The Boosted Rev Electric Scooter: Boosted’s First Electric Scooter

Boosted Rev being the first electric scooter manufactured by The Boosted Company, has a lot to offer. Despite being heavyweight and bulky, it is not at all challenging for the rider to ride it, and its foldable feature makes it easy to carry anywhere.


Boosted, formerly known as Boosted Boards, is an American based manufacturing company that produces skateboards and electric scooters. Located in Mountain View, California. Boosted carries a significant brand name and creates world-class products. The products manufactured are user-friendly, cost-effective, and quick. They always keep in mind what their customers want and try to meet their needs. 

Generally, electric scooters are used as an alternative to bicycling or walking. These are easily accessible and are used in urban areas. The Boosted motto states, “Fun Fast Simple transformation for everyone,” which promises its customers with ultra-light, high-performance electric vehicles that redefine what transportation can be.

In this article, we have reviewed Boosted Rev in detail and listed its features, advantages, and disadvantages. In the end, we have answered some common queries to help you make a great decision.


Designed and manufactured using unique designs and the latest technologies, the Boosted Rev provides vehicle-grade safety to its users. Boosted has custom-build and assembled all the components used in making its first electric scooter and has combined its powertrain technology to achieve the unbeatable and best performance. It provides the best quality to its riders.

Boosted is a customer-oriented brand. Hence, it made sure to make their first electric scooter user-friendly. The design decisions are simple. The intuitive Throttle Wheel allows one hand acceleration, and the brakes are applied with just a touch of your thumb. 

The frame geometry, ergonomic handlebars, and wide, custom-designed tires make Boosted Rev exceptionally durable and well-balanced scooter. So, you exhibit confidence and are safe no matter what lies ahead. A dual-motor drive will power you when ascending and ensure you secure braking on the way down. It’s the hassle-free and no wobble grade scooter.


It Is Quick

  • Boosted Rev can take you from 0-22 in 4.1 seconds. With a speed of 24 mph, it provides you with instant acceleration that helps you to keep up with the traffic. It’s the powertrain, with precision-tuned acceleration curves, that delivers a seamless experience from the throttle to the wheels. You can change your mode to improve the performance range and reach your address by dodging traffic and easily.
  • Designed with the most advanced battery technology and firmware as compared to other electric scooters, Boosted Rev in a single charge can go up to 22 miles. Infused with vehicle-grade, propagation design, Boosted Rev’s battery is unbeatable. 
  • This electric scooter can easily power up any hill. While other electric bikes struggle up gentle slopes, Boosted Rev can tackle up to 25% hills with ease. 
  • Its dual-wheel drive gives you more power. Boosted Rev scooters are constructed using 1500 W dual-wheel drive, and proprietary powertrain gives you the direction and acceleration you need to react in varying traffic situations, and its best-in-class electric braking helps you to manage steep slopes with ease.

Easy To Use

  • The Boosted Throttle Wheel provides full control in one motion. After making 40+ prototypes, Boosted managed to manufacture predictable acceleration and braking. With just a roll of the thumb, one is in full control of this best electric scooter.
  • The performance of the mountain bikes inspires handlebars of this scooter. These bikes provide control and stability. Boosted optimized the width and sweep of its scooters for a more comfortable and convenient ride.
  • It has an intuitive display with a simple LED interface. A sleek LED screen displays the speed, range, battery of this electric scooter. The change modes help you control your headlight and power on/off with the Muti-button. With its durable housing and scratch-resistant surface, you do not have to bother about dust and water on your LED screen.
  • Rev comes with three ride models. It has a ride mode for every skill level. Level 1 is 12 mph, level 2 being 18 mph, and the third level is 24 mph.
  • Foldable steering tube makes it easy to fold and stow. It is designed in such a way so that you can easily fit it in the trunk of your car, or carry it on a train, or place it under your desk. With just a single click, the steering tube is locked in its place until you are ready to use it again.
  • Keeping in mind, the security of its owners, the scooter’s lockable frame has been created. To lock the electric scooter, one should place their lock around a standard bike rack and the metal frame for a safe and secure lock facility.

