Dualtron Thunder

If you are looking for a portable scooter that can provide you with excellent performance, Dualtron thunder electric scooter is the one for you. Being equipped with modern technology, it gives you impeccable functionality to make your ride fast and enjoyable.

Electric scooters are the most convenient way of short-distance travelling that modern technology has brought us. Besides being energy-efficient, they are also cost-effective. Most people use them for fun, and some use it as a sole means of transportations. They are gentle on the environment and even softer on your pocket. Who wouldn’t want something this sweet? They are great for having a quick run around the neighbourhood or going to the supermarket. But can you do something more with these modern marvels? Taking the concept of electric scooters to the next level, Dualtron thunder is here.

If you are looking for a portable bike that can provide excellent performance, Dualtron thunder electric scooter is the one for you. Being equipped with modern technology, it gives you impeccable functionality. And since they are not made to run on fuel, they make a lesser contribution to pollution.




Being a 3rd generation design of the Dualtron series, Dualtron thunder is presented to you with some serious modifications. It has been tried and tested for long and provides you with some additional features unavailable in the predecessors. It should also be noted that Dualtron was the first dual-motor electric scooter built, which added ease, fun, and longevity to your transportation needs. 

Dualtron Thunder comes in a sleek design. But at the same time, no compromise has been made in terms of performance. Equipped with a large 5,400-watt motor, Dualtron thunder can attain a speed beyond 40MPH, which is remarkable in itself, as this isn’t a common feature seen in many scooters. At Dualtron Thunder top speed, you can comfortably cruise around a radius of 80 miles.

Dualtron thunder max speed cannot be matched by other scooters in the market. Besides excellent speed, this scooter comes with incredible battery backup. Thus far, it has been said that Dualtron thunder is the best electric scooter you can find in the market. In this Dualtron thunder review, we are going to explore what makes Dualtron thunder an ideal choice.

Dualtron Thunder Specifications

Dualtron thunder comes with some impressive features unavailable
in other scooters. Here are some interesting Dualtron Thunder specs.

  1. The maximum speed provided by Dualtron Thunder is a little higher than 40 MPH. And at maximum speed, you can cover a radius of about 80 miles.
  2. The scooter is equipped with an efficient 60V battery. A full charge takes about 20 hours to complete, and on a full battery, you can go wherever you want.
  3. Dualtron thunder has a dual motor engine. The maximum wattage is 5400W, which means that each motor has 2700W.
  4. Being mere of 95lb, Dualtron thunder can support a passenger of about 250lbs. Considering that Dualtron thunder weight is much different from other scooters, it can support a lot more weight than others.
  5. Dualtron thunder comes with 11″ ultra-wide tubeless tires. Besides this, you get a fully detachable hub motor. This allows you to replace and maintain all parts with ease.
  6. The most impressive feature is the different types of adjustable rubber suspension provided in this scooter. There are five different types of suspension rubber cartridges which improve the strength of the scooter and provides extra stability. The reason behind these many suspensions is to help you in adjusting to different levels of elasticity.
  7. Dualtron thunder comes with hydraulic brakes, which require you to provide fewer efforts while applying brakes. In addition to this, you are also less likely to lose your stability.
  8. It comes with LED headlights and taillights. Some additional brake lights are also provided.
  9. It comes with a foldable handlebar which turns this fantastic scooter into a small portable form. You can also activate the nightlights from its well-organized dashboard.

These were some of the exciting things Dualtron Thunder has to
offer. Now, moving further in the review, let us discuss the individual
parameters of its performance.

Dualtron Thunder Feature analysis


Dualtron Thunder claims to go up to 80miles on a single charge. But this is possible only in ideal situations. Like on a flat surface at a monotonous speed of 20kmh. But the reality is so much different than this. There are no ideal scenarios in real life.

Actual usage of Dualtron thunder shows that the scooter can cover about 43miles on average. These tests included stops, turns, slopes as well. Most riders have claimed to have reached maximum speed at times but found it challenging to maintain that speed.




Based on these tests and customer experience, it can be said that Dualtron thunder is designed for a busy urban life. It can be used by adults and college going students as a cheap and effective means of transport. Most users seem to be very satisfied with the performance. People even went on to say that they scooter reacts differently to different stress situations, and tries to make the best out of what is available to it.


Dualtron Thunder comes with a dual motor of 5400W. This means that the maximum speed achievable by this scooter is roughly around 49 mph.

The battery model provided to Dualtron thunder is LG 60V 35AH, which is similar to the one available in Dualtron Ultra. No wonder both models share the same range and max speed. The Thunder’s dual 2700 watt brushless DC motors are the star of the show.  With a combined power output of 5400 watts, the motor gives incredible torque once you start it.


Dualtron Thunder speaks of luxury. The suspension works wonders both for heavy and lightweight people. It is carefully designed to support a wide range of weight and work as efficiently as possible. You are allowed to replace the stock suspension with a heavier or softer one – there are five different cartridges to choose from, but unfortunately, they are not included in the package.

This allows you to personalize your scooter according to your needs. Most customers find it very appealing, as it is easy to make adjustments in this scooter. Unlike its predecessor, this model offers more adjustability. It makes it way more versatile, allowing you to adjust it pertaining to your needs.

The Dualtron Thunder also features slits that allow you to adjust the angle of the fork.

The standing platform is also imperative for long rides. Thunder offers a ride time of over 3-4 hours, provided you keep a steady pace. Standing still for that long might be quite a challenge, especially if you have to do it all day every day.




