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Boosted Stealth is the fastest electric board available. It has a black board and grey wheels and is most probably a new invention by the company. The Stealth skateboard comes with a user-friendly remote as well.

The Boosted Stealth is a new invention by the Boosted Company which is located in Palo Alto, California in the United States of America.

The company was founded seven years ago in May 2012 with a mission of making cities, campuses and colleges accessible, smaller.

They also wanted to make the commuting experience enjoyable and incredible. The three founders of the Boosted company were Sanjay Dastoor who once served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, John Ulmen and Mathew Tran. Jeff Russakow is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

In 2017 the Company had expanded and was available in over 34 countries worldwide including, Australia, and New Zealand.


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The company has made several types of boosted boards including the Boosted Single, Boosted Dual and the Boosted Dual+, all these boards belong to the first generation Boosted Boards, and all of them had a range of 7miles and a deck length of 96.5cm.

These boards were announced in 2014. The second generation boards were announced in mid-2016. They included boards like Boosted Dual SR, Boosted Dual XR, Boosted Dual XR+ and Boosted SR+.

The third generation Boosted Boards comprises of boards such as the Boosted Mini S, Boosted Plus, Boosted Mini X and the Boosted Stealth. These boards were launched in April 2018.

The Boosted Company has all through maintained a high standard of safety, reliability and quality for all the boards the company produces. The boards go through rigorous testing by the manufacturers to ensure all these standards are achieved before they are released into the board market.

The Electric skateboard is the high performance electric longboard you can’t miss to try out in this age and time. Electric skateboarding has grown famous over the last few years. Most people love electric skateboard because they are fast and they come with numerous advantages.

Electric skateboards are the new legitimate forms of personal electric transportation. The company has more than 200 retailer partners in North America, and a couple in  Europe, Australia and New Zealand which makes it easier to obtain the Boosted Stealth no matter the location you are in.

Boosted Stealth Review

The boosted board stealth is the high performance electric longboard, built from the scratch with a detailed attention to every part of the board. It has new ride mode which has a higher top speed and a lightning fast acceleration. It has therefore set a new speed record in skateboarding. Discussed below is the boosted board stealth review.

Boosted Stealth v/s Boosted Mini X


Improved speed, new remote and much more…

The boosted board stealth is the fastest electric board, it has black board and grey wheels and it is most probably a new invention by Boosted Company. The stealth skateboard comes with a remote which is so simple to handle.

You are always guaranteed of reaching your destination faster and early because this board has a super responsive acceleration and a top speed of up to 24mph which can be converted into 39km/h.

The remote controls your speed with a lot of ease. The remote proves to cause no distraction when riding. The remote has no display like the LCD screen.

It has a multi-function button down the bottom to turn it on and off. The two power button system gets rid of accidental takeoffs. You have to first squeeze a trigger in order to activate the motors then you press the throttle wheel to initiate movement or spinning, this means that you will have the trigger pulled most of the time ensuring that you have an instant acceleration and braking power.

The Ergonomic remote works in accordance with the cutting edge firmware to make the Boosted board experience reliable, simple and intuitive.

App Control

The boosted board stealth can also be connected to Apps like Android and IOS, the App can be used to access information like which mode is currently being used, add a digital name for your board, control the board, the total mileage covered, the and the battery life.

Solid Wheels

The wheels are quite soft and thick making it easier for them to absorb road vibration instead of transferring to your legs and feet while riding, they also have a boosted stratus of 84mm, with this they deliver the highest roll speed compared to other boosted boards.

Super Flex Deck

The wheels also offer grapy traction on paved roads making it easier to overtake cars, buses and bicycles. The deck is a super flex composite deck that accommodates the flex and feel for a super response ride.

The Super Flex deck is seven layered comprising of high performance materials each selected to perform a certain role. The deck is made from composite material that has poplar, high-density foam and fiberglass.

The poplar core provides a smooth damped ride and reduces weight while riding. This is possible because the poplar core is surrounded by a vibration dampening foam and high performance. The deck is wider for more foot space and does not cave in on the sides for easier foot placement.

Although the board is made up of a laminated mixture of composite it still feels comfortable and springy at the same time.

man riding boosted stealth


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Different Modes

The ride modes it comes with are numerous and can accommodate almost everyone who loves the boosted board stealth, the modes include, Hyper mode which is the fifth mode can be accessed through Bluetooth or phone app, the mode is new and exclusive to Boosted Stealth.

Beginner mode, Expert mode, Eco mode and Pro mode. The beginner mode is the first mode and is a great mode to be used when learning to ride the skateboard or by beginners, this is because when using the mode the board accelerates gently with a top speed of 11mph which is equivalent to 18 km/h.

Once you feel comfortable in using the beginner mode while riding you can advance to the next modes until you are fully able to use the hyper mode which can be terrifying at first but it proves to bring about an unforgettable riding experience for many rider who use the boosted stealth.


