Electric Scooters With Seat

In the market, there are many electric scooters with the feature of the seat. Now the question that each of you will face while choosing the right type of scooter for you is whether it is best suited for your own purpose.


With developments in technology, there are more ways to travel than ever before. In particular, variations in personal transportation devices have rocketed in recent years one type of personal transportation device which has developed and gained momentum of late is the electric scooter, providing an adult adaptation of the children’s toy, complete with a seat for comfort.

In order to make your ride more comfortable and fun the new design of electric scooters with a seat was introduced into the market. A long ride in your scooter to your workplace or school can be tiring if the entire journey has to be done by standing. So a seat in your scooter makes your travel a less tiring one and enjoyable at the same time.

If you are looking for comfort while commuting, then you must consider sitting on scooters. In the market, there are many electric scooters with seat available. Now the question that each of you will face while choosing the right type of scooter for you is whether it is best suited for your own purpose.

While buying an electric scooter with the seat you need to broadly check two aspects:-

  1. The features of the scooter
  2. The seat

When you make an investment for an electric scooter you must keep in mind the scooter must be worth for the price you pay. It should be made of durable material that is resistant to mechanical wear and tear and is scratch proof. It must also be suited to travel freely on all kinds of roads. The outer body casing must be water-resistant so as to tolerate splashes of rain and water.

You must also take a vivid note of the charging time and the distance it is able to traverse after per session of charge. Move in to buy the scooter only if the mileage that it provides suits the distance you plan to cover with the help of it. Also, you must check out about the quality of the battery, the charge optimization of the battery. It should not happen that your electric scooter runs out of charge in the middle of the road.

Regarding the seat, there are few criteria that you must check out before buying. First is the dimensions of the seat. Whether it matches your body shape and structure. If the seat shape and dimensions are not suited for you then you must keep away from buying that specific scooter because uncomfortable rides for a prolonged time can lead to muscular disorders.

Secondly,  you must get sure about the material of the seat. Whether the seat is made of comfortable and durable material is to be thoroughly checked. Next thing that must be looked after is the height of the seat. When you sit down and drive your scooter you must be easily able to visualize the road in front of you as well as you must be able to reach out to the handles properly.

So that must be taken into account. Also, you must see whether you can adjust the height of the seat by yourself. And finally, whether the seat is removable or not. This feature is essential because you must be able to switch between standing and sitting options as per your choice and requirements.

Depending upon design and features and functionality electric scooters can be broadly categorized as an electric scooter with seat for adults and electric scooter with seat for teenagers and electric scooter with seat for kids.

Electric scooters with seat for adults

Razor Eco Smart Metro electric scooters with Seat

It is perfectly designed for adults. Firstly Razor has its own brand name which speaks for itself and needs no introduction — having taken personal transportation to an all-over new level razor introduced this adult electric scooter model for easy commutation.

The design is not very gigantic, and hence, it is difficult to make out whether it is an adult scooter just by looking at it. The weight of this scooter is about 67 lbs that makes it difficult to transport, accommodate and port. It can carry adults with up to 220 lbs, that means it is suitable for individuals who are a bit heavy. It is quite sturdy and strong in terms of its outer body strength. It comes with 16-inch pneumatic tires. It has got a detachable bamboo deck.

The key feature responsible for the popularity of this model is the seat. The extra padded, comfortable and adjustable seat gives a pleasant riding experience. Attached to the dorsal side of the seat are shock-absorbing springs that prevent uncomfortable jerks in an uneven road. This electric scooter can attain a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour, which is enough for a normal ride.

It comes with a strong 500-watt motor. Per session of charge, it offers you a complete 12-hour ride. It is value for money. At this price, it is the best option you can get. One time investment for this scooter is a pretty good deal. The seats are the best part of this electric scooter. Unfortunately, it is not foldable, and it is a bit heavy, so scores low on the parameter of portability.

Nanrobot D4+ Electric scooters with seat

High on price but this amazing adult electric scooter has some really amazing features that are exceptional. The mammoth 2000 watt motor gives a power-packed riding performance. The battery is 56 volts. With a mileage of 45 miles, this electric scooter is going to carry you to your destination and back with a very low decrease in battery charge. It takes 8 hours to charge the battery completely.

Maximum attainable speed is 40 miles per hour. The maximum weight of the rider that it can carry is 330 lbs. That means even the tallest and heaviest individuals can ride this electric scooter without having to think twice. It is a foldable electric scooter with seat and this feature aids in the easy storage and portability of this scooter.