The Thunder features the same
grips as the Ultra – the ergonomic shape and the quality material makes it easy
to keep a good hold. It is easy to work even with gloves on.

When the time to store the Dualtron Thunder comes, you can fold both the main bar and the grips. And it would turn into a compact transportable form. Both ends are held in place by a spring-based lock system, which can be operated single-handedly. Once unlocked, you can fold the grips to make the scooter transportation and storage a bit simpler. With this feature, you can easily carry it anywhere you like.

Dualtron Thunder vs. ULTRA

Although Dualtron thunder and ultra have similar speed, they still have many differences like:

Better acceleration Poor acceleration
Dualtron Thunder is equipped to provide abundant torque that pulls the scooter up the steep hills while carrying heavy loads. Not so impressive torque
Thunder has an enormous deck, larger brake calipers, wider tires, and powerful motors Ultra fails in the comparison of Thunder in all three aspects of callipers, tires, and motor.

New features present in Dualtron

  1. Adjustable suspension torsion-bar system.
  2. 5-types of Rubber suspension.
  3. Simplified  Tire Disassembly.
  4. Fingerprint security system.
  5. New Handlebar that folds.
  6. New Dashboard EYE Interface.
  7. Handlebar locks down into position.

Comparison with other Dualtron models

Dualtron Thunder Dualtron X Dualtron ULTRA Dualtron III Dualtron Compact Dualtron Spider
Range 74 miles 90 miles 74 miles 74 miles 50 miles 37 miles
Motor 2700 W 3660 W 2400 W 1600 W 1700 W 1320 W
Battery 2060 wh 2940 wh 2072 wh 1658 wh 1260 wh 1050 wh
Speed 50mph 55mph 50mph 40mph 50mph 40mph
Weight 95lbs 124lbs 81lbs 79lbs 70lbs 44lbs
Maximum Rider Weight 260lbs 300lbs 260lbs 260lbs 260lbs 220lbs
Tires 11” x 4”    13” 10″ x 3.5″ 10″ x 3″     8″ 10″ x 2″
Price $3,790 $5,999 $3,249 $2,969 $2,649 $2,450

What makes the Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron Thunder is built, keeping in mind the safety of the user. At the same time, it is the most robust electric scooter available. The deck is a massive 12 inches wide, and the tires are large in comparison to other scooters. The wheels are built with a modular design to help you quickly remove the tire and fix a flat. But you’ll find that flats are much less common, thanks to the big, tubeless tires.

Those super-wide tires combined with tunable cartridge-based swingarm suspension mean you are on board for a unique experience.


Here are a few good reasons why you should consider buying
Dualtron thunder.

Excellent power

The new Dualtron Thunder is one of the most powerful and fastest electric scooters on the market. It’s one of a kind.

Like all Dualtron models, the Thunder comes with two engines. But the ones present in Dualtron thunder are of 2700 each, which means that this 50mph electric scooter can generate power of 5400W.




Deck of Dualtron Thunder

The Dualtron Thunder has a substantial 1-foot wide deck for maximum stability and confidence at high speeds.  The extra-wide size expands the possible foot positions on this scooter and ensures that you get additional support.

Tires and suspensions of Dualtron thunder

Tires are very much stable than other devices. They are very efficient in absorbing shock. With such durable and wear-resistant tires, you can comfortably cruise through rough terrains. The suspensions of Dualtron thunder are improved and bring softness and comfort to the driving experience.

The stock 11″ tubeless mini motorcycle tires can go off-road, but are relatively smooth and designed for maximum traction on hard, paved surfaces.  For scooter motocross, you can always swap the Thunder’s stock tires for some knobby ones.

The tires have an ultra-wide 4″ contact
patch with the road and make it easy to balance and manage the scooter at
speed.  The large 11″ diameter and
Dualtron mini motor rubber suspension will help you roll over sizable urban or
off-road obstacles safely.

These scooters are designed to improve
your experience of scooter riding. And with the added stability and tear
resistance, this device can easily take you wherever you want. Tires are made
with a durable design to support the rider and also combat-heavy terrain at the
time of need.

Brake System of Dualtron Thunder

This electric scooter is equipped with a dual brake system- a hydraulic brake on the front wheel and a disc brake on the rear wheel.

This brake system is very effective, ensuring excellent control and stability for pilot safety. Considering that this device would be travelling at a maximum speed of 50mph, designers have kept in mind that the brake system is equally efficient. This shows that designers have put a lot of thought into building this electric scooter.

Dualtron Thunder has dual Nutt-branded 160 mm hydraulically-actuated disc brakes.  The force required to activate these hydraulic brakes is minimal, and the braking force is strong. And it progresses gently, so thee are no sudden stoppages. This reduced the tendency of accidents even further. You will be able to stop extremely swiftly by simultaneous activation of both brakes confidently.

Image result for Dualtron Brakes




Besides this, the massive 160-mm, ventilated brake callipers used in this electric scooter allow for intense, sustained braking without loss of performance. Additionally, the Dualtron Thunder also features electronic ABS.


Most of the customers who have used Dualtron are very satisfied with the results. But some technical experts came up with one tiny flaw. The ABS used in the device is not a true ABS. And this causes some unnerving vibrations. And this might need some getting used to in the beginning.  Most Dualtron owners disable this system as it gives them more comfort.

Image result for dualtron thunder


Dualtron, with its increased speed and better stability, is a step towards progress in the field of electric motors. Safety and quality are the prime ideas around which the scooter is developed. In addition to this, the excellent speed and power kick things up a notch. The scooter has a sleek, eye-catching design. The braking system and performance are also satisfactory. So what are you waiting for?

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