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Each ride mode comes with a peculiar Jerk Filter that provides a smooth taper when applying brakes or accelerating. The brakes are reliable and efficient, they ensure that you can always come to a safe and smooth stop no matter the speed you are riding on, and it can also climb hills with a lot of ease and speed.

The Stealth also has a reverse option which is useful when trying to make a sharp turn. It has a hill climbing power which is super amazing and it does not overheat or destroy the wheels, it can climb heels all day with no damage made to the board or the wheels. Climbing hills can be possible depending on type of mode that you are riding on.

The Eco mode has 11mph top speed with a weak acceleration and there is no climbing when you are riding on this mode, the Beginner mode, on the other hand, can climb small hills with a 16 mph top speed and a limited acceleration.

The Pro mode can climb 20 percent hill grade with 20 mph top speed with an extreme acceleration, the Expert mode with a 22mph top speed and a high acceleration can climb a 25 percent hill grade.

The Hyper mode can climb a 25 percent hill grade with a 24 mph top speed and a maximum acceleration.  There is nothing as steep when you are riding on the Boosted Stealth Board. Boosted Stealth has new 190 mm trucks which help with craving at high speeds on the roads which are slightly rough.

Powerful Battery

Recharging the battery is done through a mini- USB and it takes an hour and 45 minutes till the battery is fully charged. It has a zero battery sag.

The 24 mph Hyper mode will give you approximately 5 miles while the same miles are achievable in the Beginner mode with a 12mph speed. When using the Pro mode a journey of 7 miles is achieved by using 22mph top speed.

The board has a Lithium-Ion battery it is super big but it does not look too big due to the magnificent design of the board.

The battery has a Battery Management System (BMS) that protects it from short-circuit, under voltage overcurrent, overheating and overvoltage.

The battery has a life span of 1000 charge cycles and it is removable. The boosted company offers replacement batteries. Removing the batteries can be a tiresome task since it requires you to remove and reinstall six screws which will waste a lot of time when you are on the go.


The stealth board comes with a 1 year warranty, whereby all the manufacturing defects experienced are corrected. It is expensive but the electric board can be bought using fixed monthly payments.

The trucks are widely spaced which enables the rider to take an advantage of the shock absorbing nature of the springy deck.

The beginner mode, the Expert mode, Eco mode and the Pro mode enable the rider to conserve energy while riding but this is not the case when using the fifth mode that is the Hyper mode because you will be riding at high speed and maximum acceleration.

The Boosted board Stealthy comes with numerous warning on the dos and don’ts of using the electric board, which makes it hard to get into accidents when you follow the rules of riding the skateboard. The board has weight limit.


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  • It is incredibly fast.
  • The App and remote control are incredible.
  • It is safe
  • It accommodates all types of riders since it has different modes.
  • It has a zero percent battery sag.
  • It can climb hills.
  • It has high quality boards.
  • It comes with a 12months warranty and a 30 days guarantee.
  • It can be bought through fixed monthly payments.

  • It is heavy making it hard to carry it around.
  • It is expensive.

Quick Summmary

  1. Modes: 5 Ride Modes
  2. Weight: 7.8kg /17.3Ibs
  3. Apps: Android and iOS.
  4. Remote: Ergonomic Bluetooth Remote.
  5. Dimensions: 11 .2 width, 37.5length, 5.6height.
  6. Power: 2100 watts.
  7. Range: Up to 22 kilometers/ 14 miles.
  8. Trucks: 190 mm CNC Precision Machined.
  9. Charging: 1 hr. 45 min.
  10. Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery.


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The boosted stealth is an answered prayer to many people who love riding on skateboards. This is the perfect skateboard to commute with around urban, suburban and campus environments because they are fast, portable and versatile.

With Stealth Boosted board, transportation has been made fast, simple and fun. Once you are riding on this skateboard using the hyper mode, it feels like you are flying on a rocket which has the weight of a feather.

With this electric skateboard you can say goodbye to traffic, uncertainty and delays brought about by cars, buses, scooters and other unreliable commuter systems.

These boards come along with a number of amazing and incredible features that you can’t miss to have the boosted board stealth.

It does not have any age limits, which means that it is never too late to buy one and enjoy the awesome experience that it comes with.

The stealth boosted board provides commuting services and has also added another dimension in the sporting arena as it can be used in racing.

The boosted board stealth review shows that it has a number of pros than cons which sums up to the fact that this board is worth its price.

According to Boosted Board Stealth Review the Boosted Board Stealth continues to stand out as the best and the most efficient electric skateboard of all times. Purchasing this electric skateboard has also been made easier.

You don’t have to break into banks to own this skate board, thanks to the Boosted Company, the electric skateboard can be bought with ease through fixed monthly payments.

When you have it you are sure to save a lot of money you would have otherwise spent on transport on a daily basis. Visit any Boosted Board retail shop near you or order this amazing board from Amazon.

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