Boosted Mini X Skateboard

Boosted Mini X is the stash and go boosted experience we are looking for. It aims to miniaturize the traditional electric longboard offerings. It is small but mighty at 29.5 inches long.

From the beginning of its existence, all the electric skateboard market contained just only electrical longboards. Currently, these green electric vehicles are widely used for last-mile commute. Thus we can see a need for smaller, more manoeuvrable and portable short-boards. The boosted board saw the current need and fill the market with the incredible shortboards.

Boosted mini was launched by the light electric skateboard company in California in 2012. They start their milestone by launching the most successful kick-starter campaign. In the year of 2018, they launched boosted series they are Boosted mini s, boosted mini x, Boosted plus and boosted stealth.
Boosted miniseries was made with more traditional shortboard options with a kicktail. This provides greater portability and manoeuvrability.

Boosted mini is an excellent skateboard for commuting. They were small and lightweight but more powerful and manoeuvrable. Ongoing product reviewers rewarded Boosted mini as the better one for riders. Thus the time magazine recognizes Boosted mini as one of the best electric skateboards for commuting.

Boosted Mini X

Boosted Mini X is the stash- and- go boosted experience a longer we are looking for. It aims to miniaturize the traditional electric longboard offerings. It is small and mighty with 29.5 inches long. Thus it can fit into any place under your desk, car, train and it was designed especially for the riders who are always on the move.

Boosted Stealth Vs Boosted Mini X


Design and foam factor

Boosted Mini X is smaller in size; thus, it can easy for portable. It is the whole thing what we expect in the small electric skateboard. And it is perfect for short commutes, cruising campus and quick errands. As it is smaller in size, but it delivers a smooth and powerful ride with secure braking.


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It was designed with a unique deep dish with robust built. It secures your feet in position, so it is easy to lean in and push against the deck. Additionally, it has light-weighted polar core wrapped in fibreglass for the refined ride. The kicktail design let you take a sharp 90 degree turns for better manoeuvrability and enable you to float in imperfect roads.

Deck construction

New deck design was built using construction techniques which were developed using high-end snowboard manufacturing. The board edges are reinforced with the polymer sidewalls, which makes the board more durable. It protects the sidewall and seals the deck. It was built with poplar wood core which was lightweight and robust for snappy and give you an approachable ride.

Additionally, it has a protective top sheet which credits an extra layer of strength for the Boosted mini x.
Also, it was wrapped with triaxial fibreglass and sealed and reinforced with hardware mounts to provide added strength and protection over the right place. A tail puck protects the deck against abrasion and drag. The board offers regenerative braking too; it means we can charge our battery while slowing down on a significant downward incline.


We can enjoy the travel up to 14 miles using an extended range battery with the top speed of 20mph. We have boosted Mini X offers the correct Speed without sacrificing stability. Using mini x, we can climb anything. Thus we can move on hills as steep as 20% with ease. Our boosted belts drive system having a 3: 1 more powerful gear ratio.

It has three ride modes for the beginner to the experts. Boosted mini x delivers secure braking and powerful acceleration as we expect. Boosted electric skateboards using new custom-designed 80mm boosted lunar wheels which are smoother and faster. Where the wheels flex is smart to handle road imperfections. And it is firm enough to provide the perfect grip for the riders.

Boosted board stick the battery right in the centre of the deck. And the tail of the board is raised and let you turn easier. It also can make a quick turn on the fly. By focusing on tough daily computing, we built drive train around CNC precision-machined trucks with higher grade aluminium. Thus it gives you a tremendous increase in overall strength.

Intuitive control

It has boosted ergonomic remote works with cutting -edge firmware to give an intuitive and reliable experience for the riders. You can move the trigger to operate the motor. Thus it rolls the wheel back and forth to speed up and slow down. Ride modes include a Jerk Filter that provides careful tapper when braking. This provides a responsive ride from beginners to experts.


