riders from age 16 and above
  3. It can go up to 14 miles range in a single full charge.
  4. It is equipped with powerful acceleration for a smooth ride and ensures an effective braking system.

  • It is small and lightweight, but provides better and fast cruising.
  • Complete battery charge time can take up to 1 hour and 45 minutes.

  • The small size can cause construction to some riders.
  • It is a bit pricy for the features it offers.

Get the product at an amazing electric skateboard new year deal.

Evolve Skateboards

Found this extraordinary skateboard in the Electric Skateboard Christmas deals. It is one of the fastest electric skateboards that can be ridden at a speed of 22 to 26 miles per hour. It comes in a stinking black color with an ergonomic design. It can be used by riders to ride uphill and for adventurous rides. Make your day even more fun with this electric skateboard. It is a great choice for your new year’s gifts.


  1. It can be used on all terrains and the performance is based on the riding style which can vary up to 31 miles.
  2. Equipped with the LCD screen, the riders would be able to know the real-time data’s such as speed, battery life, distance traveled while cruising around.
  3. It is equipped with a four-speed mode for getting the maximum fun during the rides. The four modes include GT, FAST, ECO,  and SLOW.
  4. The new ergonomic design with switched equipped with rubber support helps the riders to easily access them.


  1. It is equipped with a magnetic trigger control that enables a better braking system even while on fasted mode.
  2. The electric longboard is made to bring smooth acceleration.
  3. The weight of the electric skateboard weighs 18 pounds.
  4. Comes with Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • It can go up to an excellent range of 31 miles that is a unique feature found in this skateboard.
  • Battery charge is available for longer hours compared to other electric skateboards.

  • Can be little expensive, you can choose to buy it at a cheap rate during the new year gateway deals.


Electric Skateboard Christmas Deals

It is one of the powerful motorized electric skateboards that is built with excellent features and designs that enables but adults and teens to have a fun-filled and enthralling ride time experience. The electric skateboard comes with a wireless remote that can help yeh user to access speed and direction in an easy way and on the go.


  1. The electric skateboard is made with a high-quality polycarbonate deck that ensures stability and durability while riding.
  2. It is equipped with bright LED lights that enable better the rider to get better visibility during rides.
  3. 90 mm wheels help the riders to cruise around in any terrain.
  4. The wireless remote control enables the users to take complete control while riding without any fear.
  5. It can go up to a range of 12.5 miles.


  1. It is built with a high-quality solid deck that enables safety and stability.
  2. A complete full charge can take up to 2.5 hours.
  3. It is a unisex model with an elegant design.
  4. It can accommodate the user up to an average weight of 260 pounds.
  5. Provides flexibility that helps new riders to easily commute

  • High safety standards and strategic buttons re equipped for better safety.
  • Remote control enables the riders to go on slow or blazing speed.

  • A bit pricy and best to be bought during the Christmas sale.

Well, get ready for the Electric Skateboard Christmas deals that offer the most incredible price that you’ve been waiting all year long. The time has come, so start your purchase to buy cheap electric longboards and cruise around the town.

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