It possesses a 10-inch pneumatic tire which allows it the great feature of shock absorbance and anti-slip. It provides excellent performance for an adventurous journey. The front and rear disc brakes make it a lot safer. The only disadvantage is that the weight of the scooter is 70lbs that makes it heavy to carry around.

Razor E 300S seated electric scooters with seat

The design of this electric scooter is sleek and chic, but the weight of the scooter is quite high. It has an all-steel body construction, which makes it heavy. Being 52lbs in weight, this electric scooter is not at all easy to carry around. So the negative feature is that you have difficulty in storage and portability.

The maximum speed you can attain with the help of this electric scooter is 15 miles per hour. It is not suited for adventurous gaming but is apparently good enough for a local ride or so. The razor E300S offers a good torque while traveling that makes it suitable for turns along curved roads. It offers zero noise during the ride. So you can ride with ease without any noisy hazards.

They have 10-inch pneumatic tires which are good enough for a city ride though not suited for bumpy and cracked roads. The brake is in one handle, so you need to have proper coordination of your hands while riding. The seat of this electric scooter is comfortable but is quite high, and therefore, kids cannot reach out to it. It has a carrying capacity of 220 lbs.

You are Making it stand out as an adult scooter. The seat is well designed to give you relaxation and ease during your trip. Multiple color variations are available. If you are looking for electric scooter with seats at an affordable price, then it can be a very good choice. The company offers a very short warranty period that is not much appreciated by many users.

Urban E bike and folding electric scooters with seat

It features a 240-watt motor which gives a smooth and effortless ride. You can ride at a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour with this seated electric scooter. A unique feature in the urban e-bike is the presence of 3 different speed levels. According to your expertise, you can choose the speed. This makes learning easier and prevents accidental fall offs.

It comes with a 36 volts Panasonic Battery that takes around 6 hours to get restored. The battery is protected by eight multiple layers of protective shields to combat any overcharging and ensures a long battery life. The scooter can move up to 30 degrees uphill that makes it suitable for holidays. The good part about the urban e-bike is that the exterior body coating is strong and durable.

It is also water-resistant due to IP6 waterproofing. The weight of the scooter is 33lbs, which is light enough to be carried with ease. It is also a foldable electric scooter with seat. Both these features make it highly portable, and hence, you can carry it along with yourself anywhere. This electric scooter has a wheel hub motor, specifically suited for rides along rough paths.

It has a mileage of 28 miles. So you can actually go to your destination and come back without exhaustion of much of the charge. It is a pretty all-rounder in terms of quality and features. The maximum weight of the rider that it can support is 330 lbs. So, heavy adults can also ride this electric scooter with ease. The company offers a one year warranty so you can keep faith regarding the quality. The drawback is that there are loads of other electric scooter models in the market that are faster and cheaper so it cannot be rightly labelled as affordable or a good deal.

GYMAX electric scooters with seat

If you are looking for a foldable electric scooter with a seat within a low budget, then this probably is the best choice for you. It is a smart scooter that is going to take you to your destination easily. Be it office or gym you can ride in style with the gymax electric seated scooters. It comes in a bold and super stylish look. The battery takes 4 to 6 hours to get completely charged, and after each time charge, it can provide a ride of 12.5 miles. It can reach a maximum speed of 15.5 mph.

It can carry a maximum weight load of 221 lbs. and therefore is well suited to be a fully functional adult scooter. The main reason why this particular model of electric scooter is very popular is the low budget in which it comes. It is equipped with the latest technologies and stylish features, yet the price is really affordable. So if you have a tight budget yet you want to get hold of a seated electric scooter, then this might be the best.

Image Name Price
Razor Eco Smart Metro electric scooters with Seat
Nanrobot D4+ Electric scooters with seat
Razor E 300S seated electric scooters with seat
Urban E bike and folding electric scooters with seat

When looking for seated electric scooters for teenagers, there are certain features which need to be closely observed before you make a deal. Firstly, the scooters which are best for teenagers need to be tech-savvy. Teenagers are quite comfortable handling such gadgets. They are pro at dealing with different features of the scooters. Where an adult electric scooter needs to be more of a basic functional type, the one for teenagers can involve more of smart technology. So before you get a scooter, you must go through the features that will help you to get the best service from it. Safety is a very important parameter to take care of when buying electric scooters with seat for teenagers. They are most prone to take up riding challenges and also love adventure. So the scooter for them should be designed in such a way that it provides maximum safety.

Proper hand brakes and disc brakes in both the wheels allows them to ride without facing many accidents. The scooters for teenagers must have an easy access control system for them to control their riding pattern. The maximum attainable speed for a teenage scooter should not be high. In the hit of the moment, teenagers are overridden by excitement and have a tendency to go up to very high-speed limits.