It Is Relaible

  • This electric scooter is waterproof and can handle various elements without any difficulty. With an IPX7 rating on key drivetrain components, the electric scooter definitely won’t affect your bike. Boosted Rev is manufactured with high-quality elements and high-level production techniques. Boosted Rev has been designed to withstand severe road conditions and unfavourable factors.
  • Electric scooters are tested to last. The scooters are put through rigorous mechanical, electrical, and environmental tests exceeding the standards set by the industry. Boosted then appoints its team of riders, and these scooters are put to the test in real-life conditions. 
  • Rev only uses premium lithium cells embedded in an impressive IP57 waterproof, automotive-grade casing. With its anti-propagation design and advanced BMS, its batteries signify a real leap forward.
boosted rev

Quick Summary:

  • WEIGHT: 46lb (20.9 kgs)
  • POWER 1500 Watts (750 x Dual Motors)
  • LIGHTS: Front headlight and rear brake light
  • TOP SPEED: Up to 24 mph 
  • RIDE MODES: 3 ride modes 

    • Unfolded: 44” x 24” x 44.8” 
    • Folded: 44″ x 24″ x 20″ 
  • BRAKES: Regenerative electric, mechanical disc, rear fender stomp
  • TIRES: Pneumatic (air-filled): 9” x 3.00” – 6”
  • RATING: 5 Star
  • WARRANTY: 6-12 months
  • WHEEL SIZE: 9-inch Tubeless Pneumatic (9″ x 3.00″ – 6″)
  • CHARGE TIME: 3 hours
  • MAX SPEED: 24 miles per hour
  • RANGE: 10.3 miles
  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 250 lbs

  • Boosted Rev has a good braking system, and one does not have to worry while riding.
  • It has a user-friendly design and is easy to set up.
  • The power motor is great. The dual-wheel drive gives you more power.
  • It is customizable as it has a three-skill mode which makes it easy to use.

  • Its lowest acceleration mode may be a little too fast for the beginners or some regular users as well
  • The application integration may sometimes be faulty and maybe cause dysfunction in the scooter.
  • It is not easy to repair.
  • Boosted Rev is not a lightweight scooter as it weighs 46 lbs. It is also bulky.

Here is everything you need to know about the BOOSTED REV.

Is Boosted Rev Worth It?

With 1,500 W of constant power supply across two motors, and close to twice that much energy during peak acceleration and hill-climbing, it’s much more potent than regular electric scooters. It offers higher performance than almost any other electric scooter in the market. Expensive on the money aspect, Boosted Rev is easy to use, safe, and reliable.

Is Boosted Rev Waterproof?

Generally, scooters are waterproof and safe in the rain and wet conditions. Boosted Rev only uses premium lithium cells enclosed in an impressive IPX7 waterproof with an automotive-grade casing. It is built with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Boosted Rev scooter can withstand all harsh conditions and provide a smooth ride to its user.

How Heavy Is The Boosted Rev?

Boosted Rev is not a lightweight scooter. It weighs 46 pounds, which is tough to manage. It does fold up, which allows it to occupy less space when not in use.

How Fast Does The Boosted Scooter Go?

Running at a speed of 24 mph, Boosted Rev is the best-in-class electric powertrain and 1500-watt dual wheel drive, which also helps the Rev handle 25% grade hills without sweating.


Boosted Rev being the first electric scooter manufactured by The Boosted Company, has a lot to offer. Despite being heavyweight and bulky, it is not at all challenging for the rider to ride it, and its foldable feature makes it easy for accommodation purposes. It can hold up to 250 lbs.

Its three ride modes make it one of the unique electric scooters available in the market. With just a three-hour charge time, one is ready to ride it all day long. Its user-friendly design makes it easy, attractive, and customer-oriented. With its reinvented, fast, and fun transformation, it proves to be one of the 100 best inventions in 2020.


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