Range – Up to 14 Miles
Hill Climbing – Up to 20% Grade
Weight – 16.8 lbs
Power – 1,000 Watts
Deck – Deep Dish Composite Deck
Trucks – 190mm CNC Precision Machined
Remote– Ergonomic Bluetooth® Remote
Top Speed– up to 20 mph
Ride Modes– 3 Ride Modes for Beginners to Pros
Dimensions– Mini X: 11.0 in (W), 29.5 in (L), 5.7 in (H)
Brakes– Regenerative Brakes
Wheels– Boosted Lunar 80mm
App– iOS and Android(TM)

Charge Time– 1 hr 45 min


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Boosted mini X accessories

Accessories add credits to your board that you are looking for. Various accessories are available in
Amazon you can buy it. Thus we list some of the best accessories to buy for boosted boards are,
1. Remote Ring Attachment: This is to hold remote into your hand. It eliminates the dropping of remote while moving.
2. Bumper Riser Plate: This is to protect the front and back of your board.
3. Accessory Plate: This is a plate to store your charger, wrist strap, and unit skateboard tool.
4. Tail/Nose Guard: This is extra protection that fits into the nose/tail or onto the top of the board
5. Adjustable Blackburn Flea Mount: This is an adjustable mount for a Blackburn flea camera.
6. Wheel Conversion Kit: It is one of the best accessories to upgrade your ordinary wheel to an all-terrain vehicle.
7. Bash Guard Shock Pad: This is attached to the nose/tail of the board. It is designed to mitigate shock as they combine with shock pads.
8. Gear For Speed Hack: This is to increase your maximum Speed to 25mph
9. All in One Tool: This tool can operate penny-, skate-, long- and boosted-boards, and is suitable for quick and easy self-repairs.
10. A Dual Hub Motor Kit: It contains 1800 W motors (3600 W dual motor) and remote control. Using this we can speed up to 25mph. But the battery pack is not included.


  • Small board perfect for a short commute
  • • more powerful
  • • reasonably priced
  • • Quick charging
  • • Easy to store
  • • Portable and manoeuvrable


  • Reasonably heavy
  • • Short range
  • • Not waterproof
  • • cant go on planes

Boosted mini S

boosted mini s

Boosted mini s was small and mighty with the stash and experience. It was only 29.5 inches long, so it is perfect for carrying anywhere, and it is specially designed for riders. Kicktail design provides fast pivoting in close quarters and gives you feel like floating even in imperfect roads. And let you make sharp 90 degree turns.
It can travel up to 7 miles using standard range batteries and provides a top speed of 18mph. It has a deep dish composite deck which keeps you always locked in. It has a reliable braking system and boosted lunar wheels with 80 mm, which gives you a smooth stop at any speed.

Boosted Plus

Boosted plus was designed as per data from the R&D house and riders feedback. Each component is designed and developed to meet the long term demands of electric skateboarding. It can travel up to 14 miles with the extended range battery and provides a top speed of 22 mph.
It has four ride modes for beginner to expert. Additionally Boosted stratus 85mm wheel delivers the secure and stable ride with the highest roll and perfect grip. It has a super-flex composite deck with a regenerative and reliable braking system.

Boosted stealth

Boosted Stealth is the high-performance electric longboard with higher speed and lightning-fast acceleration. It can travel up to 14 miles using extended range battery with the top speed of 24mph and with super acceleration. It has five ride modes including exclusive all-new hyper mode. Stealth was designed with 85mm stratus wheel with regenerative and reliable brake. For regular commuting, it has upgraded drive train with CNC precision machined trucks.

Boosted mini S Vs. X

• The Boosted Board Mini S is having max Speed of 29 km per hour (18 m/h). The Mini X max speed is 32 km/h (20 m/h).


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• Both are having three-speed modes into their Boosted Mini shortboards. They are
Beginner – top Speed of 18 km/h (11 m/h) with limited acceleration, little to no hill climb.
Eco – top Speed of 26 km/h (16 m/h) with moderate acceleration, small hill climb.
Expert – max Speed, max acceleration, and 20% gradient hill climb.
• Boosted Board Mini S can reach 11 km (7 miles) with a full charge and Mini X 22 km (14 miles) with 100% battery.
• Mini S having regular Lithium-Ion and the Mini X has the bigger extended range Lithium-Ion battery.
• Mini S battery is 99Wh and meets the IATA requirements for air travel. The Mini X battery is more powerful 199Wh but cannot take into the board.
• Mini S and Mini X designs are similar in their design, and the most visible difference is that the Mini S has orange wheels and Mini X has grey wheels.
• The Mini S shortboard weighs 6.8 kg (15 lbs) and Boosted Mini X with extended range battery 7.7 kg (17 lbs)
• Mini S charging time is 1h15min 0-100% and Mini X charging time is 1h45min 0-100%


Boosted mini x is small and mighty. It is small in size, but it provides the same power and quality of the original longboards. It performs better Speed and distance category. And it is portable to carry anywhere. We can travel up to 14 miles on a single charge. If you are going for a short distance, you can use it as regular usage. If you need more power and go longer then without doubt mini x is the better option.

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