Thus can be restricted by a lower speed of the electric scooter. The seats must be soft padded and have a large surface area to ensure comfortable rides. The weight of the electric scooter should be light because teenagers cannot handle very heavy weighted electrical scooters.

Before investing for the scooter, you should know clearly the purpose of your buying a scooter whether you want to write it to reach school and other nearby places where you want to buy it for performing stunts and adventurous rights and accordingly only after knowing the particular features of the brand you should invest in it.

Style plays a very important role in any product that you buy for teenagers. Teenagers are usually inclined towards buying more of cool looking scooters which have got multiple bright colour variations and trendy designs in it.

Before buying have a proper check at the warranty that the company provides. You should also remember that teenage electric scooters with the seat are specially designed keeping in mind the anthropometric parameters of the teenagers. Any random adults scooter will not meet the demands for the teenagers. The scooter that is particularly designed for the teenagers has the safety system, the height of the seat, the width of the Deck and every other dimension suited according to the body measures of a teenager.

Equipping your teenage child with just any other adult scooter is going to draw upon a lot of other problems. The motor strength must also be high. Chain driven motors are usually preferred because they provide good safety. The range and mileage must also be checked before the purchase. You should also check details regarding the battery life, rechargeability and battery protection

Electric scooters with seat for teenagers

Red Super Turbo 1000watt Elite Kids Electric Scooter

The design of this electric scooter with seats is not at all that fancy thing that you would expect in a kid’s product. It is made from superior class solid steel. The purpose of such a strong built is to withstand stress and run through difficult roads and also last long. It has 1000 watt motors. So you can very well understand that though a kid’s scooter, in essence, this model is no less sturdy than a fully functional electric seat scooter.

It has 3 lithium batteries each of 12 volts. The tires are perfect to provide the desired safety for being rode by kids. They are wide and have good grip. The material of the tires are long lasting and flexible. The shock absorbers that comes with them is essential for an effortless ride. The design is such that you have ample of provisions for the assemblage of the parts in case of need.

The maximum weight carrying capacity is 250lbs. It has comfortable,  adjustable and removable seats. So you have complete freedom to choose that whether you want to ride by standing or sitting.  The bright LED light panel allows the kids to ride safely even at evenings. There is also a kickstand that will help in easy parking. To help the buyers understand and use the gadget with ease, the company provides an excellent user’s manual along with it. The looks are also trendy.

Black Super Turbo 1000watt electric scooters with Seat

The exterior body is constructed of high quality tension steel for superior durability.  This electric scooter runs on a lithium battery that takes 4 to 5 hours for a complete charge session. And after each time of full charging, it can run for 18 miles. The scooter runs on a chain motor system which makes it perfect to be chosen for teenagers.  It produces zero noise while traveling and hence won’t piss off your neighbors when you ride in your locality.

The average speed is about 26mph and this can extend to a highest of an out 30mph. The motor strength is 1000watt and gives about 3000rpm. The 12 inch tires have excellent gripping strength and are mounted on aluminum rims. Exceptional safety parameters are provided by the presence of hand operated disc brakes both on front and rear wheels. The height of the seat is perfect for teenagers and the quality of the seat is amazing. It is extremely comfortable and is going to provide ease while riding. It comes with a 90 days warranty. Maximum load it can carry is 300lbs. Hence it is suited for almost all teenagers from ages 13 and up.

Uberscoot 1000watt Electric Scooters with Seat

It is the best suited electric scooter for teenagers according to reviews of a wide section of users. It has a 1000watt rechargeable battery system.  It has a highly functional 36 volt battery. The battery takes 4 to 8 hours to get recharged completely. After each session of charge, it can cover upto 10 miles. The scooter has got a battery charger attached with it to make charging easier. The powerful battery and motor system helps it to run very fast providing an average speed which is much higher in comparison to the speed generally provided by seated electric scooters.

It works on a chain motor system that is efficient enough. The noise free ride provided by this electric scooter is an additional advantage. The tires are 10 inches in diameter and are pneumatic in nature. Disc brakes for both the front and rear tires are provided which makes riding safer and risk free. It has average speed of 26mph per hour. Coming to the seat, the dimensions are really exceptional. Extra comfort and support are guaranteed with the soft and durable seats. It can carry a maximum load of 99lbs. Comes with a 60 days warranty.  This seated razor electric scooter is a  distinctive combination of speed, power, and comfort.

Kids these days are so lucky to have something as cool as an electric scooter. It is almost a miniature version of adult bikes or motorcycle that gives in the feeling of resembling their adults. Kid’s electric scooters with the seat are much different from the one that is usually available for teenagers or adults.

They come in a wide range of colors and designs and trendy models. An electric scooter with seats is one of the best gifts which a kid can receive. But there are also a few factors which are to be strictly kept in mind while choosing an electric Scooter for a kid. The first of which is the design. Kids really do not understand about sophisticated features and technology.

The product needs to be appealing and pleasing to their eyes. So whenever you buy the kids electric scooter makes sure that it comes in the favorite color of the kid. The next important feature must be safety. kids are not used to riding on their own and that is why electric scooter you get for your kids should be equipped with proper safety measures such as disc brakes, control panels closer to their hand, Tyres with greater surface area and excellent gripping strength.

You should also be very careful about the seat of the electric scooter that you get for the kids because kids tend to grow up very fast and the seat of the scooter should be able to carry the present weight of the kid and increasing weight as well. The height of the seat should also be adjustable. Long-range scooters are always appreciated. You should not invest much in a kid’s scooter because off late you will have to replace it. Just because it is a kid’s scooter does not mean that the motor strength or battery power.

Image Name Price
Red Super Turbo 1000watt Elite Kids Electric Scooter
Black Super Turbo 1000watt electric scooters with Seat
Uberscoot 1000watt Electric Scooters with Seat

Electric scooters with seat for kids

Razor pocket mod miniature euro electric scooters with seat

The swag, style and cool looks of this seated electric scooter are going to amaze any teenager who wants to ride in style. It is an appropriate electric scooter for teenagers because it can carry a load only upto 15lbs. The model of this electric scooter is of Italian Vintage. It comes in six colour variants, each of which is suited for teenage mood. Colours like purple and pink are mostly sold. It has a storage compartment underneath the seat which helps you to make it your companion during shopping.

After a single charge session, it can run upto 10 miles. The maximum speed you can reach is 15 mph. So the top speed and mileage both are satisfactory. The distinguishing feature is the presence of a handlebar streamer that gives you added control. It also has a handle kick start. The trendy and sassy looks of this electric scooter with seat is sure to elicit envy in the mind of anyone who sees you riding it. This is unique because it is the most popular electric scooter with seat and trunk. Along with riding, it also helps in carrying things that enhance the utility of this scooter greatly.

Razor E200S seated electric scooter

Image result for razor e200s seated electric scooter

This is a fantastic scooter with seat for your kids. It comes with a wide deck. The speed control mechanism is easy to operate. The safety parameter is properly catered. It has a top speed of only 12 mph. This helps to restrain the kids from moving up to a very high speed. It keeps them safe from accidents. In spite of being a kid’s scooter, this razor electric seated scooter comes in a very strong and hefty build-up. The tires are 8 inches in diameter, and they are pneumatic in nature.

They have fine gripping strength and enough of traction. The only disadvantage is that this scooter takes too long to get charged, that is almost 12 hours. But after each charge session, it can run upto only a maximum of 40 minutes. It has a 24volt rechargeable battery. It is well suited to ride even in rough terrains. So it can be a really good option for kids. The seat is comfortable and well suited for growing kids. It also has a special feature of a comfortable saddle.

Overwhelming E120 electric scooters with seat

The exterior body is constructed of durable steel and has an aluminium handle. The motor is of 120 to 140-watt strength. The motors are chain driven and hence perfect to be used by kids. It can provide a maximum speed of 13mph. It uses the latest technology and the most durable materials. After each charge session, it can provide a 60 minutes run effortlessly. It takes 6 to 8 hours to get charged completely. The battery charger and other tools come along with the package.

It is appropriate as a kid’s scooter because it has a button switch start mode. The scooter itself weighs 30 lbs and is able to carry a maximum load of 177 lbs. It has a range of 12 to 15 km. It is an assembled product. It comes with the latest technology of twist-grip throttle acceleration control. It has excellent tires that are 6 inches in diameter and pneumatic in nature. It has a handlebar folding mechanism.

To make it more suitable for kid’s rides it has a rear clipping brake control. Another control system that is included is control of engine power by right handlebar and application of brake by the left handlebar. It has adjustable handlebars. Seats are of superior quality. This has kid’s sized deck, and frame and hence stands out as a kid’s electric scooter with seat. The only disadvantage of using it is that it can only be used on smoothly paved and hard-packed surfaces.

Image Name Price
Razor pocket mod miniature euro electric scooters with seat
Razor E200S seated electric scooter


So that was a complete guide for you to decide the kind of electric scooter with a seat that you have in the market. Nevertheless, the requirement of each individual is different, and so are the choices. It is so based on your own demands; you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

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